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Equal Opportunity at work..

Welcome aboard your America Airlines flight, buckle up and don't forget, you're all going to die..
Thank you for listening..
PASSENGERS and crew on a flight in the US have been forced to restrain a flight attendant who began ranting over the public-address system that the plane was going to crash.
 The flight attendant must of made her own assessment of the plane's condition and decided that her place as an "almost pilot", as she would have had many, many hours in the sky. Would have automatically deemed herself to being an engineer as well as a pilot. Love it, but don't worry, she has already stated her own disclaimer should the inevitable happen..
"Captain," she said. "I am not responsible for crashing this plane."
Some passengers joined crew members in restraining the flight attendant.  The plane was delayed for 90 minutes, according to local media.
It took off after the attendant was removed from the plane by police.
 Phew, the world is safe once more.

It's getting a little hot in here. Time for a drink, methinks..
COCA-Cola and Pepsi say they have lowered levels of a chemical in caramel colouring which has been found to cause cancer in lab tests.

The move allows the companies to avoid having to label products with a cancer warning due to a California law setting safe levels of 4-methylimidazole.
Both drinkmakers said their popular and highly secretive recipes will not be altered but that caramel suppliers have been asked to reduce 4-MEI levels in California, a change that will eventually spread across the United States and - at least in Coke's case - around the world.
Well, as long as they are not changing the taste, then it's alright. Better make that a glass of water with my sammich, Darl..