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How much "Power" would this woman have ?

Sitting in an armchair, cruising at 800kmh at 30,000ft, does give one time to ponder a few things. Especially the fact that there is only a thin skin of aluminum between me and the elements. Fascinating technology, good thing we didn't go the other way and still lived in caves..

What crossed my mind was the way the insults were hurled at random by people who should know better. Whenever anyone visits some femmies' site, one is automatically declared persona non gratis by the unlearned, ignorant and unwashed minions and insults and abuse are both forthcoming at a rate of knots..

What fascinates me is the type of insults they opt for and what terminology those insults contained. Out of those favourites there were always a few standard typical put downs. Two come to mind and they were
a. "You live with your mother" (in the cellar).
b."you have a small dick" assumption which always caused me to laugh as the average size varies from 5-7 inches(125mm-170mm. One is well aware when questions were just too uncomfortable or way to complicated to answer, especially the "why" questions. It is also interesting what those female teachers "feel" about size as most of the lads they bonk have only only about 70% of their adult size. Makes the size question somewhat superfluous..

So the even more complicated "what if" issues were positively earth shattering. Those responses were never forthcoming and never saw the light of day. One had to utilise their own previous examples or gather that information via their own neural transmitters, searching the database for the appropriate honest responses in most cases were just not available. So one had to either surmise or search elsewhere for those answers, it was not forthcoming on any of those sites..

It appears that it's not only I who indulges..
The Big What if by - Skeptic. AVfM
Occasionally I like to deliberately daydream and see what comes to mind. I know that only when folks ask the right questions, do they get the right answers. Questions don’t fall out of the sky and into our heads though. We need to take time to think them up.
Recently I had the luxury of time on vacation to do just that. So recently I dreamt up some questions which I offer here. They are questions which in turn are designed to provoke MRA’s imagination and discussion.
What questions are too hard to answer ?
Why were questions ignored?
Why were they consistently responded to in the same fashion regardless of which site one visited!

Those two previous examples of "living with your mother and the little dick" put downs, are rather interesting when one analysis it's meaning and content. Who actually decided those two subjects were of any importance. Who decided those two comments to be of such significance as to make the person posing the question to bite one's lip, turn away from the screen and keyboard, burst into tears and curl up in the corner of the cellar, contemplating the size of one's appendage (on most occasion you would see both points stated in the same response)..

Refer to The Catalogue of Anti-male Shaming Tactics..

How about both those comments are really just what feminists and thereby females at large, are really most concerned about. If you think about the fact that if someone theoretically lived in a cellar, that would mean that the person did not have a reasonable income, not one that would support her anyway. The second response would also indicate that sexual satisfaction is a priority regardless of all those false claims feminists make. So it's money and bonking that dominates the argument and also dominates their thinking. Well, at least we know what their priorities are and it is apparently nothing new that I am aware of as the majority of females will marry UP (hypergamy, income that is) and will also want to ensure that their dream of procreating is ensured. So it's really all about their primal motives..