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Back in the early 1990's there were some general hysteria sessions on the old bulletin boards, as the Men's movement started up against the slut-feminist hatred movement, when I and a few others, suggested that women were themselves to blame for the movement and not just a minor selection of of both sexes..

At that time, that nasty movement spent all of it's time abusing and denigrating males in Newspapers, Magazines and on Television. The hate march was that blatant, that it ensured that I would take up that cudgel as I could see back then that this was not something that was not going to improve by ignoring it or that women would in general would come to their senses and start behaving like human beings and see the error of their totally self-focused, selfish and society breaking practices..

After three decades, we have a completely worse situation as this speaker explains. Nothing will improve or change if men and women (those minutia of females), do not begin making waves and begin solidifying, amassing and promoting our the actions of the anti-slut-feminist movement. When it was stated a few years back that it was a "War between the Sexes", it was not some irrelevant rant, but an actual representation of the truth. It is exactly the way it is..

Nothing will change if we do nothing. Nothing will improve if we ignore or sit on our hands. Slut-Feminism is a women's movement and it was never about equality, it is purely about superiority as we can witness on a daily basis. There has never been any "adjustment" or "reconciliation" efforts made in any fashion by Slut-feminists in order to balance any outcome. It is unfortunately the case that whatever women are given in the way of rights, funding or benefits, it will never be enough and the collective scream will always be for ever more and more..

All at the cost of Men and boys. We are the sacrificial offering at the alter of female supremacy and they neither give a damn as to how much it will cost, how many lives they destroy or how many more extras they achieve, they will not stop or relent or decrease their demands until men are totally deprived of their freedom and their self respect completely destroyed. There will be no compromise in that area as they brainwash future generations of women with their hate and malice..

More Men are waking up and joining the good fight..

I had no concept of the MRM until a few months ago and my first (completely accidental) exposure was through girlwriteswhat. I'm ashamed to admit, but if she had happened to be a man I may have written MRM off as a group of bitter men. The fact is that I have been conditioned to sympathize with and trust women and be suspicious of men. The only thing to do now is to recognize that and try to reason my way out of it.
Women are crucial to the MRM, if only to recruit reformed feminists.