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The Non-Violent Females that are continually denied by radical feminists..

A few months back when Agent Orange located an excessive amount of information from one of the radical feminists sites, it gave way for Kyle Lovett to do some more research on the people involved on that male hating site. Betty McLellan turned out to be one of those radicals who not only visited and wrote articles for the site but also attended the SCUM (Society for Cutting up Men) Manifesto Conference in Perth Western Australia in September 2011. She was also tracked to Queensland where her vitriol is still being exposed in the media today, with very little response from the public..

That was the case until Greg decided he had had enough and promptly responded in a way that makes us all proud. Well done Greg, splendid effort. Here is the information I came across that was exposed in one of Queensland's Country Newspapers and we finally have the deeds and actions of this radical feminist on public record. One entry that will haunt her endlessly and hopefully not the last..

This is what it's all about. Exposing those radical feminists is and should be our ongoing goal, let the public know what nasty human beings these women really are and let them also know that they are living amongst them while they are plotting to destroy their lives, their families and their society, purely for their own selfish reasons and for their own benefit..

I am not going to expose that article that McLellan wrote as basically I did not think it necessary to expose that here as it contained the usual vitriolic nastiness that we have come to expect from male haters like McLellan. But here is the rest of that exposed information..