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Instead of loosing your life with the White Feather, Sell your soul with a ribbon..
 One does not have to look too far back in history to witness theattitude of women towards men and how they will automatically sidewith the state, to do their dirty work. It is a known fact alreadythat women demand government loyalty and thereby, payment for dutyrendered. That option has been cited on numerous occasions in orderto vote for that same political party that promises her moreprivileges and will on just about every occasion,l side withit when it comes down to choice regardless of their ant-male bias. Itsadly demonstrates the fact that the majority (over 50%) will sidewith the state and that you will come in at a very low second place. Men willvote for the good of the country and women will vote for benefits andprivileges, what ever is in it for her..
Political parties are well aware ofthis fact and have been cowtowing (sic) to women for the last 40 oddyears. The difference between services for men and women obviouslydemonstrates that fact. Never has there been as many or as much biasand favouritism demonstrated, even in the so called heyday of thepatriarchy. Women have demanded copious privileges, granted them, andnow demand even more, while the basic needs and requirements of men and boys are justignored..
Back in the early 1900's the state introduced the White Feathercampaign, a campaign designed to humiliate men in order to get themto sign up for the war being fought in Europe. The war effort at thattime had already slaughtered hundreds of thousands of men andcontinued doing so. In order to increase the sign up rate for thearmy, the state requested that women should hand out "WhiteFeathers" to any able bodied men, in order to shame him intosigning up for the war effort and certain death or maiming for live..
The horrors of that war effort was already well known as we readabout poisonous gases being released as well as the introduction ofthe newwar machine, the tank. The slaughter rate was incomprehensibleand yet women lined up with the state to ensure that plenty morebodies could be piled onto that heap, without so much as a secondthought. It was for the good of women and her country ofcourse and thatjustification was sufficient..

Coming to a place near you..
Join Australia's campaign to stop men's violence against women by swearing the White Ribbon Oath. White Ribbon encourages Australian men and boys to swear. The Oath goes beyond just clicking a button. It's a symbol of your commitment to stand up for the women in your life. It's an active statement which you make to the world. It's your chance to be part of real, positive change.
As with lessons learnt from the past, usually they are justignored or re-utilised to serve a different purpose. We now have theequivalence of that White Feather campaign, today. It applied thatname to the "WHITE RIBBON". campaign. The concept of theWhite Ribbon campaign is ofcourse the same. Let's shame men intoconfessing that they are indeed all murderers and rapists, whileconfessing at the same time, that all women are absolute angels,incapable of any negative actions or violence or crime. Even thoughit has been clearly demonstrated that domestic violence not a genderissue but a societal issue and women are just as violent as theyclaim their partners are. It is also the proven case that men areindeed the greatest abused individuals and not women as demonstratedby government statistics. But here they are demanded that youdenounce it while women are still given carte blanche to abuse,murder and destroy lives as they have been doing in the past as wellas doing right now. The humiliation factor is right there at work. Itis akin to demanding an answer to the skewed question "have youstopped beating your dog", regardless of the response, you areguilty and that is precisely what the White Ribbon campaign is allabout..

The state needed the women to convince these guys to die for their country.
We have exposed the links between the White Ribbon campaign andthe radical feminist movement and their intrusion into the up andcoming legislation about to be introduced by the Gillard government,that will take away basic human rights of all men and boys, notwomen, just like VAWA has.  VAWA, just like the White Featherand the White Ribbon campaign, had/has the total backing of theopposite sex which once again demonstrates precisely where men standin the social order. It is not the case of that old fashioned "Womenfirst" introduction, that has always been demanded. Now it's the"women always first" mantra, as we head into the 21 centuryand nothing much has changed at all. The females attitude towards thestate and men has not changed one iota, but at least now we can pointthat obvious truth out and show it for what it really is..

The White Ribbon Campaign.
Any male who signs up for this sexist and biased campaign in thebelieve that they are helping some good cause, should really haveanother think about what it is they are really promoting. This entireproject is used to belittle men and justify abusive women. That isprimarily what you are admitting and supporting. Women are blamelessand incapable of violence and that we already know, is the biggestslut-feminist lie ever generated and promoted. Meanwhile, try andwithdraw your signature, go on..