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Cogswell Is it a male or a female?
Sometimes, life is just unfair. If I was a lesbian, as well as a raging feminist and I looked like this, I would be pissed as well. Cogswell is understandably "not happy". Life is like that..

It would be nice if one could actually identify which sex you're supposed to be, wouldn't it ?..

This obnoxious feminists joins the almost endless line of male haters, to ensure their loathing, venom and just plain bad manners, is exposed the reading public, so they can see precisely what level of hate mongers these feminists really are. Apparently it's not just the lesbians feminists who encourages that toxicity, as Toy Soldier found out..

Feminists have appeared to have cornered the market of how to behave like desperate, raging, ranting loonies without mush encouragement at all. In both demonstration, all it takes is for a single male to make some point regarding his mistreatment by the system and they are off. Frenzied beyond comprehension, salivating and drooling about the good old days when those feminasties could just state anything they liked and not be held accountable for their hate speech. Today is apparently not that different but at least we can now show exactly who and what they are really about..

Shame on them..

A couple pieces from Huffington Post illustrate the fact that men are starting to finally stand up for themselves, and feminists are fighting mad about it. Commenter Rocco linked an article about hundreds of male bloggers who took Huggies to task for portraying fathers as bumbling idiots when it came to taking care of their kids, and Golden Scepter linked to another in which a feminist goes berserk and gets bloody.
The former involved an ad campaign – the kind we all know so well – in which Huggies diapers and wipes were portrayed as so easy to use that even fathers can get by with them:
The company thought it had a winner of an ad campaign — a series of spots all filmed during five days spent in a house with real dads and their babies. “To prove that Huggies diapers and wipes can handle anything,” the female voice-over explains, “we put them to the toughest test imaginable — Dads.”
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…What they didn’t take into account, however, was another trend — the one where the growing number of men who consider themselves involved, equal parents (according to the US Census, one in three are their child’s primary caregiver) are more than a little sensitive about being portrayed a the butt of an advertiser’s joke.
Soon, there was a petition. Created by Chris Routly, a father from Breiningsville, PA, it was titled “We’re Dads, Huggies. Not Dummies.” And it said:
“Why is a dad on diaper duty an appropriate or meaningful test of the product in any way a mom using them is not? Why reduce dads to being little more than test dummy parents, putting diapers and wipes through a “worst-case scenario” crash course of misuse and abuse? Is that what HUGGIES thinks dads do? We leave our children in overflowing diapers because sports is more important to us? Really?
These HUGGIES ads literally use the line “Dads push diapers and wipes to the limit.” No, HUGGIES, dads don’t do that. Poor manufacturing does that. A large bottle before naptime does that. Feeding your kid too much fiber does that. Babies do that. But dads don’t use diapers and wipes any differently than moms.”
Good for Chris Routly. Lots of fathers take care of their kids these days (if the mother doesn’t get a judge to kick him out of their lives), and they do a fine job. In his comment, Rocco pointed out that this wouldn’t have happened five years ago. This is true. Men tried to play nice up until a couple years ago, but now they are standing up for themselves unapologetically, and it’s working. Somehow, I think we have something to do with it.
However, not everyone is ready to recognize that men have the right to stand up for themselves. The next article, linked by Golden Scepter, is a violent tirade penned by man-hating lesbian Kelly Cogswell. In it, Cogswell uses graphic imagery to emphasize a list of the same old women’s grievances (many of which have long-since been debunked), and betrays a searing hatred of men that recalls the glory days of feminism from the 90s, when feminists cackled with glee over the mutilation of John Wayne Bobbit, defended child murder (the postpartum kind), and sang angry, dysphonic punk music about rape and bloody revenge. The difference is that today she comes off as deranged, whereas this kind of unveiled hostility was the norm a mere 20 years ago. She also exposes the “logic” behind the recent sham legislation feminists have introduced in state legislatures for what it really is: tit for tat retaliation.
Here are a few excerpts:
Thursday was International Women’s Day, and like always, there was some guy saying, “Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day? Yuk, yuk.” And while the usual response is, “Every day is a men’s day, you asshole,” maybe it’s time to agree.
After all, if you really believe in equality in everything, why not push for equal salaries for men? The poor things have been suffering for years with all that excess income. Give me a petition. I’d be happy to support a 25-percent reduction in pay across the board.
And for all those guys envious of the probes and procedures that Virginia’s women are going to be subjected to before they can get a simple abortion, why not pass laws requiring prostate exams whenever they demand a refill of Viagra or a package of condoms?
We could send out gangs of women to harass young males and grab their asses on the subway or bus. And if they don’t like it, respond, “That was a compliment. What’s your problem? What are you, a fucking homo?” Or these gangs of women could go out with machetes or bottles and really get their hate on. Just for the sake of equality.
And why not arrange for men to get little chunks of their penises chopped off wherever women face genital mutilation? After all, they get a party afterwards, celebrating their enforced chastity, painful pissing, and fear and loathing of sex. And if men manage, nevertheless, to get themselves accused of adultery or having sex before marriage, we could beat them to death, or stone them, just like women.
In fact, it’s far easier to take it the other way and literally level the playing field. Cut the legs off the Titans and watch them crawl. Unleash poverty and chaos and violence and degradation for all. Yeah, why not equality?
It seems that men’s demands for fair treatment have struck a nerve with the likes of Kelly Cogswell. Her reasoning is irrelevant; we’ve heard it all before and debunked it so many times that it would be a waste of time to respond to her rote recital of feminist grievances. What’s important here is the snarling contempt she betrays and, most of all, the fear. Yes, Kelly is scared. She isn’t scared that a man will beat or rape her (here she is), and she isn’t scared she’ll be attacked by an angry MRA or fathers’ rights type — she knows that’s highly unlikely. No, she’s scared because she feels the initiative slipping away. She can see the pedestal tottering and about to topple over. She knows the free pass to hate on men and victimize them in the courts is about to be revoked. Her life’s work is in danger of crumbling before her eyes.
This is why the feminists are showing their ugly side these recent days. Expect it to get even uglier soon.