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Andrew Clavan covers topics that are sometimes not supposed to be discussed at all, just like feminism was never discussed or voted on or voted for or ever given any legal recognition or mandate to act on the behalf of anyone or anybody. As a matter of fact, it is totally illegal for it to function at all but that will be discussed, later..

But however, it is was not open for discussion as it has already been decided that it was unnecessary to discuss it because it was too premature to have a discussion about that as it had not been included on the agenda for discussion, so they would have to have a discussion about whether or not they should discuss it. That was fifty years ago !!

So comments like "When you're in a woman, you have no rights", does sound just about right. This entente was delivered way back when some judge decided that life had no meaning at all, if the mother decided it to be the case. The fact that that child would never even exist if it were not for the Father, was somehow just ignored and that has been argued against ever since. One day they might actually recognise it but who really knows..