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Speed limit restrictions, the final desperate effort..

Feminism has always had some level of sadism and lunacy about it. A segment missing or not mentioned, left unexplored. One was at a loss as to what it could be, what drives a feminist, who are these people who drives that doctrine and what are their motives, final aims and preferred outcomes, (we have glimpsed it and it is dark, sinister.). What's in it for them; there is always an ulterior motive, the motivation, that drives an individual on in order to justify their actions. You have to remember that being a promoter and vociferous adherent of any hate movement does require a daily visit to genuflect to their idol in order to recommit oneself to it aims and goals. A continual, daily reminder and confirmation is required to maintain one's activities. Total adherence is assumed, demanded and required..

One does wonder how any individuals sanity would be affected. No sane individual walks around the street, half dressed, screaming "I am slut, I am a slut"..

Below, we have Fidelbogen explaining and sampling the sheer lunacy and hatred that one feminist icon believed in, fantasised about and probably practised. It's actions explains why feminism has and does wallow in the dark corners in it adherent's mind, as that would be the required practice for total capitulation of it's ideals. A total capitulation of normality, sanity, honourable activity is easily exchanged and replaced with feminism's version of malice, vitriol and a growing hate level that was once recognised as a disease, a reason for concern, a reason for investigation with treatment required. But it's now the standard practise, by the main leaders of that hegemony..

Try to explain this to a feminist would bring out that condition automatically, that mindset, but even by then it is already way too late. The mind has already been saturated by their freshly installed delusions, that leaves no room for anything reasonable or practicable. That also explains why feminists refuse to discuss their faith, their religion, like that person suffering from psychosis. They know there is something amiss but they cannot stop or control it or even escape it..

An Absolute Must-Read

A recent article at the NCFM website drags VAWA behind a truck for forty miles and then throws it in the wood chipper. (Relax, that is only a metaphor! It is physically impossible for a body of writing to do such things to another body of writing.) The article also does a pretty good job on VAWA's chief architects, Andrea Dworkin and Katherine MacKinnon. For example, I'll bet you've never heard the following from Dworkin:
“I keep practicing horse position…and I kick good; I can kick to the knee and I can kick to the cock but I can’t kick to the solar plexus and I can’t kick his fucking head off… I fucking smash their faces in; I kick them; I hit them; I kick them blind; I like smashing their faces in with one kick, I like dancing on their chests,…with my toes, big, swinging kicks, and I like one big one between the legs, for the sake of form and symbolism, to pay my respects to content as such… I like smashing the bottles into their fucking faces and I like taking the knives, for my collection; I like knives. I find them drunk and lying down and I hurt them and I run; and I fucking don’t care about fair; discuss fair at the U.N.; vote on it; from which I enunciate another political principle, It is obscene for a girl to think about fair.”
No, the pro-male NCFM writer didn't say this. The feminist Andrea Dworkin did! And Andrea was every bit as mentally unhinged as Valerie Solanas, don't you think so? More dangerous too, when you consider that Dworkin, unlike Valerie, was able to operate higher than street level and make a practical mark in the groves of academe, the halls of Congress, and suchlike places.

Now, all in all, I think it is fair to say that all feminists are like Nazis.

Let me say it again: all feminists are like Nazis. If that feels a mite strong, consider that not all Nazis were Gestapo officers. For indeed, it is safe to say that the average party member was an innocuous average citizen -- good old Willi or Gustav next door. Similarly, the average feminist does not belong to the feminist "gestapo" as do Dworkin, MacKinnon, Sheila Jeffries, Pamela O'Shaughnessey, and so on. Yet more broadly considered, they are all femi- "nazis", aren't they? However, they are willing to look the other way, or simply not see -- and so their squeaky little fingers remain squeaky-clean always. Right?

You know, I can't help wondering if Andrea Dworkin really did stab or mutilate passed-out drunkards on occasion. . .

So, the moral difference between feminism and naziism lies not in the inherent strength of the poison, but only in the administered dosage. If feminism has not effected wonders on the scale of Bergen-Belsen or Treblinka, this is due merely to a combination of tactical discretion and limited means.

On another note, it is astronomically unlikely that any man would wish to have sex with the pus-ugly, spiritually repulsive Andrea Dworkin. But that didn't stop Andrea, near the end of her life, from circulating a story that she had been drugged and violated in a Paris hotel.

Here's some interesting trivia for you. The infamous Julian Real (a.k.a. Paul Seidman) claims to have been a personal friend of Andrea Dworkin.

The NCFM article also quotes the following from Dworkin:
“I am writing a plan for revenge, a justice plan, a justice poem, a justice map, a geography of justice; I am martial in my heart and military in my mind; I think in strategy and in poems, a daughter of Guevara and Whitman, ready to take to the hills with a cosmic vision of what’s crawling around down on the ground; a daughter with an overview; the big view; a daughter with a new practice of righteous rage, against what ain’t named and ain’t spoken so it can’t be prosecuted except by the one it was done to who knows it, knows him; I’m inventing a new practice of random self- defense; I take their habits and characteristics seriously, as enemy, and I plan to outsmart them and win…”
Oddly, some of this vaguely resembles the plan against feminism that we non-feminist partisans are incubating in our own minds and think-tanks. Yes, we take their habits and characteristics seriously, as enemy, and we plan to outsmart them and win. We are legion, we are both men and women, and no average, honest woman anywhere has aught to fear from our revolution.

If you are a feminist of any shade, you ought to consider defection. You ought to consider conversion. You ought to wipe your slate clean, publicly proclaim your new allegiance, and join the counter-feminist tidal wave that is now forming. A number of feminists, both male and female, have already had their "road to Damascus" experience, and when your inner voice finally speaks, you too will join them!

Alternately, keep your mouth shut and don't blow your cover. You can do damage if you maintain your position as a trusted insider. You can undermine. You can sow doubt, fear and mistrust. You can reveal damaging information to the non-feminist world, Agent Orange style!

Ideally, I would like to see both visible public conversions AND undercover work. Such a two-pronged approach will maximize the benefit because it will operate in the propaganda and intelligence sectors simultaneously.

You know what? I still haven't given you a link to that NCFM article. Well here it is. Enjoy it, share it, and archive it:

VAWA Is A Fraud And Must Be Repealed!