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Lynne Featherstone, Anti male Bigot and feminist promoter.
Lynne Featherston, another anti-male bigot, slut-feminist enabler and promoter..

One does not have to look far to find a lying slut-feminist, as it is actual a standard requirement whenever uttering any of their mantras or any part of their doctrine or simply having to justify their well practiced malfeasance. Feminism is to lies what food is to survival..

These Gender Equality Denialists practice their well honed skills whenever they open their mouths, coining the phrase "How do you know when a feminist is lying". The conclusion is ofcourse the obvious "when they open their mouths". But it is not just anyone who can do it professionally as training is required. It is another issue to blatantly lie about the Men or Women on paper or in an article as personal contact is not required. Nope, in order to practice and finely hone that skill, one must be out in the public arena and visually present lies without batting an eyelid. That takes years of practice and it is one that slut feminist promoters like Jessica Valenti and Amanda Marcotte have consistently perfected. They are now that comfortable with that they now make even more outlandish and blatant claims, obvious fibs just to see what they can get away with and to also detect how obviously stupid and ignorant their audiences really are. It does take a certain level of .

A few of these obvious and blatant lies that slut-feminists still promote with actual glee, are never far away. Those Gender Equality Denialists appear to be able to feed the masses any line that would indicate their decades old "All Women are Victims" mantra. Swallowing it as a panacea to guard against reality, truth and facts. Lying is the preferred option chosen by these enablers, as they wallow in it's assumed negativity, ensuring a clear flow of endorphins and adrenalin. It just "feels" right..

Major lies as told by the slut-feminist movement..

1. Women never lie about rape.
2. Women earn .79 cents in the dollar than men do.
3. Women are not violent..
4. All women are victims..
5. All women have been discriminated against..
6. Single mothers make better parents..
7. All Men are rapists..
8. Humans are the result of their Environment, not their sex..
9. Women makes better managers..
10 Women are better leaders..
11. Girls are held back in school..
12. 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted/raped..

Just a short list but a number of arguments that slut-feminists have been compulsively and notoriously lying about since their second hiatus..