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Now isn't this nice, both mother and daughter having boob jobs together on the same day..

I always like it when one of the parents spend time with their siblings, spend some "quality" time, tell them about the better things in life and maybe even indulge in sharing some great philosophical experiences or examples, one may have endeavored or experienced in their own life. You know, those things that parents are supposed to do to ensure that one's children go through life, armed and forewarned, rather than learning through their mistakes..

That is something that one assumes, a parent should be and do. Be an example, a role model and standing out from the crowd. Basically ensuring that you have your child's respect. Yep, those things would be nice to encourage, to enjoy and aim for..

Mother and daughter undergo breast enlargement on same day to boost 32A chests to D and C cups

So we have this shining example of motherhood, where once again, the role model shares the experience with their sibling. Isn't this just great.

 'We are both thrilled to bits with our new boobs - we just can’t wait to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe of fancy bras and low cut tops.'

I am wondering whether or not, they will get offended whenever anyone notices their new "boobs" and whether or not they will get all huffy, should anyone notice or take the odd glance !
Now just in case you were wondering whether or not she was actually coerced, as has been claimed in the past by those flat chested feminasties, you know that, "He made her do it" drivel..
 She said: 'My husband loves me just the way I am but my implants have made made me so happy.
So we have mother and daughter both loading themselves down with more weight and sounding like they're carrying around a set of plastic goldfish bowls. So what effect did this have, what is so important that one would have one's chest surgically altered, you may ask, well..
'From the age of 15 I’ve wanted to have it done. It will help my confidence a lot, that’s why I want it done.'
So now those water bottles were implanted, what is there to look forward to..
It was so much fun. We couldn’t stop giggling. You go and try on and see what sizes are right. You want them to look natural, not like they’ve been stuck on.'I feel fantastic. My new boobs have given me new found confidence that I never had before. I am so grateful to Daniella for spurring me on.'
I have aways wondered why boobs were so important to women, as I have noted previously and pointed out often, with plenty of examples ofcourse. So one can get a proper grip on the subject and a proper "feel" for the topic..

Apparently that issue is still at the very top of their list of "things to do". Gee, I wonder what the alternative would be for you and me or if we would even bother..

But isn't this nice, seeing mom and daughter sharing this experience together..

Before photos of both mother and daughter.

And there's more..

'When I saw Pippa in that dress, I knew I wanted what she had': Mother spends $10,000 on surgery to have butt lift...and finds her very own Prince Charming