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Another slap on the wrist for Naomi, as usual..

I am wondering if Evelin Olivia realised what a can of worms she really opened, it's probably not a good idea to get me started..
Evelin OlĂ­via said... As a brazilian woman I'd like to know all the privileges women possess. I need to see this picture very clear and exact. That's for scientifical and ethical purposes only. March 05, 2012
One wonders where this all finishes up. When a female is charged with any offence, there are always several options available, that is apart from the fact that she will always be downgraded automatically in the severity of the charge (Lohan and Paris Hilton come to mind). Whenever a female is charged she also has automatic legal representation that men are devoid of. The sexism in the system ensures that right from the beginning. It also appears to be the case that whenever a female is charged, she is assumed to be innocent, also something that men are devoid of, as the media has already clearly demonstrated, guilty unless proven otherwise has always been their mantra with man and boy but not with females..

Now after finally digging through all the options, the usual slap of the wrist that women receive for similar infractions that men are charged and jailed for, after relentless excuses to justify their behaviour and also the endless examples of sympathetic judges, both white knights and female "I can relate" judges, after finally trying every possible avenue of not jailing the female, as that is definitely the absolute last resort, where do they end up ?

Right here. Not only are they finally imprisoned after relentless efforts to avoid it, when they are determined to be guilty beyond the remotest level of doubt, they are molly coddled here..

Like the prisoner, the female lawbreaker, the female criminal, states "We are not bad people". Fascinating..
Shakopee women's prison may get fence
All I am doing is pointing out the facts as they are. The bias is just beyond rationality..

Feminists want to do away with female prisons altogether for as far as they are concerned, women do no wrong..