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Will it ever change back to normal?..

Unfortunately, Nickonian just about wraps up the general situation about relationships, speaking even wiser than he may have originally intended, but it does definitely appears to be the general consensus.
All this attitude is solely due to feminists and their interference and their introduction of the "War between the Sexes", with this sole purpose in mind. You have to remember that this was their original aim to begin with and one they have actually stated as being a goal, an original aim. They planned to destroy families and separate them as they have realised, as all other socialist and communists have in the past, that the family will and is the breeding ground against their hateful and dysfunctional doctrine. Families have to deal with reality on a daily basis, not go off onto some fancy delusional social justice fantasy. Feminists were well aware that while the family existed, they would never be able to introduce their hate doctrine and get the support they demanded. Single mothers are a lot easier to manipulate as they rely on governments for handouts..

Meanwhile, we have millions of people suffering the consequences which would not have happened if feminism was not given the support and funding it has received..

Have they changed their attitude from that at all. How could they as they are the one who planned it all right from the beginning and it is going precisely to plan. Meanwhile we have that endless, legitimate observations by people who have been affected by it and one wonders where exactly you stand in your current situation. How affected have you been by this hate movement that has no issue whatsoever with sacrificing your life on their alter of imaginary social justice..


I haven't found anybody anyway. I'm way too cynical and picky to begin with. In addition I have a problem with most women because they split you. You are either friendzoned or in the attractive box. I refuse to marry for a "sex partner", what is the point in that when you can get sex a million other cheap ways? If you want the position, you have to offer more than sex...

I also find that most women I've experienced are flip-floppish and don't have solid morals but instead have a belief system that follow a social system (church, liberal, etc). Most women also think it is okay to emotionally manipulate you and then claim gaslighting when you point it out. In addition most women drive and motivate their men to be the perfect "man" they currently are not. I've spent so much time around entitled women I know much of what to look for (alot of it isn't obvious either)... Big stamp of NO!

I know many Men exhibit these bad qualities too but I'm talking about wife potential here

My list is simple yet impossible. I want somebody with Integrity, Accepting/open-minded, non abusive, and grounded in a personal moral system. I guess Integrity and grounded in a personal moral system are similar enough but either is extremely hard to find especially in women. Most women follow a governed moral system and when they are grounded in it often are controlling (ever met a church lady?) and sometimes abusive to exhort that control. To find somebody grounded in what she thinks yet not close minded is even harder....

I know good women exist but they are hard to find around here (and harder if single). Most think they are God's gift to men and need to be worshiped as such. Too bad they didn't read Genesis 2:18 to back up that idea :P

Yep I'm going to die famous and alone...
H/T to Feckless for the title..