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Elizabeth Broderick, sexist discrimination commissioner..

One does wonder how it is possible for feminists like Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, can blatantly make ludicrous claims without backing it up with facts, studies or any semblance of truth or reality(refer to Personal Safety Study, Bureau of Stats). Broderick is another example on how feminists and their enablers in general, can steadily claim that the world is against them and then back that comment up with lies and misinformation for which feminists, like her, continually promote as "the truth" while at the same time being in a responsible position that is supposed to act in an entirely opposite fashion..

 Now bare in mind that this feminist is claiming their usual nonsense that women are the usual victims of all and sundry and that males are the only oppressors. Bare also in mind that this sexist female is communicating those outlandish lies from a country that currently has a FEMALE prime Minister, Female Ministers in Government, a female Governor General, a female Premier and copious of other females in charge of government departments, put there solely for the reason of their genitalia rather than ability..

And how have these feminists behaved and what have they achieved -

The Prime Minister Gillard is on the nose as the worst prime minister in history, the governor general treats the office of GG as her personal tool to promote her own indoctrination and biases, has already clearly demonstrated that she is exempt from any dignity, honour or integrity, which previous GG's demonstrated proudly beyond question. We have a female premier who is so on the nose that the next state election at the end of march will toss her to the curb with a major landslide victory to the current opposition(already predicted). Those minsters in the current government have also demonstrated their sexism and blatant anti-male bias by planning to introduce a sexist and discriminatory legislation that will curb basic human rights of all man and boy and will be promoted via the "White Ribbon Campaign" with a boost of 100 millions dollars already earmarked by the Gillard government. A government whose ministers have been tracked to be associated with and in cahoots with the same radical feminists who attended the SCUM (Society for Cutting up Men) Manifesto Conference in Perth, W.A. September 2011..

There you have those feminists in power and it demonstrates why I asked the question of "why would a man vote for a woman" in a previous post as we are already well aware of the fact that whenever any female is placed in power, their sole concern is for their own sex regardless of their political leanings. This is not an exaggeration but a clear, obvious, demonstrated, fact..

The Australian
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, 50 | The Australian    7/02/12 9:27 PM

Journalist - Greg Callaghan
Link behind a paywall.(I Will forward PDF if requested)

YOU'VE overseen a strengthening in laws against sexual harassment but say you're shocked by the amount of harassment that still goes on. How do men continue to get away with it?

Response by Elizabeth Broderick.
It's not just a matter of "how do men continue to get away with it". It's why we allow this to happen in the first place. Almost one in four women will be sexually harassed at some stage - but only 16 per cent of those will bring any form of complaint, formal or informal. And I can understand why. There is a huge psychological leap in making a complaint to the harasser, to your employer, or to a third party like the Australian Human Rights Commission. It usually involves a massive emotional and professional risk.