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Bernard's favourite "Lezebel" term, he prefers to use to describe that obnoxious feminastie site originated by Valenti, may even be worth a quick look just to witness how depraved, farcical and deluded, it's mainly American females audience, have become. The overall attitude is that repugnant that they are pushed to even find any appropriate topics to denigrate and smirk at, as it would appear that they have really done it all, already..

So in typical Lezebel fashion, they found something to snipe about and nothing gets their feathers more ruffled than the knowledge that American men are wife chasing in other countries. Now we already know that it is a pet hate of the feminastie slow-mo-movement, as they introduced IMBRA in order to try and stop American men from getting wives overseas, in order to see firsthand what real feminine females, untainted and unprocessed by the hate movement, are really like. It really does affect them immensely, probably more so that IMBRA did not discourage the lads from finding partners at all. They achieved it by finding those who were not educated in the  "screw them for every cent they have" mentality that the AW have. Down right disappointed they are and it's showing in more ways than one..

We have the 10-reasons-to-not-marry-why-men-should-avoid-Marriage  and it goes without saying that if one was thinking in that direction for some reason, than it would be good advice. In this day and age the AW's are best to be avoided at all costs as they are now very well versed in making one's life as uncomfortable and miserable as possible, because they can, and they have the backing of the law to make it legal should you dare complain..
Winston Wu

Check this out! A popular female celebrity/fashion blogger named Jezebel
 just attacked my anti-marriage article (the same one posted here) that
was posted in YourTango. But as you can see in her critique, there is
hardly any substance or serious points. Most of it consists of hyperbole
 and petty one-liners. I'm not sure what her point even is. lol. There
are a lot of comments posted in the feedback section though.
It's a bit circular as we quote a quote but it's fun and a good laugh. Winston Wu promotes dating Asian women, which is ofcourse an ever expanding market for obvious reasons. So that being the case, the feminasties have even more reason to dislike the advice as well the recommendation that AW's are really equivalent to some virus and should be avoided at all costs..
One would have expected some relevant points and at least some logical arguments to be pursued but I forgot that it is a feminastie site and that is ofcourse the last thing one should expect. It's loaded with the usual strawman arguments and little snippy comments that can only have relevance to their usual audience, they're AW ofcourse and what else could one expect. It's truly is exasperating. Instead of making or stating some solid reasons and salient points, we have snark and snuff.. 

Yep, they live in the real universe and the now..

So then we have Rex Patriarch forwarding some sage opinion on the topic as to what Lezebel and fellow "Slut" promoters can do with their opinions.  Feminist Hate Foreign Women, You Should Love Them, which ofcourse just rubs a little more salt into the already weeping wound..
I have always said that where feminist hate men they hate women or each other even more and if they are nonfeminized foreign women they hate them most of all.

Pinegrove33(Ed. Bernard) has pointed this out with his Feminists Furious Over Foreign Wives video. It seems that the ladies over on Lezebel have discovered Winston Wu’s Happier Abroad global dating web site and they are not so Happier At home about it.
And so the battle royal begins in earnest and the Lezebellians are besides themselves trying to argue that "Hey, what wrong with us lovely AW's anyway" argument, when in reality, it only takes five minutes of reading to identify what the problem really is and it's apparently beyond their comprehension. They are actually doing their best to promote women from other countries just by being their usual obnoxious selves. It really is a circus and they would appear to be the one who will be the last on the planet to eventually comprehend the reasons why..