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Amy Whitehouse, drug addict and violent abuser. Never held accountable.
Abuser of drugs and violence, Never held accountable

As we have witnessed in the past and even now, it does not take any effort on the part of the female journalists for the MSM, to wax lyrical about the immense ability and "Everest like" achievement those females have apparently achieved. The endless back-slapping and self congratulatory behaviour is not only embarrassing to watch but even more cringing, when written. Conveniently and usually, the negligent, obnoxious or inexcusable behaviour of those females are conveniently hidden and ignored as we have already witnessed on many occasions..

Self praise and self elevation would just not be the same if one included the plethora of negatives, now would it.. This level and type of behaviour, is now the "standard" of behaviour that role models like Whitehouse have left behind as their legacy..

Whitehouse is probably one of the best examples on how women are constantly excused for their bad behaviour, even when it is recorded on video for the whole world to see. Whitehouse was shown on those episodes as being an abusive, out of control individual who constantly battered and physically abused her male partner while the supposed services that claim to be on guard against that type of behaviour, did absolutely nothing about it. Not one single warning or response was ever noted as Whitehouse continually demonstrated that abusive behaviour. Being a female helps ofcourse, if the sex had changed that person would be "doin time". That's guaranteed..

I suppose if one spends a million dollars on drugs over three years it might be assumed that not only did that abuser have a drug problem but her abusive behaviour stemmed from it. But once again the praise and self congratulatory, back slapping continues as we continually hear that 'You Go Grrlll" chant, even when it is warranted the least.

£1m on drugs in three years, a £500,000 hotel bill and £1,000 a month on her kittens: How Amy Winehouse squandered £10 million

It is just another example on how females are automatically granted that special privileges card, which they can constantly use to justify their behaviour, even when that behaviour is obviously illegal and should be investigated. That entire representation of Whitehouse' addicted life still overflows with praise for it's talent. One wonders if it was ever sober enough and drug free enough, to even know that she had any..