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Note how the feminist intrusion killed off marriages..

Surely the opposite sex has to realise that the reason the 30-35 year old women looking for a mate are to be avoided at all costs. One cannot even begin to wonder how that would not be an obvious conclusion. These women who have decided to "Concentrate on a career" have to also realise that whenever competing with younger females up to ten years younger, would actually mean that you are going to lose one way or the other.

The writing is on the wall and we still have this same claim continually raised and promoted like it is something new. No female in her thirties is ever going to compete with a 20 - 25 year old. It's is a standard fact. Guys in their thirties are looking for a younger females to breed with if that is his intention and the younger the better and less corrupted by the feminists BS that most females over 30 are already contaminated with.
Who in their right mind would have a bar of a feminist anyway. The mind just boggles, as they justify their own ignorance and behaviour. It is simply amazing..

It apparently has not dawned on them either that the reason they are not hitched is because guys have refused to jump onto that bandwagon as well but women claim it to being only and solely their own decision..

I also find it amazing that females at that age are of the opinion that any male is at their beck and call, just because they are of the opinion they are now ready to breed and expect everyone to line up so she can pick and choose. I wonder how many marriage proposals they have rejected if any, and how they are going to go about chasing up some unsuspecting sucker with that express purpose in mind. It just does not say much for the honesty and integrity of women generally does it..

The last issue and one that has been totally ignored is the fact that the female's decision making process in relation to partners has been contaminated by the contraceptives they have been taking for decades already and thereby end up choosing the wrong partners and then wonder why they are not "Happy". The entire process is so screwed up as to make it a total and complete joke. No wonder the divorce rate are at an all time high and has only recently leveled off.  It takes years to work out whether or not a partner is suitable but here they are seeking one on demand. It's the usual "Give Me What I want, Now" thinking that has permeated society for the last generation or two and it does not look like improving at all..

Right time
Right time ... Dervla Mellan, Erin Horisk, PJ McGrath, Karl McCrystal, and Keira Rogers / Pic: Justin Lloyd 
AUSSIE women are being urged not to be too proud in their search for Mr Right, as new research reveals many are shocked to find it is hard to conceive after age 35.
Federal Women's Minister Julie Collins yesterday called for more support for women to have babies earlier if they choose to.
IVF specialist, Associate Professor Steve Robson, said women should "not be proud" and get online to find a date rather than consider donor sperm or freezing their eggs.
"The preferred option is that women fall in love. I say to them get online and start dating," Dr Robson, a spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists, said yesterday.

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"If you marry someone just to have a child, you have to think of the future of that child and its parents need to be able to at least understand and respect each other because they will be involved for the rest of their lives."

Mercer74 explains well..

But, as usual, they only think about the immediate future and only of themselves: Me. Me. Me.

And this bull about starting the Hunt in earnest at 30 is complete nonsense. There are many women who have tried this Game only to find out that the time between 30 and 35 goes by all too quickly and that the highly hypothetical Perfect Mr. Right isn't looking for them to settle down with. He, you see, rightly questions their motives and asks himself how someone so self-centered and career-oriented is suddenly going to settle into a Mommy role and give up her freedom and career for him and his children - which he knows aren't his if she chooses to divorce. He also questions her value as a depreciating asset and her true loyalty to him as a wife.

After all is said and done, he realizes, frankly, that he has two real choices: He can do better with a younger, less-educated and demanding woman.. Or not at all.

Just because women have the Script running in their heads, spoon-fed to them by the media and entertainment industry, does not make it reality.

Once past 35, her plans have broken down (along with her fertility) and she is well on her way to childlessness, singledom, and all that they bring. Also, older women don't generally fare well in the workplace.. Her competition is always up-and-coming.

How does that career taste now ladies?

Is there a bitter taste in your mouths?

Enjoy it and, as always, Welcome to Our World.