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Champion Mudslinger and totally inept Bligh, a role model for slut-feminists..

One would have to say that this description is definitely a first for me and for most. I have never before heard this type of description used to describe any government in office, ever..

But it takes a woman to bring out the best..

Needless to say it's a slut-feminist to boot..

Not one whit less than Bligh deserves

Andrew Bolt March 17 2012 (8:40am)

The Courier Mail’s Des Houghton has had enough of Premier Anna Bligh’s utterly disgraceful muck-rucking and responds in kind:

SO WE have endured an election campaign with plenty of mud-slinging.
The conservative protagonist and former Brisbane lord mayor has even been depicted as a spider and his wife vilified.
In the spirit of this campaign, today I would like to borrow from the Labor strategist’s play book:
Queensland’s Labor Government is worm-eaten, inept, rancid, pernicious, dirty, exhausted, dishonest, incompetent and lazy, not to mention mendaciously mud-slinging, ignorant, rotten, flagitious, disreputable, deceitful, unsavoury, unworthy, unsound, unwholesome, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, untruthful, corrupt, insincere and misleading.
And perhaps I should throw in reprehensible, weaseling, miscreant, nefarious, tarnished, ill-mannered, snivelling, expendable, foul, abominable, soiled, shifty, discreditable, improper, obscene, hateful, impure, degraded, grubby, pitiful, dilapidated, shabby, grovelling, flea-ridden, discredited, disgraced, degenerate, depraved, nefarious, toe-curling, perverse, putrid, rotten, unhealthy, faulty, opprobrious and empty.
Not to mention peccant, tergiversating, vituperative and insalubrious.
(Thanks to reader JennyF.)