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Apparently this is the preferred option according to slut-feminists..

One can never accuse Heartiste of not placing the problem precisely where it belongs and here it is in black and white. The major issue that is now being faced by women in general, but will they finally wake up or just take it for granted that men will tow the line and accept whatever is on offer..
There’s been a lot of talk lately in the mainstream (read: leftist) media organs about the rising numbers of single moms and their bastard spawn in America, a dystopian trend to which hosts at Le Chateau were generous enough to alert the reading audience on and off over the past four years. The hand-wringing, the excusing and the rationalizing have reached a fever pitch as sob stories of tragicomic proportions litter the pages of esteemed broadsheets like the Beta Times. It’s a crescendo of heartwarming, anti-male anecdotes about poor, put-upon single moms with snot machines in tow bitterly complaining about the lack of good, reliable men.

Reading this gruesome tripe, something occurs to me. Not once, not anywhere, is the point of view of the typical man in these benighted communities across America examined. Nowhere did I find a mention, even the slightest acknowledgement, of the responsibility that women bear to attract a decent man for marriage and future fatherhood. It’s just assumed that men alone are the sex abdicating their societal duty, that all women need to do is show up, no matter how broken, bedraggled and burdened with bastards, and men will feel an overwhelming urge to marry these unfeminine, spiteful ogresses and provide for them. Yeah right!

Peruse any feminist or beta male columnist pontificating on the single mom + illegitimate hellion phenomenon, and the message condenses to a screech against male desire, tantamount to a lede saying “Men drop out, women and children suffering, men need to man up”. Someone should acquaint this crowd with the saying “it takes two to tango”.

If you want to know why men are running away from marriage, children and beta provisioning, one major reason is that the women available to these working class men are flat out disgusting. Take a look for yourself. What man of normal mental health and active libido wants to romantically woo and date, let alone marry, a beastly, waddling tatted mountain of pustulence with the issue of three other men barking and nipping at her cankles?

It would also appear that Suzanne Venker may be having a problem pointing the finger in the right direction as usual. The more applicable points come out very nicely in GWW video, as she explains the reasons a lot better than Venker does..
This past Valentine’s Day brought with it, as it often does, scores of articles about love and romance. But rather than celebrate its usual counterpart — marriage — we celebrated something new: singlehood. Single women, to be exact. 
The rise of the single woman is hardly something to celebrate. She represents the culmination of a decades-long revolution that has chipped away, relentlessly and insidiously, at the traditional family unit. First it was motherhood, now it’s marriage.
The “bad news” about men is always couched in the context that men aren’t “manning up,” or doing what’s necessary to be responsible adults. Perhaps they aren’t — they’re certainly retreating from marriage, that’s for sure. The question is, why? And the answer is simple. With premarital sex a foregone conclusion and cohabitation on the rise, men live the good life with no responsibilities. Moreover, women have made it clear they don’t need a man to support them, to be happy, or even to become a mother. The result is that men become slackers.
And those so-called empowered women feminists created? Many learn, eventually, that they were cruelly misled. Millions of women find that they do, in fact, want to stay home with their babies when they’re young and therefore need a husband with a good job. But by that time, it’s too late. Their husbands have been schooled in the art of feminism just as they have and expect their wives to go to work and “pull their weight.”
This has to be one of the most interesting topics to rear it's head. After years of slut-feminist's indoctrination, they have managed to turn women into useless, self-serving, narcissistic member of the human race, who appear to be incapable of holding down a relationship or even capable of finding an appropriate partner without applying their over inflated sense of self, while at the same time blaming everyone else for the exact problem that she has created all by herself..
The problem with rectifying the situation would mean that women would have to make the appropriate readjustment in order to make everything more appealing for a future partner, but the chance of that happening is akin to slut-feminists apologising for screwing up their lives, so that will never happen..

The opposite sex is a lot more comfortable blaming others than actually admitting or confessing that they may have screwed up and just ignored what men want by assuming that they will just jump aboard and accept these women under any circumstances, or situation and under any condition. The ego has swelled to that degree. It's the "take or leave it" option and to the girl's surprise they are taking the "leave it" option and are quite comfortable in doing so..

So how do the girls respond apart from living in denial or generating endless hand-wringing articles, where they still try to coerce men into marriage, threaten or cajole, like we have seen now on so many occasions. Realising that it's not working, it may finally force them to sit down and face the facts of life. At the moment, there is no advantage or reason to get married, or to create a relationship with an American woman, as the risks are just too great. The chance of ending up with one of those females that GWW lists in her video or Heartiste states, is very real. They are out there making unreasonable demands and it's all falling on deaf ears..

Obviously it is not males that need to shape up for anything, it the females who need to get their act together, get off their high horse and learn something about themselves that they have been ignoring and avoiding for way too long. The realisation that if they don't start changing their attitudes, they are just not worth the effort, or the time or worth the risk..