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As an expert on Feminism. We now have in our possession a study undertaken in 253 Countries. We have carefully questioned, interviewed and received responses to our questionnaires from four people in each country. According to precedence, this makes the study not only totally acceptable but also beyond question as being factual and completely beyond dispute.

The study "A Non-conventional Actuation of Societal Comprehension of Agitprop and Misinformation: The Difference between Mythology and  Hearsay", Christian J et al (Stalwart Press 2012)..

The questionaire consisted of the following..

Do feminists lie..yes or maybe..
Are feminists dishonest... yes or probably..
Have feminists been caught out lying... yes or absolutely..

Due to copyright issues, we are unable to show the actual questions asked..

The outcome of the study was that 1 in 4 people found that feminism is in fact a movement, who are not responsible for telling untruths or even half truths. As studies have demonstrated in the past by Steinem et al 1989(Telling the half truths), Dworkin et al 1985(The Art of Fibbing).  

This unbiased study was then made available to some learned people whom I cannot name and we have also made the exception of actually stating what the questions are not, in order to demonstrate how unbiased they are, which in the majority of cases, we normally do not do anyway. We respond to such queries with the usual vacant and irrelevant commentary about those responses being unsolicited and unbiased..

We will ofcourse be sending the result of this unbiased report to all representatives of our movement and they will take care to just include the 1 in 4 number without sullying it with facts or any indication where or how the information was obtained. As with all previous studies that we have undertaken and presented, in this honest and noteworthy, deliberate way. We have also taken the rare steps of ensuring that the author and publishers are either out of the country, incognito or just not available.

The funding for this project was also disguised as a "sexual harassment" study to further our claims at ensuring that bias and discrimination is forthcoming and is at it's worst stage, ever. As is also normally the case, taxpayer dollars used in this study, plus the costing of which will not include any totals or amounts used, (as that would be an invasion of privacy), and must be resisted and protected at all or more cost to the taxpayer..

We have also used our own favourite people to summarise and claim the study is honest and completely unbiased and the facts entertained are beyond question. Those same people will ofcourse be heavily compensated for their effort..

As copies of this study are behind a pay wall and well hidden in some academic database that would take days to find because we have disguised the title. We offer the study to anyone interested at the cost of only $ 250.00 per article as costs must be recovered for our next study which will be released over the next few months as we are currently applying for more taxpayer funding for even more exposure of true and honest, factual interpretation of reality..

Anyone requiring further information can contact us via mail or phone between the hours of 3 - 4 am on non holidays and or via messenger at this address .................