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The delusional impression that women have of themselves..

There is no difference between being a mangina then there is belonging to a harem, only being in a harem, there are copious advantages including a life of total luxury, where one only has to put out on rare occasions, a bit like being married and enhancing the main after-effect of the wedding cake. Being a mangina, hence a male feminist or equivalent toady, has in comparison very few rewards, if any..

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One firstly has to live with themselves, as the folly of genital worship, as well as wishful thinking takes it's toll on one's inability at achieving anything worth bragging about. So many articles, books and videos demonstrates beyond clarity, that female worship and it's mindless, self degrading behaviour, just does not work. So one has to increase their level of groveling to a new level just to test their delusional thesis, one that dictates that if your totally emasculate yourself to an embarrassing degree, one that would even make your pet dog hide for cover, then all will be well..

It is apparently beyond their comprehension that the idol of their worship, absolutely loathe that type of behaviour, it is somehow justified in their confused mindset. You and I have constantly witnessed their actions and wondered if they are due for a sex change instead of persevering with their childish antics. But they continue without relenting and without one single fact dawning on their fawning adulation. Women themselves have already clearly demonstrated that they loathe anyone worshiping their spoilt, selfish and confused self. They back off physically whenever they come within the slightest contact or presence of these swooners, with their wide-eyed plea of "Could you please just spit on me as I need the attention". Anything will do with these rejects, these confused clones, who were raised to be subservient, fragile and receptacles of derision..

One has to get the position just right..

So in order to be a member of the World-wide Self Abasing Mangina Association, several levels of adherence must be followed and must preferably be of the believe that you actually think you know what you are doing. The girls ofcourse will take advantage, as they can see and detect that condition miles away. So here are the steps required to ensure long term or lifetime membership..

1. Be totally unaware of the standard and typical behaviour of females..
2. Make the automatic assumption that they actually give a damn about your existence..
3. On every occasion possible, always walk a clear step behind, so as to not intrude on their space..
4. Continuously compliment their appearance and behaviour regardless of it's obvious nature..
5. Always ensure that any comment made in their direction or in their presence, does not "hurt" her feelings by trying to shame anyone who has the temerity of not worshiping the ground she walks on..
6. Always automatically assume that whatever "SHE: says is totally correct and should be accepted without question.
7. Deny the obvious fact that she may be actually affected by natural forces that over rides rationality her body on a monthly basis which in turn that makes her about as appealing as a rattlesnake with young..
8. Always ensure that any members of your own sex is continually reassured that her very behaviour stems from the book on the "Acts of the Gods". Totally deny any other facts and deny the brain's ability to accept obvious truths and replace them with other delusional interpretations..
9. Never do anything, either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, that may may be interpreted in any way, shape or form, that would demonstrate that you would have an opinion or thought or behaviour that does not enhance her majestic presence..
10. Be aware that it takes more energy and effort to grovel. It will effect your carbon footprint..

Those efforts do take some doing and one should be relegate the appropriate behaviour that one feels they deserve without any qualms. They besides themselves however, when they receive the occasional encouragement for their inane behaviour by the words "We can be friends", and that is all they need to justify their mindset and soul destroying behaviour.

So how does one completely extract themselves from that position, apart from shock therapy or drug rehabilitation, well, walking in their shoes is not the recommended path to take and neither is putting up with their hysterics or abuse or as is normally the case, that every single sneer, hrmmphh or uncomprehending stare accompanied with that mild head shake, should deter one's aim. Absolutely not, one must persevere at all costs..

So where is the escape, what could one do, can one do to extract one self from this pitiful behaviour?
One only needs to learn on single word, one single two letter word, that is so foreign to them as to cause an explosive reaction and response, a word so great and impressively simple that one has completely changed their total outlook on life, jumped off bridges because of it and swallowed hand full of pills whenever they were it's recipient..

They believe they are royalty by popular demand..

That magic word is, wait for it ---"NO". an all inclusive and undeniable clear statement that no one can argue against or misunderstand. So one needs to practice that word until it slips off the tongue whenever any ridiculous claim or suggestions or demands are made. One single word that can change your entire life..

Go ahead, have a go at it. Normality follows and the opposite of your shallow, senseless existence will just wash away. On top of that, they may actually take some interest upon hearing such a negative response, as it is not a word they hear too often..

Go on, tell "gina" to feck off..