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I kid you not - Goddess Fashion Week..

Yep, gird yourself for the onslaught. We will have the usual "Women have reached perfection" model on display. The endless nagging about how women are such incredible human beings that they should all be elevated to at least sainthood, if not some new level deity, minimum. The endless harping from feminists about how bad life is for women and the endless moaning, bitching and complaining how life is just so difficult for women and only billions more will assist in deadening that effectively..

We will also have a constant reminder on how many special privileges women have above men already and how they are already favoured in the legal system, employment, education and every other possible way thinkable, oops, that's right, they won't mention that at all as it would not be convenient or a wise tactical move. When they are trying to once again increase the size of their coffers and demand ever more additional privileges..

It will be a great day to avoid, turn off the tele and go fishing or anything else just to escape it. If it's like last year, it was supposed to be for just a day but ended up being for a week of endless carping and hand wringing. While an endless stream of gutless, well trained politicians come out with their special offerings to cater to the vagina vote. We are already well versed in the operation of that method of subservience..

By the way, speaking of ..