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Bernard once again raises an issue that has affected this blog as well. I have had to delete and toss quite a few totally obnoxious, hate filled rants to the bin for the simple reason that not only were they way overboard but one had to be careful about what one exposes on any site for the fear of being deleted or banned. Those deleted comments had to be assessed as to whether or not they were designed to cause even more fracas intentionally or not. Whether it was just someone letting off steam who was incapable of being rational or in control appears to be irrelevant. There would be comments that I have allowed through in the past, against my better judgment but they were not obnoxious enough to encourage any site to be deleted or banned. But vigilance is not optional, it's a must as more and more attacks are forthcoming against the MM and MRA's sites as well..

They (feminists and their enablers) just do not want anyone out there telling people the facts and allowing anyone to decide what to read and what to believe. I do sometimes wonder how affective all this is but can on the odd occasion witness the benefits sufficiently to continue our war against the feminastie movement and it's hate methodology..

It would appear to be the case that the more they attack, the more determined we become..

Here is another video about MRAs on Urbandictionary, which I have posted about before. Something that needs to be exposed to just to demonstrate how desperate feminists and enablers really are in spreading lies and misinformation. Fascinating, their desperation slip has been exposed..