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Well, one can continue indefinitely pointing out the misconceptions people generally have about the opposite sex. It is sadly the case that I have chosen to bring the ills and wrongdoings of the opposite sex to clarify, de-neuter and demonstrate to all and sundry what it's like to be continually, unrelenting and without apologising, clearly point out what it's like to be continually and comprehensively denigrated and humiliated on a constant basis as all men are by specifically the slut feminists and also the opposite sex, generally ..

It is not a chore that I relish as much as I did in the past. The initial problem being that it is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. When one sex makes an erroneous claim of being morally superior as well as claiming to being superior in every way, it will always be the case that that claim will come under fire. As no one can really claim superiority in any area and expect everyone to just nod in affirmation, like a robot, a noddy doll..

So to add to the fallacy of that claim and refuting it on a consistent basis will be easier and more comprehensive until and unless that false claim is made to look what it really is, just another lie. Another fake effort at trying to claim the high road when in reality, it is vacant and should remain that way. No one is more morally superior than anyone else as it relies on way too many factors and on current or specific situations as Bernard will once again explain..

So while the slut feminist hoards continue with their manufactured bastardry, the response will be tailored to nullify it..

You go Bern..