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Jessica Valenti, Professional Hypocrite with fellow example..

You have to wonder how a feminastie harridan like Valenti can accuse the MRM of all types of nasty stuff when she in actual fact supports a movement that has lionised and almost canonised, that violent multiple attempted murderer and male extermination promoter, Valerie Solanas. That level of hypocrisy is just absolutely astounding but should be noticed for what it really is. Pure unadulterated hypocrisy. A habit that Valenti has mastered over the years as she increases her level of cognitive dissonance as well as her tunneled visioned perspective of reality..

GWW explains all of this succinctly in this Youtube broadcast. The fact that Valenti is pointing a "hard to grasp" finger at the MRM while she encourages hate and venom against all men and boys is indeed so incomprehensible as to make any argument against it wallow in way too much incredulity..

Valenti has perfected her ability of lying with a straight face, arguing any point about the MRM while turning it into another opportunity to mouth even more untruths and misinformation, while at the same time, wallow in it's usual slut-feminist hypocrisy, and trying to present it as an honest and reliable comment. That could even be regarded as true multitasking. Not just anyone could follow Valenti's act, as it would take a "special" type of female to be able to have that natural ability..