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Are you happy yet ? From the response I would say yep..

Well what can I see when you witness that one single act that is so ensconced in self-centered-ness and narcissism that one is really stumped for an explanation. I mean, what level does one have to be at, apart from an illness, to marry oneself..
One can understand why there were no suitors lining up in the street to ask this specimen for her hand as it was too busy making demands..

‘I Me Do Wed’

Schweigert, who followed the ceremony with a solo honeymoon in New Orleans, claims the wedding was her way of showing the world she’s learned to love and accept herself as a woman flying solo. ‘I was waiting for someone to come along and make me happy,’ she told reporter Tammy Swift . ‘At some point, a friend said, “Why do you need someone to marry you to be happy? Marry yourself”.’
I have proffered those words myself when broached on the subject and stated that I was not put on this planet to make someone happy, so live with it, it appears to be a standard presumption. Want to be entertained, get a performer..
And as usual, I am not making this up folks. Here is the story: “Here comes the single bride. Last week, Nadine Schweigert married herself in a symbolic wedding ceremony. The 36-year-old divorced mom of three wore blue satin and clutched a bouquet of white roses as she walked down the aisle before a gathering of 45 friends and family members in Fargo, North Dakota.
“She vowed to ‘to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self,’ reports Fargo’s InForum newspaper. After the ring was exchanged with the bride and her inner-groom, guests were encouraged to ‘blow kisses at the world,’ and later, eat cake.
Let them eat cake was coined many years ago by an unfortunate member of the opposite sex whom I do believe did loose her head over it. But, it is the way things have become. The lunacy is ensconced in reality and considered normal. I blame those governments who allowed the patients out too soon..