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Worth Supporting to deny those clowns who married these women..

Well, I have finally found something that I think I should actually support. It's this new "Sex Denied" promo that the feminasties are promoting in order to guarantee another female privilege while at the same time telling American Women to inform their men (husbands, partners et al), F.U. Well actually they mean the opposite, more like "NO F.U.". It has that sexy, no nonsense cavalier approach, that feminists have been promoting and it suits their style of male bashing and female control methodology via the magic V..

The "NO F.U." recommendation only applies to this promotion as there may be some overlap with the "Slutwalk" slovenly march, that may actually require a quick recalculation as the girls will already be dressed for the occasion, you know, they have even hired bodyguards to stop anyone from escaping the event..
So it could well be the case that the "NO F.U." could be turned into a "YES, F.U." occasion instead. So all manner of voyeurs and other lesbians, assorted fetishist male feminists, fellow manginas and appropriate white knights will be forced asked to attend by their ballbreakers partners, to assist in their efforts at ensuring that another special privilege will be allocated to that over privileged sex, again..

Here we have that excellent example of the sexism and discrimination that feminists enjoy and foment. Are there any subsidies available to men in regards to what they are claiming, anything ?
Nope, if the pill for women is demanded to be paid for, why don't feminists, who claim to be for equality, not claim the same benefit for men. Why not include that same benefit for one sex instead of just guaranteeing it for the other, without justification or even considering the option..

If that is not sexism and discrimination than what is ?

They are not interested as they are projecting this action under the fallacy of it being a "War Against Women". That is so far against the true reason as to make it laughable..

Have a look at the Facebook page (Liberal Ladies Harpies out to lunch), check out the male-bashing and the anti-religion hate speech as well as the comments of which most have already been removed, as usual, feminists hate free speech. This may be a good time to enter a protest as this page does rightly deserve it, it would definitely contravene Facebook's policies. The nastiness, hypocrisy and malice this page projects is sickening. It just demonstrates once again what the feminist movement is really all about and it's obviously not "equality"..