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I honestly cannot comprehend the logic, to most it's so obvious..

Like rappers a few years back, would sing rather unsavory songs about the opposite sex but still be popular, it appears that a second offensive must now be waged against comedians as well, who have been witnessed as doing the same. Admittedly, some of the jokes are way over the top, even for me. but I lived in the hope that sanity and reality would prevail and finally hit the opposite sex where it helps the most, in their grey matter. But I have rarely witnessed any sign of this apart from the odd member of that sex who have actually realised and was well aware right from the start, that feminism and it's raging and abuse against men and boys would inevitably come back and bite them on their arse..

That is common sense, reality and quite a few women have stated that realistic observation repeatedly, but it has fallen on deaf ears and closed indoctrinated minds. The illusion and delusion that feminists have raged about has stuck just as predicted by philosophers way back when, centuries ago, when they were analysing and discussing the psychological behaviour of the opposite sex, a task still not complete, to this day..

You cannot continually condemn, promote hate and ensure that the male sex is nothing more than an inconvenience and then demand respect and worship as that is totally contradictory, as well as hypocritical. What would the advantage be to the female sex, if it demands to be worshipped by a sex, when that same sex is completely reviled and denigrated on a permanent basis.
Again, I just do not get it..

Women have over the last 40 odd years made demands that ensures every man's rights are completely destroyed or at least reduced, while at the same time, their every demand are met without so much as a discussion, comparison or active response. They have demanded and received every possible advantage that anyone can think of and now they attack because they feel once again that they have been slighted and are totally offended by it all.
It is akin to the spoilt child who takes away the ball from the playground because everything is not happening according to her demands, her plan, but she has not only taken away the ball, but taken the playground as well and had everyone arrested because her feelings were hurt..

Why has there been a backlash, well, one wonders and if one needs to, then one may have been in a coma for the last forty year or so, as the responses from one sex to the other just reflects basic human nature. We can only take so much abuse. One was once of the believe that fairness would reign and equality would eventually eventuate but the female sex have been fighting that eventuality with every fibre of her body, by ensuring the plethora of their own claims mount up to ensure that even the little rights males have left on this planet is removed as well..

It does not take a genius to work that all out. The new round of responses that women now find in jokes, made by popular comedians just reflecting the general thinking and attitude of the general population. As was also the example of the "penis slashing" event, that women approved of and enjoyed, snickered about, falling about in the aisle and roaring with laughter and even backed that up with articles explaining how hilarious it really was. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it all has to be reassigned as abuse or worst, misogyny. But it is only regarded as an issue when it's not the opposite sex doing it,

You do not however, have to search far to witness that exact same behaviour from females on either forums, sites, sitcoms or in picture theatres. The hypocrisy and double standards still apply, but now it would appear that it will grow and expand even further while the girls are besides themselves and complain, again, just because they feel slighted..