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Look who we have here, look familiar ?
I did a post a few months back about the state the girls were getting themselves into, binge drinking and blacking out on the streets, getting uncontrollably pissed. Not a good look, it was somewhat sad to witness. They never really got around to furnishing a genuine explanation, apart from the "got too much money to spend" concept, which I suppose may have been just one reasonable explanation..
So something had to be done..

Not pilshed et aal, weally..

Way to go, Widdy!

Former Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe spent a night out with a group of 20-something women for a programme about binge-drinking to be broadcast on Radio Five Live next week, and was absolutely shocked by what she found.
The women — who included a nurse, a scientist and two teachers — admitted to going out with the deliberate aim of getting drunk and spent hundreds of pounds on vodka, wine and shots in order to achieve their aim.
One admitted it wasn’t unusual for her to spend the whole of Saturday with a hangover; they all saw no reason why they shouldn’t get drunk after a week at work.
So Ann has come up with an idea: as it’s still an offence to be drunk and incapable in public, why not blitz city centres at night and arrest every drunk found collapsed in the street or clogging up A&E — and then print their names and photographs when they turn up in court.
There may no longer be shame attached to getting drunk in public — but none of the women she interviewed wanted their full names broadcast, presumably because they feared their employers would find something shameful about it.
The concept of shame goes hand in hand with reputation, and such an old-fashioned solution to the very modern problem of binge-drinking could  be brilliant.
It pays to advertise..
But like the women whose sperm sample was rejected for insertion because it was too acidic, saliva does that. I am was wondering why Simon Cowell got such a serve in this article (on the same page) in one of those daily nag and bitching broadsheet sites. I am not a fan and don't bother watching that usual drivel they claim to be entertainment but I was interested at the vitriol one female journalist heaped on him and wondered why, what the justifiable reason was, until I had another look at that article..
What Cowell's problem was, as far as I could detect, is one that the girls don't like anyone spotting their game or taking the mickey out of their standard behaviour. They hate that for obvious reasons..

Some examples..
Every girl wants to be number one and they’re very territorial. I like the fight, because otherwise I’d have a dull group of girlfriends.’ ‘new toys’, and says he enjoys watching the women around him grow jealous of each other: ‘I find girls fighting very amusing.’
It is an example of that newly introduced mantra "Never criticise a Woman". The entire article is just a hit piece designed to malign and disparage the lad as envy does. I would imagine he has the lifestyle that the girls feel they deserve, who knows. There is more snarky ofcourse..
Does he genuinely think his lookalike flock of big-breasted, pert-featured girlfriends fancy him for who he really is? 
He’s often said he doesn’t want to marry or have children because he thinks the commitment and responsibility would be restricting and boring. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect a 20-year-old to say, not a man in his 50s.
So I would say that being rejected offhand is not anything any girl can deal with, especially when it's claimed that she or anyone else of the same sex has any chance of sampling those riches, it just goes against the grain. Bad luck Sandra Parson clones, but that's life as any Parson knows..
Then again, Mrs Parson does actually speak some truth..

Zapped: A new therapy for prostate cancer claims to target tumours more closely, resulting in less damage to healthy tissue and reducing the chance of side effects 

Sound wave treatment zaps prostate tumours without debilitating side effects in 9 out of 10 sufferers

By Jenny Hope

Men with prostate cancer could soon be offered sound wave treatment that rids 90 per cent of sufferers of the disease, while doubling their chances of avoiding debilitating side effects.
The therapy closely targets tumours, causing much less damage to healthy tissue than conventional surgery or radiotherapy.
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is already used in some NHS hospitals and private clinics, often to treat the entire half of the prostate where the cancer was situated.
Now this particular disease in one of the major killers that governments world wide ignore as they tend to spend copious dollars on anything to do with the privileged sex.  It has been the case for the last forty odd years and nothing much has changed. Maybe we are not screaming enough and throwing fits in the street, just to get the appropriate attention. Then again, we are way past that level of childish behaviour but it has worked well for others ofcourse..

Apart from this marvel of modern technology that will save thousands of lives is by the wayside as a comment posted with this article was one of interest as it was another one of those nasty little comments that we have come to expect from those hate movement enablers..
Prostate Cancer - twinned with Man Flu. Another waste of precious NHS resources that could be better used elsewhere.- Aileen, Harrogate, 17/4/2012 13:24
Now just a few words about slut feminists. One has to wonder what it actually feels like to be a slut feminist ? 
Apart from apparently having an unrelenting and inane ability of wishing people dead or removed from the planet or reduced via eugenics. How could any individual actively support such a movement and still consider themselves to be a rational and stable member of the human race, even to being or claim to be a cogent member of society. 
In the past as even now, these type of people would be regarded as being downright promoters of violence, deliberately promoting hate and spending the majority of their time trying to convince other members of society that a membership in that hate organisation is nothing like belonging to the KKK or the Red Brigade or even other lunatic organisation, who are of the opinion that violence and hate is the only way to succeed with their inane and murderous aims and goals..

That is exactly what one promotes, one encourages, fosters and nurtures being a slut feminist. If not to elevate this type of behaviour. Being a slut feminist is to be that type of individual. Is that what life is all about to you ?
 The other issue that that comment demonstrates is how much they do not give a damn about females either. Wishing someone's husband, father, brother and any other male relative to die, shows how much they don't give a damn about women generally. They wish pain and suffering on all, that  is what that comment infers and it is beyond comprehension, wishing that pain and suffering on their own sex. It shows exactly why we can make the claim that the slut feminist movement does not give a damn about anyone or anything except promoting their own selfish agenda but not giving a dman about who it effects, male or female.. 
I do on quite a few occasions, point out the wrongdoing and bad behaviour of women, as that has been deliberately ignored and hidden, swept under the carpet as victim-hood rides supreme. I know for a fact that these reminders causes a lot of hand-wringing and hopefully so, it balances what the MSM ignores. But I would never propose or suggest that any harm or violence or anything physical against any female, as that is not what this is about, I would cheer the proven charges on any lawbreaker, that's why we have laws..

But being a slut feminist is to promote violence and hate and wishing that an entire sex to just die by any means and in any way, does demonstrate precisely what a sick and demented organisation those women rare really involved with and anyone associated with that sick mentality should be embarrassed at being aligned with it. That is if you consider yourself to being a normal, sane, sensible and compassionate member of the human race, that is..
What I cannot understand either is that there is supposed to be different level of that hate movement, who claim to being associated with variations of it, like "gender feminist" or "equity feminist" or "lite feminists", but they have never stated any resistance or discouraged this type of people hating. They have never once raised any objection or spoken out against this obvious obnoxious behavior and that speaks volumes about them as well..

It demonstrates that they are a party to it..

But there is hope as I would have expected and was not disappointed..

I can assure Aileen (and any men who are wondering whether many women hold this view) that most women will push to get men's problems treated; they love their husbands/partners and have no wish to be widowed.
There we go, nice..

Again, as we only usually only ever hear about male pedophiles, who appear to be as scarce as hens teeth, the main child abusers are just ignored and pretend they don't exists at all. The plethora of examples of women banging or sexually abusing little boys has increased dramatically over the last five years, grown exponentially, while the only efforts to reduce those acts and highlight the problem is just totally ignored, they deliberately ignore the most obvious culprit. Probably due to political correctness plus the fact that no one dares to criticise anything women do wrong..

Once again demonstrating the blatant sexism demonstrated against men and at the same time totally ignoring the abuse and chaos women undertake. But they are still just assumed to be victims, regardless of what they do. Finally, here is an example of justice being applied for the actions undertaken and it is also the first time, as far as I am aware, that any female has ever been sentenced to suit the crime undertaken. First time..

Teacher jailed 40 years for sex with student aged 14

  • 39-year-old woman jailed for sex with 14-year-old boy
  • Sentenced to 40 years jail for child molestation
  • Toughest sentence handed out in US cour
 AN elementary school teacher has been jailed for 40 years for having sex with a 14-year-old student.
Shannon Alicia Schmieder, 39, will have to serve 20 years in the toughest sentence ever handed out by a US court to a teacher accused of underage sex, the Daily Mail reported.
The jail term compares with one for manslaughter and other serious crimes, legal experts said.
It has been reported the teacher's aide knew the child since he was born and was like a mother-figure to him before the relationship developed.
His distraught mother made an impact statement to the court, saying:  'She was a close family friend. We had gone to the same church together for 10 years. Our children were friends. Our families were friends. We did everything together. It's impossible to describe how we felt to find out this was going on.'
The newspaper reports the boy's parents became concerned when they noticed a change in the relationship between their son and Ms Schmieder. When they viewed their son's Facebook page it became clear something was wrong.
The mother said: 'Never in a million years did I think I would find what I thought was evidence of inappropriate behavior between them. But there it was.'
The sentence was handed out after the mother of  the young victim spoke of her 'heartache and betrayal' at the loss of innocence of her son and that she struggles daily with what went on.
"We were told by investigators that our 14-year-old was a victim of child molestation. This was horrifying and unbelievable. I prayed that this was not true," she said.
"The more evidence that came out the truth became real, and I began to deal with grief, denial, guilt and so many other emotions.
"During this time I still was trying to maintain being a wife and mother. How could I have missed this... what mother can't protect her child? I trusted so much and believed that this friend was a gift from God.
"Words can't begin to explain the heartache we've experienced this past year and the betrayal we've endured. Messages that were recovered showed me more and more evidence and it became a living nightmare. I couldn't bear the thought of my boy trusting someone that had clearly manipulated him."

Just another endless example of the high moral standards that the females bring into the population. Complete with examples of mindless violence and creation of mayhem. These talents are ofcourse unrecognised by the abuse industry, the family courts and the judiciary as they always seem to find way to exempt them of their murderous and abusive tendencies..

The automatically claiming that only males are capable of any wrongdoing is witnessed daily as they ignore and even encourage this level of violence as slut feminists just sit back and live in denial as well. So what level of abuse and violence do women have to undertake for it to be even recognised as such and when will we actually see any justice applied for their abusive behaviour..

Watch this spot for as long as you like, as that will never happen..

They never do anything wrong, ever..

Woman shoots mum, abducts her newborn outside health clinic in Texas

  • Mother shot dead outside pediatrician's office 
  • Woman shooter snatched three-day-old baby 
  • Mother then hit by vehicle as shooter fled the scene

A WOMAN shot and killed a mother before abducting her newborn baby outside a health clinic in Texas. Kayla Marie Golden, 28, had taken her three-day-old son for a checkup at a pediatrician's office in The Woodlands, 51km north of Houston, when she was shot outside the clinic, the Houston Chronicle reported.
Authorities said Golden was seen arguing with another woman who then pulled out a pistol and shot her several times.
The healthy infant was found about six hours after the shooting, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said.
Ligon wouldn't say where the infant was found, but he said the baby was being reunited with his father.
A person of interest has been detained, though no charges have been filed, Ligon said.

Here we have another example of how women are so much more "Moral", more caring and sensitive. Another example on how the world would be such a better place when they are in charge. No really, they keep telling us that and yet keep successfully demonstrating the exact opposite..

What charming human beings they really are and what a great example for the children they are as well. Just incredible. Complements from Sweden by the way Where all men are regarded as being suitable only for canon fodder and should be assassinated at will and on demand by the "New Woman"..


The delusional impression that women have of themselves..

There is no difference between being a mangina then there is belonging to a harem, only being in a harem, there are copious advantages including a life of total luxury, where one only has to put out on rare occasions, a bit like being married and enhancing the main after-effect of the wedding cake. Being a mangina, hence a male feminist or equivalent toady, has in comparison very few rewards, if any..

Add caption

One firstly has to live with themselves, as the folly of genital worship, as well as wishful thinking takes it's toll on one's inability at achieving anything worth bragging about. So many articles, books and videos demonstrates beyond clarity, that female worship and it's mindless, self degrading behaviour, just does not work. So one has to increase their level of groveling to a new level just to test their delusional thesis, one that dictates that if your totally emasculate yourself to an embarrassing degree, one that would even make your pet dog hide for cover, then all will be well..

It is apparently beyond their comprehension that the idol of their worship, absolutely loathe that type of behaviour, it is somehow justified in their confused mindset. You and I have constantly witnessed their actions and wondered if they are due for a sex change instead of persevering with their childish antics. But they continue without relenting and without one single fact dawning on their fawning adulation. Women themselves have already clearly demonstrated that they loathe anyone worshiping their spoilt, selfish and confused self. They back off physically whenever they come within the slightest contact or presence of these swooners, with their wide-eyed plea of "Could you please just spit on me as I need the attention". Anything will do with these rejects, these confused clones, who were raised to be subservient, fragile and receptacles of derision..

One has to get the position just right..

So in order to be a member of the World-wide Self Abasing Mangina Association, several levels of adherence must be followed and must preferably be of the believe that you actually think you know what you are doing. The girls ofcourse will take advantage, as they can see and detect that condition miles away. So here are the steps required to ensure long term or lifetime membership..

1. Be totally unaware of the standard and typical behaviour of females..
2. Make the automatic assumption that they actually give a damn about your existence..
3. On every occasion possible, always walk a clear step behind, so as to not intrude on their space..
4. Continuously compliment their appearance and behaviour regardless of it's obvious nature..
5. Always ensure that any comment made in their direction or in their presence, does not "hurt" her feelings by trying to shame anyone who has the temerity of not worshiping the ground she walks on..
6. Always automatically assume that whatever "SHE: says is totally correct and should be accepted without question.
7. Deny the obvious fact that she may be actually affected by natural forces that over rides rationality her body on a monthly basis which in turn that makes her about as appealing as a rattlesnake with young..
8. Always ensure that any members of your own sex is continually reassured that her very behaviour stems from the book on the "Acts of the Gods". Totally deny any other facts and deny the brain's ability to accept obvious truths and replace them with other delusional interpretations..
9. Never do anything, either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, that may may be interpreted in any way, shape or form, that would demonstrate that you would have an opinion or thought or behaviour that does not enhance her majestic presence..
10. Be aware that it takes more energy and effort to grovel. It will effect your carbon footprint..

Those efforts do take some doing and one should be relegate the appropriate behaviour that one feels they deserve without any qualms. They besides themselves however, when they receive the occasional encouragement for their inane behaviour by the words "We can be friends", and that is all they need to justify their mindset and soul destroying behaviour.

So how does one completely extract themselves from that position, apart from shock therapy or drug rehabilitation, well, walking in their shoes is not the recommended path to take and neither is putting up with their hysterics or abuse or as is normally the case, that every single sneer, hrmmphh or uncomprehending stare accompanied with that mild head shake, should deter one's aim. Absolutely not, one must persevere at all costs..

So where is the escape, what could one do, can one do to extract one self from this pitiful behaviour?
One only needs to learn on single word, one single two letter word, that is so foreign to them as to cause an explosive reaction and response, a word so great and impressively simple that one has completely changed their total outlook on life, jumped off bridges because of it and swallowed hand full of pills whenever they were it's recipient..

They believe they are royalty by popular demand..

That magic word is, wait for it ---"NO". an all inclusive and undeniable clear statement that no one can argue against or misunderstand. So one needs to practice that word until it slips off the tongue whenever any ridiculous claim or suggestions or demands are made. One single word that can change your entire life..

Go ahead, have a go at it. Normality follows and the opposite of your shallow, senseless existence will just wash away. On top of that, they may actually take some interest upon hearing such a negative response, as it is not a word they hear too often..

Go on, tell "gina" to feck off..

Pasta, now where's the red..
Young Chef, starting early..

How many times have you heard those slut feminists and their cowtowing (sic) white knights and manginas claim that all the MM and men in general want to do is put women back into the kitchen, tie back on that frilly, floral patterned, pinny and tie them to the stove..

How many times have you heard them make that exaggerated, false, strawman claim?.
I have lost count. They make that claim whenever any mention is made regarding all those anti male laws and sexist actions that governments have introduced to nobble men, take away our fundamental human rights and turn us into third class citizens, whose sole activity is to be forced to act subserviently, like a slave, to the opposite sex. That our sole existence should be at their beck and call. How many times ?..

Now just think for a moment about the fact that women can't even cook anymore, they are totally useless in the kitchen as previous surveys have already shown. They have problems even making a sandwich, even that task is beyond their capability, a proven inability. So why would any man want to "Put women back into the kitchen", it just doesn't make any sense. It's just stupid..

We don't even want them back in there as they would no longer have any comprehension about the function of a kitchen or what it's used for, they would be forever asking questions like "how do you boil an egg" and other obvious mind blowing questions. They would start burning food, blunt our specially selected chef knives, that you have honed to shave with and start moving items around. You would have to watch them all the time. Are they crazy, have you ever heard of such a totally, insane and incomprehensible complaint in your life before..

They are just joking right, kidding or what. We do not want them anywhere near the kitchen or messing around with our colanders, microplane, zester or whisk, let alone coming anywhere near that Coq au Vin, gently wafting it's goodness into the air, gently burbling away in the oven at just the right temperature..

Are they crazy..

And that's not all. In order to pat themselves on the back even more often they make the claim that being a mother is the "Hardest Job on the Planet", another total exaggeration ofcourse but Oprah said it, so it must be true. However, they did not have Bill Burr available to explain what that claim actually means, did they..(NSFW)

You have to wonder how the opposite sex can easily make the claim about how "Strong" and "Independent" they are when in actual fact the majority of those making that claim are either receiving child support, vaginamoney as well as copious handouts from the state, their very own standby sugar daddy is on call 24/7. One who has been trained to behave like a defacto ATM, specifically trained to drip feed cash when required, without asking too many inappropriate questions and to hide when anyone or anything approaches..

All of this is designed ofcourse to demonstrate that "living the lie" can be perfected when one really fools one's own delusional and imaginary self sufficiency, so when those words are spoken that automatic gag response does not kick in..

It takes a bit of training but when it is already included in your DNA, it does make it a lot easier..

Plenty of food for thought on this video from Stardusk. Making suggestions and pushing some good ideas in relation to growing the MM and encouraging actions to expand it. The other issues ,which he covers will not sit too well with the opposite sex, as he explains and asks, what do women actually bring to the table besides their genitals and reproductive ability. Why do they now increase and expand their value as human being rather than relying on the state for enforcement of their will and they free ride their orifice affords them..

Other issues such as white knight and mangina behaviour are pursued as well. Basically reconfirming my own thoughts in that area for being nothing more than orifice worshippers and servants given their permission to do their bidding. Well worth a listen and should get those grey cells humming..

Not recommended for females, especially if you are easily offended..

Well, one can continue indefinitely pointing out the misconceptions people generally have about the opposite sex. It is sadly the case that I have chosen to bring the ills and wrongdoings of the opposite sex to clarify, de-neuter and demonstrate to all and sundry what it's like to be continually, unrelenting and without apologising, clearly point out what it's like to be continually and comprehensively denigrated and humiliated on a constant basis as all men are by specifically the slut feminists and also the opposite sex, generally ..

It is not a chore that I relish as much as I did in the past. The initial problem being that it is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. When one sex makes an erroneous claim of being morally superior as well as claiming to being superior in every way, it will always be the case that that claim will come under fire. As no one can really claim superiority in any area and expect everyone to just nod in affirmation, like a robot, a noddy doll..

So to add to the fallacy of that claim and refuting it on a consistent basis will be easier and more comprehensive until and unless that false claim is made to look what it really is, just another lie. Another fake effort at trying to claim the high road when in reality, it is vacant and should remain that way. No one is more morally superior than anyone else as it relies on way too many factors and on current or specific situations as Bernard will once again explain..

So while the slut feminist hoards continue with their manufactured bastardry, the response will be tailored to nullify it..

You go Bern..

Just another demonstration of their caring and sharing nature..

Second installment and another example of the repulsive behaviour of the opposite sex, as well as the crap men put up with.  From an ever increasing and growing list of privileged princesses just wanting to demonstrate precisely where they stand on the abuse delivery scale. After viewing these two presentations, one would serious wonder why anyone would ever really bother to make their acquaintance. This is one time that I am glad to say that there are exceptions, thank goodness for that, otherwise it would be a never ending full-on abuse session from breakfast to dusk..

The main problem about all of this is ofcourse the fact that the majority of men had absolutely no idea how bad female behaviour really is. We would see it or witness it but only occasionally, either at a party or outside a nightclub. But now with the advent of that hate movement promoting and giving all women, free license and encouragement to be as abusive as possible without any accountability. This is what women are going to be like on a regular basis, this type of behaviour will be the norm as they know they can get away with it. This will just be the tip of the iceberg, as we will witness more and more of these examples of their obnoxious and abusive behaviour, all due to the existence of the web..

This will definitely identify and demonstrate clearly, who the greater abusers really are and from where I am sitting, it certainly does not bode well for the opposite sex, does it.

Holy mackerel.. 

Art imitating life or brainwashing the young earlier..

Sadly, in this day and age, this is a legitimate question..
I'm going to graduate next year and my mom is telling me that its time to start looking at colleges to attend, but with all the news I keep seeing about debt, feminist influences, and PC influences I'm wondering if its still a good idea. I don't want to (go to) college for years and come out with a ton of debt plus I'm already tired of the feminist brainwashing and the foolish people that I'm dealing with in high school and I certainly don't want to put up with anymore of that. What do you guys think I should do?
One does not need to look far to see the bigotry and blatant anti-male bias already established in the halls of academia, or should that be halls of indoctrination. We noticed a few weeks back where those wimps were forced to "Walk a mile in HER shoes", like it's life consists solely of walking around on four inch, high heels, probably does, as it makes her "feel" sexy. But it soundly demonstrated how feminised any male is, whenever attending those halls of non-learning..

Those shoes by the way, indicate absolutely nothing. What they should really have done was given them a sex change and made them pregnant, so they could have a really good experience on how those poor, little souls have to endure all those bad things. Sickening really. They are designed to deal with it, even generating their own painkilling and numbing chemicals to reduce pain levels and also they normally go back and repeat it, which does make one ask other pertinent questions.. 

So further education at those houses of stupidity, does appear to requires some thought, as why would one pay to be humiliated and denigrated while paying thousands in fees and ending up with a third class education. I really do not envy any guy heading into university or college these days as their experiences are and will be life changing and for the worse as well..

Meanwhile the numbers drop dramatically as more and more guys drop out of school and don't bother attending those Colleges or Universities either. When that environment is that toxic, one can understand why and no one gives a damn, no one wants to know anything about it. So much for all those well meaning education departments, who are supposed to "care" about education of the young. They are way too busy servicing those privileged princesses as they waltz through without a care in the world.

It truly is a nasty situation, a rude shock..

I do not even have to provide links to stats. that demonstrate it or examples on Colleges and Universities to demonstrate their sexist, male denouncing behaviour, as it is all that obvious as well as being blatant..

Feminists just hate normal people, especially their own sex. The won't listen..

I will run this new format for a while and just see how it pans out. With this new format you can change the views to any of the options above and pick the one that appeals the most. I will be tweaking it in the background a little, so expect some changes but nothing major..

Plan B: The previous serious of menu/pages did slow the entire operation down with increased download time and ofcourse increased bandwidth and that sucks. So we will try this newer version of the old. A little bit more familiar..

Update : The new option will at least allow linkage to social pages, which is ofcourse an advantage. So a little more tweaking and that will be it. Nothing new under the sun, as they say.

The other reason for the change is some ongoing recommendations by Blogger which appears indicate that if I do not choose to change they will make that decision themselves, eventually. Also the new range of option being made available will work better in this new format..

Tell me what you think..

Christian J.

Making this a major pursuit just causes more problems. Best left alone..

Having been exposed to quite a few articles regarding the ubiquitous relationship issues, that is not only never ending by there are copious, thousands of so-called expert sites, explaining or trying to explain why you are screwing up, why those relationships or trying to find someone to have a relationship with is just so screwed up. Also, how screwed up one has to be in order to stop yourself from being screwed up. No really, apparently, without a princess in tow, you obviously have a major issue, really..

Here...Slut Feminist's favorite topic..SEX..Bringing home a porn star
I did wonder if the prerequisite was to have the camera running, I tried reading it, way too narcissistic for me..

Comment on Ramzpaul vid..
I(i) for one think she deserves the clap...err, a clap i mean....standing ovulation...dammit did it again...knowthingman
Here are just a few links covering that soulless, mind bending, irrelevant and mostly useless drivel one can excess.

Why Are Men Frustrated With Dating?
What Do Men Really Want?
Becoming A Renaissance Man Series

and ofcourse this masterly effort..
Prof: “Men Without Girlfriends Are Sick Because of Games!” 

Some indifferent, some stupid and the odd one that may make sense, but. I for one never had any issues as I just did not give a stuff about it. It just happened. It is when desperation hits, it becomes some self induced, artificially elevated issue that apparently girls like to talk endlessly about and most guys are being dragged into that drivel, hopefully unknowingly..

How to make an issue out of a non-issue..

All articles, suggestions and advice are in some specific context that aims to right what in their opinion is what everyone is really doing wrong. They seem incapable of comprehending that this has been going on for eons and it doesn't take a genius to work that out, neither does it take one long to realise that if you totally ignored it all and just got on with your own life, the same ratio of meetings and attraction would still exist. Basically meaning, that if you sat on a hill top, looking at the view, the chances of meeting a member of the opposite sex who appeals and has some prerequisite traits, some merit, would just about be the same..

To expect or assume that somehow you deserve better or you think you may be losing out or are of the opinion that those issues are of either no importance or can wait for the right person to come along, it will just happen. It is entirely up to you, use the bigger head to decide the path you want to take..

So in reality, no one has a right to a relationship or has any right to assume their situation is any different to what men have been through for centuries. It appears to be more about self delusion and an over active imagination to assume that you are somehow missing out. Skirt chasing should not be a major activity as that brings way too many problems, best to just sit back and watch, get on with your own life and watch those on the merry go round, living their narcissistic, self interested lives where the assumption is that everyone DESERVES it rather then realistically thinking that in actual fact, who really cares..

Meanwhile back on that mountain top, you are at least enjoying the view..

But I digress as I rarely do, sometimes. The latest posting by Ramzpaul has all those lovely examples of narcissism, blatant stupidity, standard repulsive slut feminism behaviour and ofcourse, that selfish pursuit of the "feel good" factor that most those abhorrents feel they deserve, while being surprised when the response is not what they expected or demand. thank goodness there are more mountain tops..

This is unfortunately what is happening at the moment as the emasculation of boys and men continues relentlessly..(NSFW)

If you are one of these and you behave in this fashion, you need some red pills, immediately..

Some of the examples on here are downright sickening and pathetic. it is however just demonstrating precisely what is going on and if we do nothing, this will just get worse, if that is even possible..
The feminastie movement have introduced laws that make women untouchable and unaccountable and this video demonstrates precisely where that leads and those same slut feminists would be proud of these examples and their efforts..

To me, I am sickened by it all and embarrassed to even witness that this type of behaviour even exists..

One should really give some thought to these poor creatures. One should remember that some have actually guaranteed themselves a lifetime of misery and suffering by dedicating themselves so selflessly to a movement that is so prone to fail, so self interested in it's own destruction and so intensely preoccupied at ensuring they spend a life of utter and total uselessness in society..

They Certainly DO..
Give some consideration to those who have so cheerfully given up their education and concentrated on an irrelevant and superfluous existence as one only can with "Women's/Gender Studies", some have even ventured further and pursued a PHD in that useless irrelevant, self delusional academic achievement while convincing themselves so readily of their own victimhood. It would have been more to their own benefit and advantage to pursue something more relevant, something real and more based on their mindset and talent, like being a sanitary engineer or even a Foxologist, that would have at least allowed them to chase a rodent chaser, they could even feel as if they are actually doing something useful, something worthwhile. But alas, they chose the easy way out and became another public funded troughist. A real problem and should really be declared as being an ailment, but I digress..

No, those people having dedicated their worthless existence to something even more so, should be recognised and given a special "Sorry Feminist Day", so people can witness and judge for themselves what a totally useless University degree actually looks like and be stunned by the response on how these individuals can justifying their inane decision. It is not too often that one can recognise such ludicrous behaviour that coincides with such a total disregard for half the planet's population..

Be sure to ask for an autograph and a photo as this will probably be the only time these people will actually have something to do..

It does not take any normal thinking human being too long to conclude what a useless, arrogant and ignorant rabble these feminists and their enablers really are. Their relentless attacks on the MM (Mens Movement) can only be seen as some pathetic attempt at refusing to even bother to justify or answer the most basic queries or questions that we put forward..
The have steadfastly refused to even consider or answer any grievance or bothered to answer any questions without so much as given any legitimate response. Their standard response is ridicule and the automatic assumption that those questions will just disappear or if they stall long enough and goad enough and bluster enough, they will not have to supply any coherent responses at all..

Instead they ignore their own level of malice and hate while trying to point  or accuse everyone else. They ignore their own hate language, while having the temerity to claim that we behave the same way they do. Their accusation of hate have never been justified but they have absolutely no issue what so ever about supporting their own hate speech. They promote and support radical feminists eugenics and murder, while never uttering a single word against it. They support hate by the very words their own leaders have stated, while never speaking out on one single occasion against it. Yet, we have left winged lunatics, who are the main supporters of the slut feminist hate movement, like Maher, sprouting his vile hate messages, while not one single member of that hate movement uttering a single word of condemnation or protest, while they continually claim members of the MM indulges in..

From JTO, AVfM

Open Letter: Thank-you feminists and ideologues

However, rather than logical rebuttals or evidence based arguments, the majority of oppositional rhetoric falls squarely into the category of ad-hominem and straw-man argument, along with other formal logical fallacy. One recent “” article stated “no REAL MAN has ever come out as an MRA” [emphasis mine] as well as claiming that opposition to feminism is equivalent to burning down a house in response to an infestation of ghosts. The implication in that metaphor being possibly that feminism doesn’t actually exist?
Other commentary condemning the rising mens rights movement focuses in on the obvious and overwhelming privilege of white males, and the clear absurdity of any complaint about unequal treatment in the family court system, the criminal courts system, higher education, employment, homelessness, suicide, criminal victimization, prison rape, life expectancy, sexually-specific health funding, misrepresentation in domestic violence education, and general disposability based on sex.
Their baseless claims and endless inane rhetoric has and is becoming so repetitive and boring that one would have to wonder if they are just now on the "Repeat and Rinse" cycle. Could it well be the case that they are finally aware of the fact that they have lost the argument and are now just amusing themselves with their mundane repetitive actions, out of habit. Was that why they had the SPLC and Cracked sites instigate those attacks, out of desperation, one last attempt to shut the MM up..

As the MM grows and receives ever widening coverage, our coherent message begins to surface in the MSM (main stream media) as we can no longer be ignored, even after a concerted attack by those additional feminists sympathisers have raged over the past month or so..

So, keep up the good work..

Isn't It Romantic? Feminism's latest triumph: Boys are afraid of girls.
By JAMES TARANTO, Wall Street Journal.
At the same time, there is good reason for males (men as well as boys) to be more fearful of sex than females. Contemporary reproductive technology and law place all the burden for unwanted pregnancy on them. Between the pill and abortion, women have complete control over the reproductive process. They can avoid or end any unwanted pregnancy, and the man involved has no say in the matter. In Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), the U.S. Supreme Court went so far as to hold that a married woman has the constitutional right to abort her husband's child without even telling him.

A woman's "reproductive rights" also include the right to carry a pregnancy to term. The crucial point here is that while the decision belongs entirely to her, in the event that a child is born the law assigns financial responsibility to the male involved. That is what the boy in her study means when he worries about being "screwed for the rest of my life." Short of sterilization, the only way for a male to be sure of avoiding this fate is to abstain from sex.
 If the MM is involved in, how those haters from the feminastie movement have falsely accused, why would a recognised journalist and a major news outlet like the Wall Street Journal and the WND even bother with any issues that the MM have raised. Would they not just write us off as you have tried to do. Now is the opportunity to give some thought to all those lies and all that misinformation you have spread and maybe create a conscience and show some dignity and honour, by actually answering obvious legitimate arguments instead of generating strawman arguments which you already know just does not work and only demonstrates your own bigotry, bias and sexism. If that does not dawn, then just keep up the good work as we need the additional exposure..

Here is a good video by GWW that explains in depth what the issues are regarding the MM plus the arguments that we are up against. A good comprehensive list of grievances that one needs to understand and comprehend. Especially if you still a fence sitter..

It is also a good education for those members of the feminastie movement followers who are of the opinion that the feminastie movement is a just cause and should be helped. You are in for a huge lesson, a re-education and a complete eye opener, as to what your nasty listen movement is really all about..

Either way, it is worth a listen..

It would appear that we have to generate a "Snevie" alert, as this is another example on what a feminised mangina is like..

No link as I do not want to promote that senvie with additional hits. Banning that site is a great idea..

A prime example of everything a man should not be or become. One would rather disappear off the planet than behave in this way. What a pathetic example of a human being this dual named clone really is..
Bernard takes him to task..

The old way..

I did report a few posts back, that the male contraception pill had been deliberately held back by the harridans including Betty Friedan, number one male hater, for the simple reason that they did not want men to have any control whatsoever over the spawning process. That simple reasoning is really because it is such an absolute goldmine for the opposite sex and those same harridans can and did introduce plenty of imaginary, false arguments, ensuring that it remained under their total control..

What use would a women be if it were not the case that only she had total control over the spawning process. Change that and they would have to actually begin behaving like the average male and earn respect and the right to have an opinion, rather than having all those additional, special privileges and rights and arguments, shoved down our throats..

So that deck of cards is going to be reshuffled, the Joker removed and the level playing field finally introduced. Wow, this will be bigger than finding out that the clitoris was an actual active functioning part of the female anatomy, so we have been told..
Male birth control pill available next year in Indonesia?
Not so far away from my desk here in Oz, a 6ft tall leafy shrub called Gandarusa is growing in a forest on the eastern coast of Java. Gandarusa, used by the Indonesians as an herbal remedy for stress, has been found to also reduce fertility in men. Testing Gandarusa specifically for use in male birth control has been carried out at Airlangga University since 1987. With a 100% success rate to date, trials on 350 couples are expected to be completed by the end of this year which means 2012 could be the year that the ‘long laboured’ male birth control pill will be ‘born’, in Indonesia anyway.
How does Gandarusa work?
It changes the chemistry of the enzyme on tip of each sperm making them unable to pierce the outer wall of the egg- if the enzyme is inactive or reduces the activity, the egg cannot be fertilized.Don’t get too excited about Gandalusa being available in the states yet though. The FDA’s strict testing process could take years. The risk will be yours remember if you fancy a quick holiday in Indonesia to shop for Christmas stocking fillers!
Are there any side effects? - as I understand it, the good news for the guys is:
  • few side effects, if any, reported
  • no diminished libido reported – in fact quite the opposite with one guy!
  • no altering of male hormones – wouldn’t ya know it?
  • contraceptive effect is not permanent - fertility is reversed within 2 months after stopping the daily pill
The fact that this method is not permanent and possibly will not harm the body.
Here is another link on other options..

In future it will be the case where the female will be asking "I want to have a baby" and the response can be anything you like it to be, like "really, I'll think about it". Instead of it now being the case, surprise "I am pregnant" and you are going to pay for it..

 The one sole single advantage for women will be the fact that they will not choose the wrong partner, as they have been doing, under the influence of those contraceptives, they have been swallowing for decades. Ofocurse any even greater advantage is that they will not gain as much weight as they have been at the same time. That makes two advantages for them already. I see a plot here..

We look like, who ?

I was somewhat taken aback when another armchair expert considered that an MRA or any member of the MRM, should not indulge in any other activity, besides continually raising endless arguments pertaining to the subject. My response was that if one consistently and persistently carried out those instruction, one would suffer from psychological afflictions and mental disorders  just like them do.

The brain would atrophy and commence deteriorating. One would suffer the same perverted view those "Pro-SCUM Femakazi, self claimed experts" suffer from..

Not really thatt interested..

One occasionally needs and demands a change to lighten the load, reduce the malice and vitriol, unless one becomes just like them. They ofocurse, hate everything and everybody and live on a constant diet of permenant irritation. Here is one response that comes to mind..

Find the answer at the bottom..


They were all trying to sneeze !!

Why, what were you thinking ?