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It has been no secret that feminists and Governments around the world are guilty of over inflating the hysteria over RAPE  statistics and feminists have followed suit, unrelentingly. A good example would be feminist and professional male hater, Harman, who thankfully was tossed out of office while english men still had excess to oxygen and food..

 Straight Statistics is a site that does, well, statistics and do on the odd occasion something of interest as I have carried their RSS feed for some time and the following article includes copious graphs and commentary and way to big to list here..

How the panic over rape was orchestrated

For years the Home Office and the former Lord Chancellor’s Department have misled the media about rape statistics – and allowed the media to misinform the public.
Anxiety has grown as a result of the apparent increase in rape offences and the inability to successfully prosecute offenders. Women have been needlessly alarmed for their safety, when the actual threat is much smaller than has been pretended.

Congratulations, therefore, to the Radio 4 programme More or Less and its reporter Ruth Alexander, who have put into the public domain what some advisers engaged by Whitehall committees have known for some time.

This official misinformation, one suspects, was a deliberate policy choice (beginning somewhere around 1988) to ensure that no matter what the cost, rape and sex crimes would climb remorselessly up the political agenda.

Since 1999 the Home Office has known that its methods for calculating rape convictions are wrong. The real conviction rate is not the publicly broadcast 10 per cent but closer to 50 per cent (it varies slightly from year to year). In a Minority Report (1) which I wrote for a Home Office committee in 2000 but which advisers refused to forward to ministers who were then actively considering new rape legislation, the HO were told that they were confusing ‘attrition’ rates with ‘conviction’ rates.

The attrition rate refers to the number of convictions secured compared with the number of that particular crime reported to the police (it must be noted that a crime that is ‘reported’ does not automatically imply that the crime actually took place). The conviction rate refers to the number of convictions secured against the number of persons brought to trial for that given offence.

Rape is the only crime judged by the attrition rate. All others – murder, assault, robbery, and so on – are assessed by their conviction rates. Why? The question is best addressed to Betty Moxon who, in 2000, was head of the Sex Offenders Review Team (SORT) for whom I wrote the minority report.

In the most recent edition of More or Less, broadcast last Friday and still available as a podcast, Ruth Alexander questioned why rape has been made an exception. Referring to a new report soon to be published by London Metropolitan University she said it claimed that Britain had the worst record in Europe for rape convictions. Over recent years, she said, the report showed that the conviction rate had fallen from 10 per cent to 6.5 per cent.

But this is based on the misleading attrition rate. When real conviction rates are calculated on a common basis with other crimes, her report endorses our findings of 2000 (and subsequent years), namely that it is more commonly in the 48-52 per cent bracket. Her latest figure, for 2007, was 47 per cent.

But how are we to judge if that is good or bad ? Comparable figures show that the conviction rate, for instance, for Violence Against the Person was 71 per cent.

In the past the Home Office used to publish annual “Criminal Statistics for England and Wales” which were very accessible. Its present embodiment, published by the Ministry of Justice does not helpfully list murder rates or conviction rates. Nonetheless, Ruth Alexander quoted comparable ‘attrition rates’for other crimes, listed below:


"Make it Up as You Go, Feminism". II..

Regardless of the fact that feminist adherers witness, read and believe; eat, breathe and sleep it, there will always be some individuals who wallow in some fairyland version where all is warm and fuzzy and their beloved version should be promoted to sainthood.  They seriously believe that the feminastie movement is really not that bad. They reason, because in their opinion, that movement may actually have an odd member or part time believer, who is convinced that it's for the equality of both sexes. The "make this up as they go", pound that hegemony mercilessly into an acceptable meme. Ignoring facts and previous atrocities as they never existed. Such as bomb threats, death threats, verbal and physical abuse and these are only what surfaced. They claim it also permitted both sexes to reconstruct themselves or some other inane fallacy that only makes sense to themselves. They are totally convinced that they are correct, even when it is clearly demonstrated beyond argument, that their movement is sexist, hypocritical and devious. To this caution, they just close their ears and refuse to hear it or read it and cannot even be bothered to check or research it. You can just imagine them sitting on the floor, in the corner with fingers in both ears "nah..nah..nah, I am not listening"..

Here is an example (no link as I would not give this commenter the time of day)..
In my experience, feminists are open to and aware of male victims of domestic violence. They're well aware of the social stigma their gender roles puts them in, and that there's little help. They applaud help lines for men. They hate how violent women are excused because of traditional gender roles.
I don't think there's a man-hating conspiracy even among this official feminism. 
What has it to do with "gender roles" is beyond me as that sex smacks and abuses just about anyone under any circumstance (sidebar videos links prove that beyond doubt -------------->). 
I fail to see why they would even try to justify this hate movement to be considered as even remotely benevolent or why bother to demonstrate there is an iota of consideration of either sex as their motives have already demonstrated that their aim and goals do not include anything else besides their female supremacy doctrine at the expense of men and boys regardless of the damage it causes society, families or individuals. The more money feminists pull out of the system for their own use, the less to go around for more important issues like Health, Education etc..The more they gain the more people die. A bit morbid but that's the way it is..

Response to previous comments..

"Your feminism" is not the feminism that is setting policy in this country.
"Your feminism" is not the feminism that is dictating the behavior of courtrooms across the US.
I get it.
But what we are saying is that there is a nebulous movement out there that also goes by the name of "feminism" that is causing untold harm to men across the US and several countries in Europe. This "other feminism" is supporting the concept of false rape accusations, hampering young boys in education, using flawed child support laws to keep men in poverty, as well as supporting quite a few other serious issues that bring harm to men.
Update..Feminists Bomb Store

How feminists tried to destroy the family

My fascination with this new movement lasted only a few months. At the huge "collectives", I heard shrill women preaching hatred of the family. They said the family was not a safe place for women and children. I was horrified at their virulence and violent tendencies. I stood on the same platforms trying to reason with the leading lights of this new organisation.
I ended up being thrown out by the movement. My crime was to warn some of the women working in the Women's Liberation Movement office off Shaftesbury Avenue that if it persisted in cooperating with a plan to bomb Biba, a fashionable clothes shop in Kensington, I would call the police.
Biba was bombed because the women's movement thought it was a capitalist enterprise devoted to sexualising women's bodies.
I decided that I was wasting my time trying to influence what, to my mind, was a Marxist/ feminist movement touting for money from gullible women like myself.

The PUA Industry: Failure to Warn Members.. 

I have in the past stated that the PUA theories and practices do have something to offer any potential suitor/player in the pursuit of women. The psychology and methodology would be basically unarguable, as they have studied their targets comprehensively and thereby are able to assume that their method and techniques work. However, nothing is made of the fact that women themselves would be aware of the player's game and may in actual fact just be playing along as it has already been a studied fact that women will within the first ten seconds or so, make up their minds whether or not she will give you access to that golden "sphincter". So in reality, you can only destroy that pre-made decision by human error or misbehaviour. So the PUA psychology would assist there to ensure that did not happen..

But in return for memorising the standard PUA methodology and practises one would and does act outside of his norm. He has to develop a routine and behaviour that is not only camouflage but is in reality just a fake effigy of himself.
It goes without saying that the PUA industry in purely a sales pitch designed to hook the unsuspecting male into believing that if he relieves himself of whatever fees, materials and DVD's recommended,  they will turn a nerd into a "PLAYER" of such magnitude that he will not only be irresistible to the opposite sex but will be capable of dissolving those knickers just by being in it's proximity..

The main argument MRA's have and this is my opinion, is that the endless PUA messages and advice fails to come with a "warning" sign, and that warning sign should at least carry the some type of disclaimer that associating with any female in this day and age can and will get you thrown in jail, can destroy your life, can bankrupt you without you so much as given any opportunity of resisting as that would just be futile. The GURUS from that industry fail in that sense and admittedly, some of the commenters on sites that covers the PUA world do make that effort which is heartening to see. So not all are negligent of what should at least be their standard duty to their paying members..

One would imagine that being PUA would indeed help one to circumvent any possible relationship horrors as they claim to be in control and know how to manipulate women under any circumstance. This is however not the case at all, far from it..
Alec Novy.
           95% of PUAs are still at the same level of pussy-getting of the day they joined. PUA conferences have the highest level of virgins of any conference on planet earth.At least 20%* of the top game-gurus have been proven to be frauds with no personal results.-> One of them was shown to have only had 2 girls in his entire life, yet he is a guru.
-> Another admitted only having 2 relationships in his life, ever (and no, he wasn’t hooking up in the meantime)
-> Another became a PUA teacher 2 weeks after losing his virginity
-> Another has approach anxiety at 30 years old and spends 2000$ a night on bottle service to get approached by women
-> Another had been a “guru” since 20 years old. He had been teaching and inventing new pua theories even before he had any results (he invented the amog shit). HE GOT HIS SECOND GIRLFRIEND EVER PREGNANT – with her screwing him over with a “slipped condom” or whatever. So get this, one of the top 3 gurus who is in charge of the top theories in game got gamed by a poor mexican immigrant who trapped him into fatherhood. All of this happened when he was the top-paid PUA guru on the planet.
So it appears that the PUA gaming methodology does not protect you from anything except maybe thinning out your bank account. As with all other teachings, there are always the zealots who refuse to accept the bleeding obvious and will argue against anything they deem to be detrimental to the game. Such religious zeal can be found in the feminist hegemony. Refusing to basically view the MRA argument as being legitimate and reasonable instead they prefer taking the offensive by labelling MRA as opposition.  The PUA adherents take that same attitude suggesting that we repress their "craft" which is ofcourse ridiculous and beyond comprehension. They also suggest that we have no interest or association with women which is ofcourse just a strawman, not worth the time to comment on.

MRA's have no issues with women per se, only the illegal and incomprehensible anti-male laws put into place to protect a sex who is quite capable of protecting itself. I have issues with the downright obsessive and obnoxious behaviour that feminist have injected into the female psyche and women now have taken it all for granted and not even bothering to comprehend the damage they have caused society by their endless and increasing demands. I have issues with the endless privileges women receive at the detriment of all men and boys with out so much as recognition that it's happening, living in denial..

So the debate will continue and hopefully at the end of it all, we will have some common ground to work with and they will hopefully introduce some honesty and dignity into their industry by at least taking the honourable action of forewarning their members what may lay ahead if they pursue their recommended procedures and apply them to the opposite sex. Do you think that will ever happen ?

Link to PUA Fraud..

As a matter of interest, Blogger has introduced a new set of themes and templates that will, in their words, "enhance the users online experience". These new templates comes in a series of 7 different variations and leave the users to decides which view is best suited to their taste. I have already applied a few variations to my other blogs.  This new concept requires some assessment and testing in order to reach a decision regarding their use and whether or not these new options will be advantageous to this blog or indeed a hindrance..

Have a look at these three different examples. I have set them up to open in separate tabs..
Australian Misandry ..Flipcard
Women in Charge .. Mosaic

Saving Boys Raised by Single Moms ..Magazine

As you can see it's several different user selected, viewing options and I have set each of those to different display views. Have a look and let me know..

The issues that arise are the following -

1. The new options do not allow the inclusion of sidebar links and display only a generic view which would apply to any blog that applies them. Some variability is available such as colour, font etc..
2. There is no room or indication that any logo can or will work in the header option or in the sidebar as those options do not exist.
3. The counters in the new templates counts the numbers of pageviews instead of the number of users hits to the site as the current counter does. This option would probably increase my average count by at least a minimum of five which would set it at over 6 million hits on todays numbers so that alone is very tempting as I have already witnessed an incremental increase on those changed blogs..

I will not be making any decision on this for a while as I will use the watch and see principal and hopefully Blogger will make the appropriate adjustments that will suit me and this blog instead of the other way around..

As the male hating Feminists move into India, it's effects can be clearly catalogued, the one statistic which does not change is the proportions of male suicides in relation to the population. India, I am glad to say, has an active MRA (Mens Rights Activist) and an ever increasing MM (Mens Movement) which will dwarf anything we have in western countries. The frustration the MM has at the moment is the lack of response from both male and females in relation to the injustices and harm that movement has engaged in and that is apart from the institutionalised anti male sexism and bias already in the Educational and Legal areas where both demonstrate clearly that only the rights and needs of women are served at the expense of all men and boys. But never an utterance from any of the delusional "equality" enablers and operators as that claim cannot be sustained or argued as applying to anyone not possessing a vagina and they are well aware of that..

INSAAF (Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum)
Press release on “RIGHT TO LIFE for men” campaign
Domestic Violence has driven over 780,000 Married Men to suicide!
Married Indian Males are losing the most fundamental right of all, THE “RIGHT TO LIFE”. It is not at all uncommon to see people laughing whenever a married men tries to express his problems or says that his spouse and in – laws are torturing him. The audience might find it funny but it is a sad reality for those 61453 married men who were driven to take their own lives in 2010 being unable to bear the torture and lakhs more such who continue to live an abused life without even a semblance of acceptance of abuse. This was as per the data presented by the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB), Home Ministry report released by Hon’ble Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Thursday, the 27th of October 2011.
According to statistics released by the Ministry of Home affairs, in the last fifteen years (1995 – 2010) over 776812 married men have been claimed by rampant domestic violence against them. In a shocking revelation of suicide statistics for the year 2010 reveals that once again almost double the number of married men have committed suicide in comparison to married women as the report attached here corroborates. The rate at which the suicide rates of married men are increasing according to the govt reports from 1995 is truly astounding(See Annexure).  The figures for a last few years also are equally concerning.
National Crime Records Bureau – Ministry of Home affairs Suicide Statistics
YearMarried MenMarried Women
INSAAF attributes the tremendous increase in suicides of Indian married males to the complete lack of understanding and unavailability of remedies on the issue of domestic violence against men in India.
From this site..

Fight for Justice

A crusaders blog for inspiring thought.

Sadly, similar numbers apply to Australia as well. The endless increase in suicides are met with contempt and repeated attempts, as Federal and State governments concentrate solely on female suicides by stating that it is unacceptable that the numbers were so high. Nothing is done or even attempted by both  State and Federal governments to reduce the male suicide numbers. The occasional minutiae attempt at patchwork methods are undertaken just to quieten and placate the general noise when this subject is on the odd occasion, raised..
SUICIDE in Australia
The suicide rate is a widely used indicator of social cohesion, as is the prevalence of drug-induced deaths. While such deaths can occur for many reasons, and many complex factors might influence a person’s decision to suicide, these preventable deaths point to individuals who may be less connected to support networks (OECD 2001a). For instance, they may be less inclined to seek help or may be less intimately connected to people who might otherwise be aware of problems or step in to assist.
Men suicide at a higher rate than women, and the male suicide rate is more volatile than that for females. The male suicide rate has declined gradually over the last decade and was at 16 deaths per 100,000 males in 2008. The female rate has remained at around five deaths per 100,000 females since the late 1990s, declining gradually from six per 100,000 females in 1997.
Young men suicide at a higher rate than young females. In 2008, men aged 20-24 years were particularly vulnerable to suicide, with a rate of around 19 suicides per 100,000 males in 2008. This is a higher rate than for young men aged 15-19 years (around 9 suicides per 100,000 men) or for young women (3 suicides per 100,000 women aged 15-19 years and 5 per 100,000 women aged 20-24 years).
Of all people, middle aged men and older men suicide at the highest rate. In 2008, men aged 40-44 years had the highest suicide rate at just over 26 deaths per 100,000 males. Men aged 85 years and over also had a suicide rate of 26 deaths per 100,000 males.

What are these women thinking, one has to ask as well as wonder. Then it came to me. They have been raised in a society who has never told them that magic word, "NO". You cannot go around shagging young kids, no you cannot grab a stewards crutch on an aircraft, you cannot go about in public just wearing a f*cking bra you dumb b*tch because it just not done..
That magic word is not listed in their vocabulary and so are a few other words missing as well but thats for later.

Ohio Gym Teacher Jailed for Sex With Students
Boohoo, I got caught drugging up kids for sex..

A popular Ohio high school gym teacher has been sentenced to four years in jail after a judge rejected her insanity defence and convicted her on 16 counts of sexual battery for sleeping with several of her former students..
Stacy Schuler, a former gym and health teacher, had sex with five former students, some of whom were football players, at the school in suburban Cincinnati, where she taught since 2000. During her trial, which ended Thursday, Schuler's lawyers defended her actions with explanations ranging from her vegan diet, the use of the antidepressants, blackouts from alcohol and even irritable bowel syndrome, claiming it rendered her unable to determine right from wrong.
Although several students testified on her behalf, the decision to reject the defense prompted some tough words from the judge hearing Schuler's case, who said it would be a "magnificent leap" believing she had no idea her actions were wrong.
"This is a noble profession that you have, and I've heard a lot of good things about you, but I know that you had the opportunity, as all teachers do, to affect the lives of our children," Warren County Common Pleas Judge Robert Peeler said. "You crossed a line."
Parents of the victims also had harsh words for the woman who was once considered an inspirational educator at Mason High School.
"She groomed these boys, she took advantage of their vulnerabilities she crossed the line and it is unacceptable," one of the victim's mothers said.
At least it keeps the False Rape Society busier than they first anticipated. The endless ever increasing lineup of older women banging little boys is just astounding. I have read the odd, and I do mean odd, comment from cretins who state that the only reason this is highlighted is because there are women involved. It's akin to suggesting that the only reason the research industry is interested in the plague is because there is a bug involved. Even girlie men and hypercritical underage female student banger Schwyzer cannot help himself by justifying the molester's actions and writing it off as some type of unfortunate activity performed by a female, unaware of her actions. In other words a child herself, Baaaa!!!!

Match that curdling action with the non-actions of Australia's feminist "Female" prime minister and watch as she stands by and lets an institution (Qantas Airlines) collapse and the possible loss of 17,000 jobs while this cretin swans off to avoid making any type of decision. Gillard demonstrates clearly what the world would be like when it's run by women. A natural female induced disaster especially formulated to demonstrate once again that feminism and feminists are the world's answer to total collapse and a reduced waiting time for armageddon..
Not to be outdone, women once again demonstrate what a sparkling and macabre sense of humour they have by laughing and giggling at the mutilation of a human being's organ, commonly known as the "Osbourne Syndrome" or should be. Once again demonstrating that their one and only consideration is for the image they see in the mirror which they are not happy with, so why not try and destroy other people's lives and wallow in their total destruction. Nice..

I did come across an article two days ago that demonstrated that this disgusting and appalling behaviour by the opposite sex existed in Roman times. Not only did those women back then brag about the marriages they screwed up but they were also the larger part of the audience at the Colosseums' blood baths getting their sexual rock off watching the blood and gore. Probably explains those two volcanic ashened individuals (in Pompeii) in compromising positions as it was probably an example of a financial transaction, rather than anything emotive. Have to keep these things real..

Dealing with the usual feminist lies and exaggerations..

Penguin population deteriorating rapidly..
After reading an article on Betty Frieden I realised that maybe I may have suffered the same "all feminist leaders of that hate movement are just lunatics" observation as that general consensus does apply to the majority as we can witness today. Only the rare exception do arise and Betty is apparently one of those according to John the Other in an article concerning her entry on which by the way can now claim that not just anyone is included on just a whim. That inclusion has to be substantiated and proven beyond doubt (an honourable action that feminists are incapable of) and Betty gets a reprieve as she is relegated under another title..

Why isn’t Betty Friedan on
The other item that drew my attention was this article as it once again demonstrates again what compulsive liars feminists really have been and are habitually. Many times have we heard the "Women forced into sex" rant, especially at that time of year when either the Superbowl is on or the European Soccer finals get started, out they come with the same lies and misinformation which surely they must realise is just way too difficult to even comprehend as the facts are missing or to swallow as the evidence is just not there..

So these type of studies just once again rules them out of the debate and demands they treat the public like adults instead like 3 years olds..

Majority of sex workers 'not forced or trafficked'

Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor
The majority of sex workers questioned believe that working conditions were better than in other occupations and gave them more free time.
Other perceived advantages cited in the government-funded study include "the possibility of meeting interesting people", travelling and the ability to help their families.
But six per cent of women questioned in the study, which was conducted among "off-street" prostitutes in central London, had been "deceived and forced" into selling sex without any control over their work.
Several of these are said to have voluntarily continued prostitution after being freed by police from their oppressors. Other negative factors cited in the study include the stigma of working in prostitution, which forced them to lead a "double life", and the risk of robbery, violence and sexually transmitted diseases.
The most contentious finding, which is likely to anger anti-trafficking campaigners, is that few prostitutes working in the capital are forced to sell sex.
The study, carried out by Dr Nick Mai of London Metropolitan University and funded by the Government's Economic and Social Research Council, states: "The large majority of migrant workers in the UK sex industry are not forced or trafficked.
"Working in the sex industry is often a way for migrants to avoid the unrewarding and sometimes exploitative conditions they meet in non-sexual jobs."
The research also covered men and nine transgendered people selling sex in London. The women worked as escorts or strippers and the men were largely escorts.
We're in the money, we're in the money..

 Straight form the horses mouth, so to speak..

Executive Summary
Interviews with 100 migrant women, men and transgender people working in all of the main jobs available within the sex industry and from the most relevant areas of origin (South America, Eastern Europe, EU and South East Asia) indicate that approximately 13 per cent of female interviewees felt that they had been subject to different perceptions and experiences of exploitation, ranging from extreme cases of trafficking to relatively more consensual arrangements. Only a minority, amounting approximately to 6 per cent of female interviewees, felt that they had been deceived and forced into selling sex in circumstances within which they had no share of control or consent.

Link to Study..

After copious attempts at trying to have a male hating, male abuse, male torture article removed from Cafemom and The Stir, we have only managed to have a slight change made in that hate speech article to a degree that it is unnoticeable. Changes made were so irrelevant as to make that effort useless, so it appears to be time to demonstrate to Cafemom and The Stir, the male hating feminist author that we mean business..

You can help by continually applying pressure and lodging complaints on their site via their email connection and making comments and arguments regarding their hypocritical guidelines which apparently only applies to anyone without the appropriate organ. The blatant and usual sexism is there for all to see. They continue with their male hating articles and authors without apology or justification. Change the sex and let's see how quickly any article would be removed from that sexist site..

The author of this piece of nasty work is  -

Nicole Fabian-Weber : Another Bigot..

Nicole Fabian-Weber : The Stir and Update..

Her pathetic and limited effort has been recorded on manwomanmyth site and demonstrates precisely how little respect and how much hate these women have towards our sex.

The other effort was by the AVfM site, sending a letter and email to the editors of that hate site, requesting removal of the offending article only to be met with, first they ignored us, then they gave us some resistance and then they complied with a pathetic effort of making minutiae changes..

TO: The Management of CafeMom, The Stir
401 Park Avenue South, 5th floor
New York, NY 10016
Tracey Odell, Pulbisher
Amy Boshnack, Editorial Director
Cynthia Dermody, Managing Editor
I am writing you on behalf of A Voice for Men, a men’s advocacy group dedicated to ending misandry in western culture.  The reason for this missive is a recent blog post by one of your writers, Nicole Fabian-Weber.
In her article, titled “Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Penis & Chucks It in the River,” Ms. Fabian-Weber made several statements advocating violence and sexual mutilation.
So we go to plan "B", the second stage where we will commence legal procedures against this site and approach all advertisers and anyone who has financial interest in that site and inform them of the issues we have so far encountered. 

From James Huff Consultants.

“I represent a number of interested parties concerning the piece written by Nicole Fabian-Weber entitled “Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Penis & Chucks It in the River.”
We are interested in either hearing a response from this blog site as to why this post remains active, even though it obviously promotes male genital mutilation, or seeing this author’s post removed. The author of the post takes a light stance on the issue, which is unacceptable to those parties I represent.
I can assure you that if this is not addressed, that there will be an investigation as to the complicity of your organization in allowing hate speech on this site, and the full extent of the laws concerning hate speech will be leveled at this organization. We will start with a complaint to the ACLU and will move on from there.
I have already secured PDF copies of the post in question, for use in the courts of law, and will be approaching local and national news organizations with the post. We will also be approaching your advertisers with the information we have compiled, and will push to boycott them, or have them remove you from their lists.
We already know that your organization has been contacted on several occasions by private individuals who wish to see this post taken down, and we have secured their correspondence with you as well.
Your continued inaction will do great discredit to your organization, and will harm your reputation with every passing day. We demand you remove the offending blog post at once.
James Huff
VP, Huff Consultants, Inc.”
So it's about to get a little more interesting as we aim our efforts in other areas. Let's see what comes of it and lets see if we can eliminate the standardised, automatic and endless hate, loathing and male mutilation that feminists and feminist enablers, promote and indulge in.. 

Cafemom Press Site..
CafeMom, TheStir,, Mamas Latinas
CafeMom is the largest and most vibrant meeting place for moms online. Moms come to CafeMom to connect, give and get advice, be entertained, make friends, and save money. Launched in late 2006, CafeMom now welcomes over 9 million unique visitors each month. CafeMom was founded by Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez. Lead investors are Highland Capital Partners and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Feminists have no problem whatsoever in maligning little boys, your son or brother or grandson or nephew, just like this one by accusing him of being a rapist, a potential child predator or any other male stereotype they can think of just to bolster their own faltering ego and massive shortcomings. The sad side of all this is that whatever they blame these little boys of doing, it is usually the case that women are the worst abusers and predators around but that is conveniently ignored and discarded..

 Brilliant Fathers 4 Justice Ad In Spectator Magazine

One does have to wonder how far back one can trace the early beginnings of feminism and where the hell they got their insane demands and ideas from. One would have imagined that the lunacy feminists have forced onto society would have conjured up by the current batch of lunatics as they have certainly scripted a sufficient amount of books and rants for that to be the case..

Apparently not. The "I am Woman" fantasy is not new and neither is the "women should not be held  accountable" gibberish either. The year is 1913 and the topic is ofcourse the privileged princesses..

The Fraud of Feminism's Introduction, a dynamite observation:
By Modern Feminism I understand a certain attitude of mind towards the female sex. This attitude of mind is often self-contradictory and illogical. While on the one hand it will claim, on the ground of the intellectual and moral equality of women and men, the concession of female suffrage, and commonly, in addition thereto, the admission of women to all professions, offices and functions of public life; on the other it will strenuously champion the preservation and intensification of the privileges and immunities before the law, criminal and civil, in favour of women, which have grown up in the course of the nineteenth century.

So the hypocrisy eventuated way back then, the double standards also surfaced as did the special privileges that women today have at the expense of all men and boys. This gets funnier as it goes along..

    The present volume aims at furnishing a succinct ex-posure of the pretensions of the Modern Feminist Move-ment.  It aims at presenting the case against it with anespecial view to tracking down and gibbetting the in-famous falsehoods, the conventional statements, which arenot merely perversions of the truth, but which are directlyand categorically contrary to the truth, but which passmuster by sheer force of uncontradicted repetition.  It isby this kind of bluff that the claims of Feminism aresustained.  The following is a fair example of the state-ments of Feminist writers:-- "As for accusing the world at large of fatuous indulgence for womanhood in general,the idea is too preposterous for words.  The true ' legends of the Old Bailey [ Central Criminal Court]' tell, not of womenabsurdly acquitted, but of miserable girls sent to the gallows formurders committed in half delirious dread of the ruthless-ness of hypocritical Society."  Now it is this sort of legendthat it is one of the chief objects of the following pagesto explode.  Of course the "fatuous indulgence" for"womanhood in general," practised by the "world atlarge," is precisely one of the most conspicuous features                             1
of our time, and the person who denies it, if he is notdeliberately prevaricating, must be a veritable Rip vanWinkle awakening out of a sleep lasting at least twogenerations.
So in reality, the lying feminists back in 1913 were spreading precisely the same lies and exaggerations the current range of women are spreading right now. This should and does indicate quite a few issues and the main one being that regardless of the special treatment and privileges that women have received, even way back then, they are still neither content or happy with their own lot in life and hanker after some imaginary fantasy that neither exists nor will ever exist..

More in this book at
H/t to Alcuin for a good find..

I have just spent some time going over comments and an article about MRA's and the MM (Mens Movement) on In mala fida (meaning Undertaken in bad faith [latin]). The topic of this article is "Men’s Rights Activists Are Spineless Pussies".
An interesting article as you can imagine and I spent most of my time laughing at the inaneness of it all.  I could only really imagine an individual, one carrying his own little pine box to hoist himself on seeking oratory expulsion, wearing earplugs just incase someone stated anything that he could not argue against without being offensive or there may have been someone else's POV, be too confronting and he would have to pull up his little theatre box and go home..

The article does explain quite a few issues that I and many MRA's have spoken about in the past. Mainly, why it was so difficult to promote a movement that is solely concerned with giving all men and boys an equal ride with the law or reducing the negative and general societal attitude against all men which is building to a crescendo and that we should at least join together and put up some resistance before it was too late, before those laws were set in stone and more men and boys suffered or died (suicides) because of it's existence..

This attitude appears to be somewhat too difficult to comprehend as the most resistance to this movement is our own sex and it is startling to witness. Previously I posted an article from the Roissy site which took a swing at this movement as well and I did on that occasion decide that people were entitled to their own opinions as I cannot change anyone's thinking pattern, biases or preferences as that had to be self induced, that being the case I noted that whatever PUA's did was really up to them. Agree to disagree was the motto..

That all changed ofcourse by that recalcitrants article containing nothing more then abusive, hysterical rants that would have suited an eighteen year old feminist major, freshly out of gender studies and I use that example as I did come across a couple of comments from a few of those male hating feminists who stated they were looking forward to meeting these PUA's as they "knew" how to treat women on "how they should be treated" and that set off the alarm bells. Whenever feminists agree with anything men do then there is definitely a something askew.  PUA's can wrap their pussy begging attitude up into any parcel they want and rename it anyway they like but the end result will always be the same.

Here is some of that snarky smut and contemptible ranting, conspiracy theory anyone ?

The typical MRA is contemptible. Not only is he a slave, he works diligently to build his own torture chamber – which will house not only him, but also his fellow slaves and their slave children.

That’s right. In the name of parental love, you MRA’s perpetuate a system that grinds up America’s youth. Your sons become bastards and your daughters take to the pole.
I propose a new loyalty requirement: the true MRA must pay nothing – not one cent – of unmerited and extortionate alimony and child support. If he does, he is a traitor to men’s rights. He is no better than the Jews who helped Nazis kill Jews.
More of his delusional tripe here..Some of the comments are a good source of entertainment..

However, not everyone falls for the women-begging lifestyle as it does leave a lot to be desired. I have yet to meet one single man who spends his time chasing pussy, to ever be enjoying himself afterwards as the ongoing messaging, the emails and phone calls and endless abuse (when it goes wrong) is unrelenting, It costs him money just avoiding them..
 Everything has a downside and I have not heard a single word of praise pass his lips over the last five years which indicates that it's worth it, that thinking with his little head has caused him nothing but major issues. He knows better than to raise that crap with me..

A site worthy of attention on the opposing view on PUA thinking, actions and psychology also a great read. LIFESTYLE JOURNEY FOR MEN.

Paying For Sex Is More Alpha Than Using PUA Methods

• Paying money instead of using game means you don't have to change who you are. If you want to get laid, you just pay money, and your personality stays basically intact. So given a choice between the two, a truly alpha guy is more likely to just pay for sex than change parts of his personality in order to get women to have sex with him. Now some guys will say that going to prostitutes sucks because the woman doesn't actually like them, and is just doing it for money. To me, as long as I just want sex, it wouldn't matter to me anymore than if my mechanic likes me as a person. As long as he can properly service my car, that's all I really want. I'm not paying him to like me. I'm paying him to service my car, the same way I would pay a woman to satisfy me sexually. However, I would want her to respect me. That is important, the same way it's important that my mechanic respects my wishes with respect to my car.

You know how women have generally demonstrated they are no longer marriage material (they should really just "Woman up"),by also demonstrating a few other obnoxious habits that will make them persona non gratia to just about any real men except those desperate pretenders, feminised manginas and other desperate fellows whose life's wish is to either end it prematurely or transfer some foreign unidentifiable bug to his own anatomy..
However that is not even close to what these darling vagina carriers are concerntrating on becoming. Nope, after relentlessly whining, harping and moaning about how life is just so difficult and how their lot in life is just so hard and how they face countless imaginary discrimination and just to finish that of they are just not appreciated enough and how they are now just so "strong" and "independent" they can now find their own way into prison without really trying..

 Gee, next thing you know we will have some documentary about women in jail where "Jail affects women the most", oops, they are working on that already eh!!..

The fascinating issue about this article is that it is actually released by Yahoo, can you believe it. AN article, critical of a woman, on a Yahoo site. Will wonders never cease..

Will the Pussy Pass work this time ?


Yahoo!7October 29, 2011, 9:20 am

A woman executive is facing a jail sentence after she admitted groping a male flight steward while drunk on a plane.According to The Daily Mail, Katherine Goldberg, 25, grabbed the cabin crew member's crotch after drinking a pint of whiskey on a Virgin Atlantic flight.Goldberg, of Ealing Common, London, was told by the that her attack was too serious to be dealt with by a magistrates’ court and she now faces a maximum jail term of 10 years. 
She pleaded guilty to sexual assault and being drunk on an aircraft at Uxbridge Magistrates Court.The alleged incident took place on August 24 on a Johannesburg –London Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600.South African Goldberg was understood to have been returning to London after visiting relatives and made "strong sexual advances" to her victim during the journey, the court heard."The defendant was drunk in mid-air and groped a male member of the cabin crew. She had made strong sexual advances towards the man during the flight. Goldberg then groped the groin and testicular area," prosecutor Kevin Christie said. 
According to The Daily Mail, lawyers for Goldberg, of Ealing Common, London, had attempted to avoid the charge going to court and have the sexual assault charge dealt with by a police caution.

It's a circus, smaller than Woodstock but now it's their kids turn..

I have already made my opinion clear regarding those losers at Occupy-Everything(WW) and their incomprehensible comments, fantasy dreams and unrealisable goals, they however forgot to tell the other clowns who came along, what it was they were protesting about, which in the long run was just more gov. money anyway. What a laugh..

Here is an update on the Portland Occupy-Everything debacle..

Andrew Bolt – Saturday, October 29, 11 (09:56 am)

The atmosphere at Occupy Portland is one that forms the nucleus of any successful social movement: solidarity. Young and old from all backgrounds holding signs, chanting, and forming bonds with complete strangers over the issues that naturally bind all working people together:  jobs, inequality, anti-war, student loan forgiveness, defending Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (the social safety net), etc. 

The following series of events involving Occupy Portland occurred on Monday, October 24, 2011 and early morning Tuesday, October 25, 2011:

Dayshift Report

7 a.m.: Central Precinct officers received a request from Occupy Portland to get in touch with Project Respond. The volunteers at Occupy Portland report they are getting overwhelmed with the amount of mental health issues presenting themselves at the camp ...
10:30 a.m.: East Precinct officers were leaving the Multnomah County Courthouse when a woman, 39-year-old Angela Hallinger, threw a paintbrush at the officers because they would not stop and look at her art…
During the same incident, officers found that the porta-potties on the south side of Chapman Square along Southwest Madison Street were overflowing and it appeared raw sewage was running down the sidewalk toward Southwest 3rd Avenue…
3 p.m.: Officers received a report that Hallinger was out of jail and flashing her breasts again at the camp. She was excluded from the parks.
Afternoon shift:
On Monday’s afternoon shift, there were multiple calls of various fights/disturbances. Officers said there appeared to be a different call every 45 minutes or so, called in by witnesses to these incidents…
6:35 p.m.: A very intoxicated/high subject was contacted at the corner of Southwest 3rd avenue and Main Street. It appeared that 25-year-old Dylan K. Hunter, was acting in a confusing manner and was on probation for Delivery of a Controlled Substance/ Methamphetamine…
6:45 p.m.: A sergeant took a phone call from a “donor” of two food boxes to Occupy and he wanted to complain that when they dropped off the food, he and his friend saw “buckets of human waste” sitting around the camp....
7:56 p.m.: Uniform officers responded to a call of a man causing a disturbance near the medical tent of “Camp A” (Lownsdale park). He was reportedly throwing things and knocking down fences....
Officers observed 35-year-old Devn Merner acting in a bizarre manner. He had red paint on his feet and torso. Occupy Portland peacekeepers were trying to talk to him while he displayed “fighting poses,” but he refused their contact…
9:30 p.m.: Officers responded to a call regarding “5 subjects beating another subject,” in the center of Chapman Square, by the drinking fountain. Officers could not find any victim or suspect and overheard people say everyone “ran off.” ... It was reported as many as “15 street kids with skateboards” were chasing a shirtless subject… The victim, 19-year-old male, said he was assaulted in Chapman Square by a group of street kids, after he had a verbal altercation about a dispute a friend of his had earlier in the day with the group. The victim reported he was jumped from behind by a group of bandana-masked subjects, and repeatedly punched in the face and head. He said Occupy Portland peacekeepers came over to him suggested he “run away,” since they could do nothing to stop the assault… The victim was injured in the face, and said he thought about calling the police, but decided not to, since the residents of Occupy Portland are supposed to take care of these matters themselves.
11:59 p.m: A known subject, walked into Central Precinct to report an “assault.” He reported someone had pointed a finger at him, and that was the assault…

October 25, 2011, 4:56 a.m.: a resident of Occupy Portland called 911 to report a man inside the encampment who had punched someone and broken a bottle...