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"Where's my sammich"..
Ah yes, Futrelle, the mammary gland specialist, who has on the odd occasion demonstrated it's jealousy regarding this site, so I am told. I don't bother with this type of riff-raff normally, as I find that it is akin to having to crawl under the house to remove a carcase. One has to remember that Futrelle is a male feminist. Now it's not for me to determine whether or not it imitates one for the sake of recognition or entitlement to attend their "vagina-ised"  functions, but did we not expose the fact that "male feminists" are not wanted in that female slut-feminist, hate movement, the gates to the Hegemony was closed..

Have not copious numbers of female slut-feminists exposed themselves and stated that male feminists are just not welcome, they were wasting their valuable snark and malice time and should just f*ck off. I am sure I have seen that stated quite a few times, but it appears that these male feminist drones, these whipped boys, just refuse to accept the wishes of their masters. They cling, beg and grovel in order to keep their place in the hegemony, (remember Schwyzer, anyone, anyone at all) while being continuously scolded and abused for their efforts. Now that effort would take a mammoth level of masochism, which they obviously do not lack. Think of that unwanted puppy that refuses to leave even after being rejected and snarled at. It truly does indicate what level of humiliation and denigration they are willing to tolerate just to be "present", to "help" the doctrine that refuses to recognise any of it's rights.  It really does border on the pathetic..
As a matter of fact I did this MP3 a few years back, my first solo attempt, about male feminists and the response they received from a feminist called "Girlbomb". She had a few things to say about them as well..

As follows..

Janice Earlbaum(Girlbomb): The Truth About Feminist Men

"Feminist Men": Oxymorons, or Simply Morons? 
Hannibal "Pass the loaf" Barca..
Lately, there's been a spate of "male feminists" posting at the BBs where I lurk. At first I saw them and I thought, great! I mean, I like feminists, and I like men, so you'd think I'd love this purported hybrid of the two. And yet, no, not so much, not so much at all.
As a matter of fact, it's caused me to realize that most of the men I've personally known who have made a huge hairy point of identifying as feminists have been either date rapists, mom fetishists, porn addicts, or bear daddies inflicting their frustrated pseudopaternal tendencies on women. They are some of the most passive-aggressive, patronizing, out-dishing without it-taking twerps on the planet, and they are poisoning the women's movement from the inside by sapping the hell out of everyone's goddamn energy.
Just brilliant..
I haven't laughed this much since they buried Daley and Dworkin..
Wait, there is more..

David Futrelle

Is Futrelle Barca’s boy-toy?

I am not in the least bit homophobic, but if Hannibal Barca ever takes refuge in the loving arms of David Futrelle, I might have to reconsider. I will spare you any attempts to construct a visual. I’m heartless at times, but not sadistic.
After watching this video made by our own JtO, which pointedly addresses Barca’s “work,” I was left with some lingering questions.
One, if Barca and Futrelle took their shirts off and kissed, would it be lesbian porn? Sorry, I should have issued a trigger warning.
On a more serious note, though (and less nauseating), I really do have questions about, and directed to, the building opposition to the men’s rights movement. Fittingly, the primary questions is, are you serious about doing battle with MRA’s?
Are. You. Fucking. Serious?
If so, you are in deep shit.
Let’s consider all the recent attempts out there to discredit us, and especially how lame they are. I know, that’s ableist of me, but hey, I’m feeling dangerous.
First the SPLC portrays a bunch of unconnected, often oppositional websites as cohesive parts of growing hate movement, ready to endanger womankind at every turn. They attacked us (unaware that there isn’t an “us”) with devastating and pinpoint accuracy (grading on the feminist curve) at all of our weakest points.
In one surgical strike, they lambasted Roosh because he may not call a woman back after sex if he isn’t impressed.
Hateful. Hateful.
They skewered this website for the horrible practice of having a category called “feminist lies,” and for posting already public information about known criminals and bigots. They dealt a devastating blow to the False Rape Society for aggregating news stories.
Down the list of 12 websites they went, punching away. Pow, pow! Biff, Bam! Stan Lee is somewhere smiling.
Then Muffpo comes out with even more pressure, targeting me and this website with crippling commentary, like asserting that The Innocence Project was born of the MRM, and criticizing anti-feminists for not wanting to swap spit with feminists.
Man, they got the goods on us, don’t they? De-va-state-ing.
This is them at their Sunday, rockin’ sockin’ best; the feminist assault wave we have anticipated and feared for years. It’s their storm troopers, and they are all spit-shine and polished brass.
That brings us back to the cellulite twins, and just in time. For what are the feminists left with when you take away the crack units like SPLC and Muffpo? Well, the answer is degenerate circus clowns like David Futrelle and his equally bovine counterpart, Hannibal Barca.
These are two individuals whose specialty, other than apparently downing copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s Patriarchy Chunk ice cream on a daily basis, is mining for minority voices on the fringe of the MRM, and conflating them with out of context quotes from actual MRA’s, twisted into the desired form. But they don’t even do that with enough gusto to burn a few calories.
We have long quoted Gandhi around here. “First they ignore, you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”
What I don’t think many of us counted on is that the people they sent to fight would be such insufferable morons. I mean, really, 50 years of dominance in media, academe and government, and the best they can do is send us a ragtag bunch of intellectually crippled ne’re-do-wells who are also waddling on the path of Mamma Cass?
We are gearing things up around here. The world is catching on. You can tell they have noticed by the fact that some of them now seem to have a pulse. But the blood still isn’t reaching their brains. Really folks, this isn’t even sporting.
As you will see here, though, we can still have some fun with it.

Written by Paul Elam

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