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From the moment you make eye-contact with a woman, the next 45 seconds will reveal all you need to know about her feelings, experts say. Should she glance away and then back (top left) or bashfully look to the side (top right), it is a good sign she is interested in you. However, a look straight up to the heavens (bottom left) means a suitor has no chance. But if she turns her gaze downward and her eyes sweep the floor (bottom right), this is known as the 'holy grail' of signals and almost certainly means there is an attraction.

Well at least being fore-warned is fore-armed and one should at least take this stuff with a pitch of salt. A few years back, Allan Pease wrote a book called "Body Language" (a first) which showed the behaviour of people without even themselves being aware. It did open the door to a plethora of information about prospective mates and what to look for and when to walk away..

Now we have that equivalence for the opposite sex even though many other theories have been presented over the years. With women it was the flick of the hair and the rubbing of certain part of the anatomy that would indicate interest in the person they were communicating with. Now we have another example and one does wonder that once this information is released, whether or not steps will be taken at becoming even more robotic in order to hide any obvious signals. We will have to wait and see. This should be of major interest to the PUA gamers, as they will detect that signal earlier just to see how well they are doing and how successful they will be about getting into their knickers, which is ofcourse their original reason for their existence, as far as I am aware..

Anyway, more drivel to come..

Women and their money, it's everything..

Why female bosses frighten men 

Here we have another one of those snarky, slut feminist whiners and org. like Relationship Australia who have already been demonstrated to be a sexist and consistent male bashing organisation from way back. The fact that these type of women feel the need to brag, demonstrates once again how keen they are to push the feminastie hate speech as well have a good gloat which inturn just demonstrates how desperate they really are for recognition. It really is pathetic as we witness once again their needy demand for attention and congratulations for having society ensure via copious and unlimited efforts, to ensure they succeed. It really is past pathetic..

It is also a known fact that women always marry up and here we have the demonstration of how pissed off they get when their mate does not exceed their income. Since when were women reasonable about this situation ? They have not demonstrated it yet and here we have another gloating article saying that all was fine and that it will indeed grow and expand. Meanwhile the women are the one having the problem finding partners and here is another reason why..

When Jennifer Lopez and her less-famous husband Marc Anthony announced their separation last year, it emerged she had been angry at her husband's lack of financial acumen.
While the American Idol star is one of the richest women in entertainment, with an estimated worth of $430 million, Anthony was struggling with $3.4 million owing in back taxes.
When the ultimate unequal couple, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, split up, she gave him a lump sum of almost a fifth of her estimated $500 million net worth.
But the stereotypes are changing and Hollywood is taking the lead with a new animated movie Brave featuring the princess not as the victim - but as the protagonist - a first in a Disney movie.

 One armed pole dancer takes world title

How good does one have to be to wrap up the title with just one arm. It's akin to winning the world marathon championship with one leg. But there you go.

US woman commits suicide with chainsaw