Soraya Chemaly: International Women's Day: 10 Reasons Why Feminism is Good For Boys and Men

There is a lengthy article posted by Soraya Chemaly on why feminism is good for boys & men... aharrahahahahahaha...

OK, now stop laughing, wipe those tears from your eyes and focus on the subject again..

Above is the link to the original article which you're welcome to follow & read. You will find propaganda, sexism and typical promotion of feminism as superior to all other ideas (anything non feminist is portrayed negatively), thus reaffirming the notion that feminists suffer from a mental condition whereby they actually believe they are superior beings purely because they affiliate with the hate movement known as feminism.

And my reply to their ignorance, which I have to post here as it is 'too long' for a reply on the site itself. Apparently, 250 words is considered ample to reply to a lengthy article... duh.

10. Freedom from the tyranny of stereotypes.
May be true in some context, but it is primarily mothers who teach children of both sexes how to behave according to gender roles. Feminism has spent most of it's time finding ways to blame men for any & everything from the world of violence (pretending it's a one-way street) to the boys crisis (which they initially denied the existence of).
Instead of focusing on "how can we blame men for this.." mentality, feminists should focus on educating mothers to bring up children without saying to a hurt son "man up" while saying "Oh my little princess come to mommy" to a hurt daughter.

9. Greater academic success.
Feminism made demands to make schools more & more girl-friendly.. Now schools are so boy-hostile, that boys are feeling very much discriminated against in schools. Claiming "it's not feminisms' fault that we keep teaching boys they're all abusers & rapists and all girls are victims" is rubbish. You and your kind have gone out of your way to ensure boys have zero confidence in academia. We can't even engage our own preferences without a feminist claiming she's being 'somehow' discriminated against - while happily ignoring the discrimination boys face due largely to feminist demands.

7. No sole breadwinner workhorse expectations
And yet, women still eagerly lap up the primary parent position - even when they're not. Feminism has promoted a one-way mentality where women ALWAYS win and men always lose. When a couple split, the man will stand minimal chance of gaining primary custody of his children but will face an almost exclusive likelihood of paying her for the honour of having his children kidnapped via the sexist legal implementation of laws that are supposed to be gender neutral... which feminists either defend or promote, thus confirming they do not seek equality but rather superiority.

6a. Broader range of work and life options
In your example, nurses and school teachers, you could try reaching out to women (who dominate said professions) and tell them to back-off the guys who try to enter their realm instead of being silent and telling bullied men to 'man up'.

6b. Less insistence of violence
What a sexist POV you project against masculine values. You also completely ignore that many women promote violence between men. And you choose to ignore that the vast majority of child abuse is at the hands of women, not men. So if anyone is teaching our children that violence is the answer.... talk to women about how they treat children and men who disagree with them. How often have we seen women slapping children upside the head for simple infractions, like crying? How often have we seen women slapping men - the majority of whom do not retaliate - for minor infractions such as not giving her the 'correct' answer to a question, causing her to feeeeeeel bad?

5. More time with fathers.
Again, look to women for answers here.. it is women who do the maternal gate-keeping and stop fathers being involved with their own children. Feminist inspired hate campaigns against men & fathers has done considerable damage to families - nothing good at all.

3. More time AS fathers.
See above; again, talk to mothers about this - stop pretending feminism has done good for fathers when in reality your kind have done all in your power to dissolve the role of fatherhood (while simultaneously promoting the role motherhood as being God-like). Schools are now too scared to let fathers be involved in their own children's academic welfare thanks to feminist propaganda against dads who separate from the mother, portraying them all as potential abusers of women & children.

2. Less chance of becoming a father through unplanned pregnancies.
Wrong - women still have those "Oops, I 'forgot' to take my pill" issues going on, and men have no ability to ensure their own integrity. Feminism has promoted women-only reproductive "rights" while insisting on male-only reproductive "responsibilities". Women choose - men pay. The sexism is clear for anyone to see.

1. Last, but not least, feminist men and women have more and better sex.
Any advocate study (e.g. a study designed to say 'xyz' can be manipulated to say xyz at the end) will say the author wants it to say, so it's little surprise to find feminist authored "studies" systematically 'finding' that feminism is 'better' than other people... Such elevated opinions of self come across as narcissistic and egotistical.