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Hooray for Hollywood's misandry..

I do sometimes wonder if the girls use television for information (like those mags) and the lads use it for distraction. May be true in some cases but I would imagine that it's up to the individual. I have for some time railed against Hollywood and their feminised portrayal of women in every movie and series, they are now concentrating solely on female main part episodes. The latest intellectually stimulating ventures reads like a girls parade from any of those brain numbing magazine that one occasional sees the cover of in supermarkets or elsewhere. The penchant now is to show the female as the supreme leader in just about any new program. She will be the head detective, the head of the department, the leader of world or any position that requires feminist ideological demands to be demonstrated, she will be there as a "competent, intelligent, successful as well as outsmarting the men on each and every occasion..

This is not my imagination as you have seen that for yourself. One example stands out apart from "Castle"(from the daughter, mother, detective and head of the department, all women and the hanger on himself), " to "Bones", "The Mentalist". Even the top rating "Big Bang Theory" has to drag in some supercilious, obnoxious harpy to put shit on the lads to show how superior women really are (one of those harpies who wrote for that program was a feminist who is now listed on "" for being a bigot). Anyway, the examples I was thinking of was the latest "Transformer II" plus the recent "Captain America" movies, both again demonstrated how the girls can just mix it with the guys and do a much better job, even assaulting one soldier bigger than her and knocking him over with one hit and in the case of Transformer II, being the worlds greatest IT expert in her early twenties, chosen from a room full of IT male geeks..

It does actually push the incredulity lever, way too far..

So there you have it as Hollywood script writers have absolutely no problem spreading misandry and cowtowing(sic) to the feminist doctrine. But that is apparently not the only hypocrisy those people are involved in..

But as usual, women are exempt from criticism as usual. We have already witnessed the total hypocrisy from Cate Blanchett to name one but heh! you know, don't mention that. It's the usual "Do as I say not as I do"..

Jason Mattera strikes again: Hollywood Hypocrites released

Longtime readers of this blog and Hot Air are familiar with the no-holds-barred work of our fearless friend Jason Mattera. He’s gone toe to toe with Joe Biden, John Murtha, Charlie Rangel, and so many more. In 2010, his debut book skewered Obama Zombies.
Today, he’s out with a new book: Hollywood Hypocrites. And as he warns in his trademark blunt style: “The book you’re about to read will piss you off.”
A few words from Jason:
I wrote Hollywood Hypocrites to create an ammunitions stockpile of eye-popping hypocrisies that we can use at our disposal to muzzle the same Tinseltown toolbags who like to lecture and hector us on the environment, civil rights, gun control, and tax hikes. There are 540 endnotes packed of investigative research that explores whether the Hollywood elites live by the same policy prescriptions they try to foist on the rest of us. Conclusion: Not even Obama’s staunchest supporters live the by the crap he seeks to inflict on us.
Hollywood is more important than many of us like to believe. Not only do they help sell Obama’s propaganda, but they help him raise boatloads of cash. Two of Obama’s top bundlers, for instance, are Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks and Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood matters.
Levin endorsed it: “A devastating investigation that rips the mask off the people who sold Obama to America — radical Hollywood…Powerful evidence for anyone committed to seeing Obama defeated in 2012.”
Breitbart endorsed it: “A barrage of body blows to Hollywood’s holier-than-thou limousine liberals that may make them think twice next time they open their pretty mouths.”
And a few choice tidbits:
*Bono traipses around the globe demanding that Western governments ram more down the Third World hole, while he goes out of way to shelter the money made from his music royalties. This senior citizen, stubble-faced rocker’s entire image is branded around social justice and African debt relief with your money, and yet with his own personal finances, he does everything possible to ensure it’s not taxed (Page 155).
*Bon Jovi: All this time we thought he was just some cheeseball rocker from the 80s. Little did we know that he’s a bee farmer. That’s right, by classifying himself as a bee famer he’s able to write off 98 percent of his property taxes (Page 76).
*Bruce Springsteen decries “a policy of large tax cuts, on the one hand, and cuts in services to those in the most dire conditions, on the other” yet by being a fake farmer as well, the working-class zero Springsteen is making a mint by robbing New Jersey of the antipoverty program funds he says they desperately need (Page 68).
*Barbara Streisand harps about a “Global Warming Emergency” as she spends $22,000 a year watering her lawn and gardens. “Everyone has the power to make a difference,” she writes as her concerts use thirteen 53-foot semi-trailers, four rental vans, and fourteen crew and band buses (Page 53).
*Harrison Ford is the chairman of a global conservation group, yet owns 7 airplanes and has stated, “I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger.” To prove what a global warming believer he truly is, he even got his chest waxed to portray the pain the environment feels when carbon dioxide is pumped in the air (Page 44).
Jason promises some must-see video of his celebrity encounters in coming days. Get the book and stay tuned!