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Getting close to Valentines Day and the feminists are chaffing at the bit, trying to muster their robots, fembots, clones, enablers to protest another questionable event. But try they will.
If you're searching for a way to express your frustration with a holiday that requires you to a) be in a relationship and B) purchase heart-shaped things to prove your commitment to said relationship, you now have a place to go. Meet Occupy Valentine's Day.
The Lezebel(Jezebel) site where feminasties gather to spew vitriol and rabididy, are spewing and raging about this number one day on their "I hate it because" calender. The obvious problem they have is that they are partner-less(who want want to have anything to do with a feminist) and thereby their outbursts are much more rabid than usual. If that is possible. It's been a while since their "Slutwalk" demonstration, so they are getting bored and just dying to fill their vacant, unnecessary lives, with some other pursuit.

Here is their justification and it's as laughable as the excuse they used for Slutwalk..
Celebrating love is wonderful and romance can be great too. But we don't need corporations to dictate how we should do it, a mainstream media chastising us for not doing it right or traditional ideas touted over and over by our friends and family. That shit is oppressive and hurts us more than helps.
(laugh break)

Obviously the word "NO" does not exist in their vocabulary and neither does "ignore it" have any significance either. But insanity has always been a pre-condition for feminist adherence.
As an alternative to purchasing the perfect box of candy, she suggests you submit "a video-blog about your worst Valentine's Day date" or "a list about why the latest 'trend story' about how single women will die alone and unhappy is wrong." One user sent in a pic of her and her sister and wrote,
There is something to be said of sisterly love, that relentless, "I've got your back no matter what" kind of love. That "Do you need me to take you to the clinic?" love. My sister, the one in two-toned braids embracing me above, is 10 years my junior. She is a stand-up kid whose passion in life is photography and fighting racist, sexist and homophobic bullying in her high school. She is my sister but I have never known a love like this before. This February, sisterly love will be underrepresented, yet it will be just as valid.
I did wonder what their motive could possibly be as the majority of females just love the concept of Valentines Day, as it enhances the conversation levels for at least the next month, as they "to and fro" on the subject. But the quote above indicates that they are upset because the carpet munchers are not included in the general consensus, if we can call it that. Ahhh!, good old ulterior motives. Cannot half the heteros having fun on their own while lesbians suffer, heaven forbid..
You are well aware of the fact that cognitive dissonance reign supreme in the feminastie movement right ?

As far as Valentines Day goes, it's up to you how you go about it and what you do. If it's demanded, taken for granted than I would give it the middle finder in response. If it is not mentioned, suggested or even hinted at, than I would do something positive, just to keep the peace. It's worth it..
But, as I stated, entirely up to yourself as to what you do. Whatever you do do, do not forget her birthday or anniversary. They are grounds for divorce as far as she is concerned and spending a few bucks ain't gonna break the bank..

Future Yogi-ists, better brush upon your Oooooommm!!!
One does have to wonder if the girls just go through the motions of achieving their goals, whatever that may be, at some high powered position or some other pursuit.  Come to the realisation that it sucks to such a degree as they have to continuously compete with our sex, even though they are given priority. Realise eventually, that this is not the way one lives a life and finds something else or better(in their opinion) to do. One does wonder as that realisation seems to appear at that magic "Thirty" number where they still have a few options left..
 “Ommm,” Koritansky exhaled last week at a yoga studio in Dupont Circle. Sixteen yogis-in-training were there, all women, all under 35. They meditated together, on the cusp of competing their final, 200th hour of training.
Training with her were PhD candidates and investment bankers, teachers and sales managers, a White House staffer and a lobbyist. Several declined to talk to a reporter, not wanting to tip off their employers about their new passion, or their potential next career.
Mmmm, at that age they can still incubate, catch another partner and maybe achieve that "soul mate" utopia they appear to lust and dream about. I would imagine that it's imprinted into the DNA as well, which would explain why feminists have backed off from bagging the crap out of them, because they have gone through the exact same situation themselves..

Spending your old age with cats for company really sucks, ask Liz Jones and Maureen Dowd. Two female feminists who utterly deserve their solitude so they can lecture their cats about their misery as well as missing their "cusp". Poor cats..

The other issue that I find interesting is how they will finance their newly found "passion", as it has been known for them to not save or put aside funds for future use. The odd one would but rather, did they find a partner already or have one already who will finance them as they participate in their new "Yogi" interest..

Sadly to say, men do not have that choice or option, they very rarely take it up even if it was plausible. It is one thing to toss in a job to follow one's interest but it's another thing finding someone who will finance you through that exploration, especially a member of the opposite sex. Oh well, good luck to them, if they can pull it off, it's going to mean that I will have to brush up on my Yoga techniques as there is going to be an influx of new Yogi teachers, swarming the countryside and one will eventually come across them either un-coerced, accidentally or the other(probable exposure on TV). It has been waiting in the wings for a new boost, just like Pilates did (Pilates Vs Yoga).
At Studio DC, the number of students in teacher-training classes doubled in 2011 to 80. After 200 hours of training, the yogis-to-be can register with the Yoga Alliance, which has seen its count of registered yoga teachers climb nationally from 20,000 to 35,000 over the past five years. The registration adds legitimacy to a profession that has no formal licensing requirements.

The Start..a Jack Daniel's Pre-pissup-gulp, just to get started..

This is ofcourse becoming a major problem with the younger and not so young generation but admittedly, it's nothing new. But at least you can point someone who has engaged in this type of behavior or better still, have a look at what you look like when your too pissed past caring..

If you know any females who exhibit these traits, point them to this site so they can laugh at themselves as much as we laugh at them, OK?
After a few too many margaritas, the drunk girls say...

  • I have absolutely no idea where my purse is.
  • I believe that dancing with my arms overhead and wiggling my butt while yelling "woo-hoo!" is truly the sexiest dance move around.
  • I've suddenly decided I want to kick someone's ass and honestly believe I could do it too.
  • In my last trip to pee, I realize I now look more like a homeless hooker than the goddess I was just four hours ago.

  • girl too drunk for her own good
    everyone seems to love this image, so Blakk Frogg is giving it to you again!
    After a few too many Jaeger Bombs, the drunk girls say...

  • I drop my 3:00 a.m. submarine sandwich on the floor (which I'm eating even though I'm not the least bit hungry), pick it up and carry on eating it.
  • I start crying and telling everyone I see that I love them sooooo much.
  • I get extremely excited and jump up and down every time a new song plays because "oh my god! I love this song!"
  • I've found a deeper/spiritual side to the geek sitting next to me.
  • the man I'm flirting with used to be my 5th grade teacher.
  • the urge to take off articles of clothing, stand on a table, and sing or dance becomes strangely overwhelming.
  • my eyes just don't seem to want to stay open on their own so I keep them half closed and think it looks exotically sexy.
  • I've suddenly taken up smoking and become really good at it.
  • I yell at the bartender, who (I think) cheated me by giving me just lemonade, but that's just because I can no longer taste the gin.
  • I think I'm in bed, but my pillow feels strangely like the kitchen floor
  • I start every conversation with a booming, "don't take this the wrong way but..."
  • I fail to notice that the toilet lid's down when I sit on it.
  • my hugs begin to resemble wrestling take-down moves.
  • I'm tired so I just sit on the floor (wherever I happen to be standing) and take a quick nap.
  • I begin leaving the buttons open on my button fly pants to cutdown on the time I'm in the bathroom away from my drink.
  • I take my shoes off because I believe it's their fault that I'm having problems walking straight.
  • Sunrise over the last Planet..

    There have been several claims that editors on Wikipedia have been changing facts in order to foment and introduce their own purview of their particular biased or demented world view. Here is a major scientist, a warmist, deciding that the facts were just way too inconvenient. In order to promote their own warmist hoax, decided that the facts had to go and the smearing of legitimate scientists had to be the order of the day..

    As we have already witnessed, telling the truth has become the new lie (Orwell anyone), as they practise precisely what they claim to be paramount. The attack on liberty, honesty and truth has once again been demonstrated on one of the main information sites on the planet. Their (Wikipedia) again demonstrates their lackadaisical attitude at maintaining the integrity of the information and facts, they claim to be legitimate, by allowing anyone to volunteer and thereby giving them carte blanche over the input of information..

    Does anyone ever check any input for errors at all, factual integrity or verification via cross checking reputable information available or do they just trust anyone to supply any information as fact, as they see fit. One just cannot trust Wikipedia to present the truth anymore. Even scientific information has been corrupted and contaminated..

    The sliming of a sceptic is finally too much for even Wikipedia

    Andrew Bolt – Monday, October 18, 10 (01:05 pm)

    Professor Hal Lewis has been vilfied by warmists since writing a stinging letter of resignation from the American Physical Society in protest at its underhanded attempts to stifle sceptics of the theory of apocalyptic man-made warming.

    Lewis described the warming hysteria as “the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist”.

    James Delingpole describes the sliming - and how a Wikipedia editor, William Connelley, tried to hide the evidence of Lewis’s heresy:

    Here is Connolley in action on his blog, scrabbling for dirt:

    So, where are the papers? You can’t have a scientific career without papers. There are some early ones – The Multiple Production of Mesons from 1948 with Oppenheimer, no less. Or Multiple Scattering in an Infinite Medium, 1950 – worthy maths-ish thing, I’d guess. But past the late-50’s early 60’s it suddenly gets very thin indeed. I’d guess, without knowing more, that he gave up science and moved into admin.

    And here he is, in his role as a Wikipedia editor caught by Watts Up With That doctoring Professor Lewis’s Wikipedia entry so as to edit out that all-important resignation letter.

    William Connolley – a green party activist – has form in this regard. Lots of form – as I first reported here last year – drawing on Lawrence Solomon’s definitive National Post expose ”How Wikipedia’s green doctor rewrote 5,428 climate articles”.

    Connolley took control of all things climate in the most used information source the world has ever known – Wikipedia. Starting in February 2003, just when opposition to the claims of the band members were beginning to gel, Connolley set to work on the Wikipedia site. He rewrote Wikipedia’s articles on global warming, on the greenhouse effect, on the instrumental temperature record, on the urban heat island, on climate models, on global cooling. On Feb. 14, he began to erase the Little Ice Age; on Aug.11, the Medieval Warm Period. In October, he turned his attention to the hockey stick graph. He rewrote articles on the politics of global warming and on the scientists who were skeptical of the band. Richard Lindzen and Fred Singer, two of the world’s most distinguished climate scientists, were among his early targets, followed by others that the band especially hated, such as Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, authorities on the Medieval Warm Period.

    All told, Connolley created or rewrote 5,428 unique Wikipedia articles. His control over Wikipedia was greater still, however, through the role he obtained at Wikipedia as a website administrator, which allowed him to act with virtual impunity. When Connolley didn’t like the subject of a certain article, he removed it — more than 500 articles of various descriptions disappeared at his hand. When he disapproved of the arguments that others were making, he often had them barred — over 2,000 Wikipedia contributors who ran afoul of him found themselves blocked from making further contributions… In these ways, Connolley turned Wikipedia into the missionary wing of the global warming movement.

    Anyway, Connolley’s latest escapade has proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Wiki administrators. He has now been
    banned from writing on “Climate Change” for Wikipedia.

    I was always of the opinion, in my teenage years, that bunnies were for chewing. Having restauranted on Bunny a la creme sauce, on the odd occasion, one could have assumed they were originally destined to be on the food chain for the carnivores' pleasure(they taste like chicken)..

    Now I know that if I stated that there was a Bunny Olympics (since 1921) held in England, this new year 2012, you would be reaching for the number of the local "padded cell" establishment replete with jacket, to put one out of one's misery. So I thought it would be best that I provide evidence..

    Bunny Olympics..

    Bet you thought I was joking. We wait now for the Llama Equestrian meetings !!..

    Oh No, Too Late..

    Akin to the general consensus from feminists, we have this article from Andrew Bolt as he states the obvious in relation to free speech, that feminists hate as well. Their endless meanderings regard any comments made by anyone regarding anything female as either misogynists or sexist, take your pick. Any attempt at free speech or discussions ,where they are concerned, has to be banned. Sound familiar..

    You’re too evil to speak

    Janet Albrechtsen on the violent Australia Day protest whipped up by Julia Gillard’s office:
    The thuggish activists saw no irony in proudly exercising their right to free speech by using violence and intimidation to shut down those with whom they disagreed.

    The protests personify a strain of illiberalism found more often among those on the Left than the Right. Far from being progressive, members of the illiberal Left often work from one of two basic premises to curb free speech.
    First, the masses are too dumb to be trusted with the unpredictable consequences of too much free speech. Accordingly, these self-appointed moral guardians of the great unwashed impose politically correct rules to proscribe free speech…
    The flip-side of this mentality is that if you happen to take a different political view on important matters, then you can’t be a decent human being after all. And if that’s the case, it would be best if you did not air your indecent views. In short, the second premise used by moral guardians on the illiberal-left to constrain free speech is the “too evil to talk freely” rule. Those with different views are too evil to be trusted with free speech.
    (To illustrate that truth, no comments, please.)

    Hot lips Houlihan, MASH
    As usual, as normal and demonstrating what compulsive liars the feminasties really are. We have another study that demonstrates that whatever femmies state, it can automatically be regarded as either purely stupid, a compulsive exaggeration or just a complete fabrication as well as a lie.

    Their recourse to honesty has been petrified in stone, due to lack of use..

    Take your own pick.In reality, feminists have really just stopped being relevant at all as they are now being sock puppeted by the radicals. The radicals have just booted out the male imitators (feminist men or manginas), as well as the majority of "pretend feminists", those who mistakingly believed that it's was either about equality, about gender or about sex.

    They have all been given their marching orders as the lunatics take over. They want to run the chaos for a while..

    So we do not apparently spend most of the time staring at boobs but something else, like facial features. Maybe we leave them till last, just as a bonus..
    ss 101429699

    So apart from that, what is the first impression about this photograph. I am just wondering if they have screwed that study up as well or what?
    Keep that result to yourself, by the way..

    Lips are the most attractive part of a woman’s body, especially if she’s wearing red lipstick. 

    A new study, carried out by scientists at Manchester University, has shown in ten seconds after meeting a lady for the first time, the average chap will spend more than half his time gazing at her mouth. If she’s wearing lipstick, he’ll find it difficult to look away, with a dash of pink holding his attention for 6.7 seconds and red keeping him fixated for 7.3seconds.

    The study involved tracking eye movements of men as they were presented with images of women. When the women wore lipstick, the men gazed at their lips for seven seconds-spending 0.95seconds looking at their eyes and 0.85 seconds studying their hair. However, when they went without make-up, the men got tired of looking at their lips after 2.2 seconds, instead devoting 2.97 seconds to admiring their eyes and 2.77 seconds to studying their noses.
    This study proves that lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction. Full and red lips combined deliver the perfect pout to achieve male fixation.

    This is exactly what we have been saying all along and finally a confession straight from the horses mouth..

     "Radical feminists seek liberation from men and their system, not equality."

    Read it for yourself. Male feminists are finished, not even feminists want them involved..

    Finally a confession about the real intentions of feminists and their self confessed male hating stance and assigning that to ALL FEMINISTS..

    Have a read as you finally comprehend what feminism is really all about..

    Note to feminists - Try Denying the TRUTH now, Lying Hypocrites..

    An Open Letter Regarding A Radical Profeminist and Other Would-Be Helpers”

    This is an open letter about men who claim to be feminist and to the women who believe them. This letter is directed at women who — without any analysis or criteria — believe men who claim to be feminist. This letter is not directed at anybody else, so please ensure that you are indeed a member of the intended audience before replying. This letter has been written with the cooperation of 28 radical feminists, all of whom should be familiar to those who frequent radical feminist spaces. We are rather serious today, about a rather serious harm being committed with impunity.

    First, you need to know why we have a valid reason for being concerned about the behavior of self-identified feminist men within feminist spaces, and our answer is simple: We have identified the subtle mechanisms utilized by pro-feminist men to “divide and conquer”, to erase the commonality from all women within feminist spaces and whose cumulative effect results in a gross marginalization of the radical feminist position. Nor are we are the only women to notice a problem. Megan Milanese brilliantly describes most of the tactics here — yet that list does not go far enough to analyze the extent of the problem.

    So why should an erasure of the commonality inherent to all women matter to anyone besides radical feminists? Lucky Nickel makes the relevant connection for us.
    Self-naming and self-identified labels mean nothing. There must be substance to the label they identify with and substance to who they claim to be. Otherwise folks can insist on calling a mouse a giraffe or claim rape is really love.
    What I do think important to note is that liberals, lesbian separatists and radical feminists are all flying the radfem flag these days. The problem being, they are 3 separate and distinct political groups and ideologies, 2 of whom are inappropriately waving the radfem flag. It can get a bit tricky tho with lesbian separatists as radical feminists can also be lesbian separatists. But not all lesbians are radfems and not all radfems are lesbian separatists, or even lesbian for that matter. But in Julian Real’s case, that would be irrelevant. The dude is not a lesbian or radical feminist.

    What the dude is, is liberal. And what he is attempting to do is appropriate the radical feminist label in order to inject liberal ideology. Equality politics are liberal politics, not radical feminist politics. Radical feminists seek liberation from men and their system, not equality. Liberals focus on differences between women. Radical feminists focus on the commonality of women. Needless to say, these 2 different ideologies conflict and clash. Which delights men like Julian Real to no end. Cuz if he keeps liberal women pitted against radical feminist women, it keeps women from unifying, which in turn keeps the heat off of pricks like him and men in general. Slick, no?[/indent]
    In talking to each other privately, we have decided to collectively communicate the following message regarding Julian Real, Hugo Schwyzer, and other men like them who claim to be feminist allies. These men do not speak for women as well as we can speak for ourselves and we ask that you give radical feminist bloggers the respect of reading our words, joining the discussion in comments on our blogs, and contributing to our own community rather than giving energy to men like Julian & Hugo who seek to divide us on points which all feminists have in common. Men exhibiting these behaviors have inserted themselves into discussions among women when their participation was insidiously harmful in nature, and we ask that you not support that behavior nor make excuses for it.

    Rideau Canal Museum and Wood Mill at night, Smith Falls, Ontario..
    With the ever increasing amount of people wanting to be counted and be involved in fighting the good fight against the feminasties, their lying ways and total dishonesty, we have another new brother in arms, who is patiently going where some fear to tread..

    Over the years we have witnessed the procedures that feminists follow and the methodology they use to spread their poison. It would appear that no one is safe from that, not even smaller cities and towns, all which are open slather. Any place regardless of size will eventually bare the brunt of those messengers of hate and evil. If we can reduce their hate message and interference, then we have at least achieved something and it does all help..

    Here is one such site and it relates to Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Not that far from the border of the US.

    I would like you to have a look at his site, support it by becoming a follower or leave a comment and lets see if we can help him fight the scourge that he has been fighting as well as we all have, for years..
    I have been under attack by the local radicals for a while, the more join the more i can scare them.
    More information..

    EMC Smiths falls, objectivity out the door, promoters of feminist untruths, radicalism and parental alienation.

    This is a local post, for Lanark county and Smiths falls Ontario. In response to the Smiths falls EMC's refusal to publish the truth.
    I have daughters and a grand daughter, by no means is this about women, it is about the destructive ideals of radical feminism and their effort to destroy the family.
    -The family must be destroyed... Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process." -- Linda Gordon
    -We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage." Robin Morgan
    -Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." -- Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW
    -Every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." -- Andrea Dworkin

    What families experience at the hand of the local woman's shelter and social programs under it's anti parent directors and the staff in the Lanark county area, is destroying the very fabric of family life, therefore the nation itself. I believe that exposing the untruth been spewed out by these people need to be told. I will not go after all shelters because it would not be right, this blog supports the original ideas of the woman's shelter promoted by Erin Pizzey.(Pizzey said that militant feminists hijacked her cause and used it to try to demonise all men, not only in Britain, but internationally).
    I can only speak about local experiences and provide undeniable proof that the propaganda been imposed on the local population is nothing other than a response to this blog.
    After been told that this blog is been closely scrutinized by the shelters directors, "some" of her supporters in the police, I am glad they read it and do not like what is been written. And nothing makes me happier. The truth hurts.

    The local paper the Emc smiths falls, has been a propaganda tool for the local radical left wing feminist for a long time, refusing to publish local horror stories coming out of the social programs. The shelter, the local school, (St John in Perth), with Ontario works, open doors, connections, family services and all others have been increasing their funding by going after teens, specifically teen girls. We have a saying in Smiths falls, "in the spring go downtown and see how many children are pushing strollers". Welfare on demand seems to be the local governments idea of economic recovery, in turn, teen drug abuse, crime, are a big problem and downtown businesses are becoming an extinct thing of the past. There was a study performed by local officials about this problem and when parents tried to get involved they were turned away, so much for their study. Those responsible for the problem, are in charge of studying the problem, makes sense doesn't it?

     Pick the blond clones. All a bunch of cuties none the less..

    This information is what feminist have been trying to hide, deleteand deny for many a decade. They are of the opinion that themenstrual cycle is irrelevant and superfluous to their cause and onecan understand why when one looks at the studies on how women areaffected by it.

    In the worst case scenarios, their behaviour areeffected to such a degree as to make them totally dysfunctional andeven bedridden for the period(intended) of the cycle. The other sideof the argument is ofcourse that it is swept under the carpet and notdiscussed or taken seriously..

    Just some added benefits from feminism, as they live in ignorant,self induced silence..

    How men can decode women’s menstrual cycles

    Men can actually tell from a woman's voice when she ishaving her period, a new study has claimed.

    For the study, conducted by Nathan Pipitone at Adams State Collegeand Gordon Gallup from SUNY-Albany, the researchers asked threegroups of men to listen to voice recordings of ten womenwho counted from one to five at four different points over theirmenstrualcycle.
    How men can decode women’s menstrual cycles

    According to PopularScience, all four recordings were played in a random order andthen the first group of men were asked to guesswhich were made while the women were on their period. The tests revealed that the men were correct 35 per cent of thetime, which was described as a 'significant' result.

    A study by the two scientists four years ago had already shownthat men find the voices of ovulating women more attractive thanvoice recordings at other points in their period cycle. So to update their research, they swapped the recordings that werenearest to ovulation with those from a less fertile day. The second group in the new study still spotted thevoice during menstruation 34 per cent of the time. In fact, Pipitone and Gallup said all three groups pinpointed the'period' voices more than any other recordings.

    Evidence has already shown that men subconsciously judge where awoman is in her menstrual cycle. According to the men taking part in the experiments, they couldtell the women were menstruating by four key indicators in therecordings - mood, quality, pitch and speed. Some said that the menstrual recordings appeared lower in pitch,quality and mood.

    In evolutionary terms, an aversion to menstruation, whetherconscious or subconscious, is logical because males will seek femaleswho are ovulating in order to pass on their genes.

    "The men seemed to determine menstrual voices by picking themost unattractive voice," the Daily Mail quoted Pipitoneas saying. He added that it is hormones that give the women away, by inducingvocal change. "Vocal production is closely tied to our biology. Forexample, cells from the larynx and vagina are very similar and showsimilar hormone receptors," he said. Gallup concluded that "the sound of a person's voice containsa surprising amount of reproductively relevant information." The study has been published in the journal Ethology.

    Comedy does come in many forms and as the saying goes "A picure is worth a thousand words" is one hundred percent spot on..

    Here's proof..

    Someone having fun with Photoshop..

    If only..


    The Force is strong with this one..

    Kids using unidentifiable new hand held devices..

    Canine Comment ?..

    I wonder if they stand for the same meaning..

    And ofcourse we cannot escape the verbals for humour..

    The add below is apparently peaking on Alexa as the most popular hit at the moment. Thought I would just demonstrate how one enterprising being is going to get himself into some serious bother just to make a few bucks. This is one of the more interesting money raising ideas I have come across but definitely not the brightest..

    The best Craigslist ad for Super Bowl tickets we've seen in XLVI years.

    The feminist's nightmare, the family

    I have on my Google reader a site named "What Black Men Think", having been pointed in that direction quite a few years a go and keeping an interest in my coloured brothers has always been there as I have met many and have a very good personal friend as well..

    The other side of the coin was the endless expose of black women, especially by Hollywood, who appear to be determined to expose them as heartless, nasty and totally obnoxious bitches, which has appeared to have worked where I am concerned. Couple that with the endless examples of their penchant to banging thugs and being the majority of single mothers (70%) and one does have to wonder what the hell is going on. It's would appear to be a problem with no possibility of change..

    So meanwhile we have all black men cast as useless individuals by those exact mommas, just like all men are now derided and castigated by any and most females at will. One has to wonder who is going to wake up first, as it is obviously not working out and also, who will actual admit to being the major culprit for creating, what is obviously becoming, a totally dysfunctional society..

    Yes well, someone somewhere has to start the reversing methodology of that society destroying attitude and there are a lot of good guys out there trying hard..

    What Black Men Think..

    My inquisitive nature wondered why black men, especially the Hip-Hop crowd, started caning the piss out of the sistas a few years back, also wondered if this was just an example, indicator or expression of what they really thought about their women. Think back to when some women bandied together and tried to censure and eliminate that level of vitriol against their own sex, just because it was there and they really did not care why, or the reason it surfaced to begin with, they just wanted it stopped. The girls had their reasons of ensuring their broken pedestal was not completely shattered and destroyed. So they worked at changing the wording of those songs, via threat, denigration and hubris, and it would appear that it did to some degree, work.

    But the relentless downhill slide which appears to have affected all poorer communities more, is still rampant as new generations of boys are raised by a majority of single mothers even though we know that women cannot raise a son on their own and still expect that individual to be a normal, happy, balanced human being. The odds are against that as studies clearly demonstrate, a woman is incapable of joining in the ruff and tumble of boisterous lads, as many mothers will happily attest, and also incapable of exposing him to areas that would ensure his ability to prosper, as all he ever would get is the female perspective, not good.

    In normal families the mother would educate their son/s on specific areas like affection, hygiene, diet and general physical presentation (they all overlap between parents) but a Father's presence (without him speaking a word) can have a major affect on his thinking by just demonstrating how he interacts with the woman in his life(the boy's mother). Children see a lot more than they hear, learn by example more than lecturing. If that relationship is stable, loving and happy, then it sets a benchmark for his own outlook and behavioral patterns. Feminists are quite aware of this, which is why one of their goals is to destroy the family and give all rights of possession of the child to the mother..

    So we have this book and you can read the first chapter on that link supplied. It is about the usual problems that most face and have to deal with but there are more problems created with the influx and expansion of single mothers that can, will and are just way too big to handle, seeing that life already brings copious challenges as it is, without the help of creating more unrequested and undeserved ones..

    It is not a matter of a boy needing his dad or male company, it's a matter of having to. Males seek male company desperately, particularly when exposed to the opposite sex for a period of time. The idiosyncrasies of the female mind as well as the endless conversational levels, is just something way too hard to deal with on a constant level. It is akin to escaping a prison cell with the volume turned up and one does have to escape that, if one admits that necessity in all honesty. It is not the case of, if, it's when..

    Why He Hates You..

    Single mothers would serve their sons better by letting him spend more time at other boy's homes, preferably a married stable home where both parents are present as this with counter the endless single presence of a female, where male company is not only wanted but desperately required, desperately needed. Mothers can only teach boys half of what they need to know. That's a fact as studies have continually demonstrated and that goes for girls as well. They learn a lot by just watching..
    The blame is ofcourse not mainly pointed to one sex but I just refuse to include the standard disclaimer as I normally view that as excusing the one or apologising, where an apology is not in most cases warranted..


    Dear Daddy..

    82.3% is the number of African American children born since 1990 that will not live in the same home as their biological fathers before graduating High School. Today, a generation of African American youth, have not had sustained access to positive paternal or male role models. Consequently, the concept of a residential father is often too removed from these children’s reality. Many of us know the statistics; too many of us have attempted to affect the multiple social, economic and educational dilemmas facing the African American community.Through outreach media, iYAGO Entertainment Group has dedicated its works to familial reconciliation and healing.

    Please, spare us the 'women’s politics' 
    The Left's vision of feminism and women's issues, treating women as a homogenous group, is ridiculous, argues Ruth Porter.
    Gee, if only that was possible. We have been bombarded by that endless sickening "What women want" hysteria for so long that the majority of generations on this planet was raised up with it. They actually know of nothing else. The endless hype, screaming rhetoric and demands, that we have had over the years were purely generated by marxist feminists in order to achieve their own fantasised Utopia. The marxist version which has over the centuries never eventauated to begin with. That marxist dream consists of seeing who could murder the most amount of people within a given time limit. More people died while marxists reigned than did all the wars combined and you could probably thrown in the additional headcount from death by disease as well..

    But that did not stop feminists from having another go at it nad probably with the help of the global warmist movement, they were seeking that same outcome. Strangely enough, they were actually trying to outdo each other in finding ways to disperse as much money as possible onto the least deserved..

    So we have that tired old boring and in this day and age, inane bickering over feminism and that tired, well trodden or bled to death topic, "women"..

    Is there no end..

    Obviously not. Out they drag the narcissists to once again raise that old topic but this time with a difference, it's actually got two females debating it, for a change, gee, which basically means that they both get to argue, and thrash to death, that same old tired topic once again and keep it insanely alive..
    Girls, girls, girls: it’s time we draw a line under the obsession with women and "our" issues. The level of debate over feminism reached a new low this week with the discussion between Laurie Penny and Louise Mensch on Newsnight.
    The media is fascinated by this issue, either focusing on the “battleground for women’s votes” or on topics such as whether BBCRadio 4's Today programme has enough of us on. Newsnight seems to be leading the charge with its all-women panels. I suspect it’s got to a point where feminism is now being given disproportionate air time, but no one’s done a study on this yet.
    Oh yes, if this had been a promotion for a product, it would have been banned because of oversell, people would have complained to the company and to the appropriate licensing department, filed about being bored to death and would never in return buy the product. The product would have been banned as tasteless and useless, for it's failure to live up to expectation and refunds would be demanded. All money spent on the product, to be returned The company would have to go into liquidation, never to rear it unworthy head again, one can dream..

    There's more unfortunately..
    There are many different types of feminism, some based on ideas of sexual difference, others on a focus on androgyny; there are schools of feminism in a neo-Marxist tradition that look at power relationships between people, and there are others focused on the rights agenda. Some of them must logically be wrong, as they are trying to accomplish entirely contradictory things from each other.
    What was that I was saying about marxism again..

    Anyway, I can't take any more of that useless blathering. If your prone to self inflicting punishment.. Here is the link..

    Oh no! Liz Jones again. We have had the misfortune of commenting about this feminist before, one who could well be classed as a male hater, as all feminists can be graded as such because of their voluntary involvement with that male hating hegemony. Feminism has clearly demonstrated that beyond doubt, demonstrated it so clearly that even a child could comprehend it but we still have the nay-sayers clinging to their fanciful notion that being a feminist automatically ensures their own interpretations are paramount and no other explanation exists. Like I said, Childish, immature, baseless thinking that needs to be thrown in the rubbish bin along with the belief that feminism is about equality..
    Anyway, back to Jones. Gee, where does one begin. One would have to be able to interpret it's fantasies from reality while loaded on crack. Cognitive dissonance would not even go any where near explaining the missteps this woman has wallowed through..

    Liz Jones : " I want a BABY..

    Feminist Liz Jones to Suffer Another Christmas Alone, Sniff.!!

    To LIZ JONES: Women Killed Chivalry, Too Hard To Learn ?

    As you can see, she has raised it's narcissistic head before and it was not pretty. But once again we notice that same CD(cog. dis.) level has not evaporated at all as one would imagine to be the case as one's years increase on this planet. Nope, it appears that only some learn and some just keep flogging that same dead horse that hasn't moved for ten years..

    If you have run out of tissues, as one does when reading the warped insolence of Jones, use a towel..

    Why do women like me still cling to the fantasy of being swept off our feet? (... even at the age of 53!)

    That could be regarded as an obvious question, it borders on reasonable, even for Jones' standards, but it follows the same irrational depth defying logic as she usually does..
    A good sport, he texted me this: ‘I’ve been wondering, Liz, why you are alone. And it’s because you know most men aren’t worthy of you.’ This is true: special women hold out for longer, ever hopeful. We believe he is out there, somewhere, that one-in-a-million man, that white knight.

    OMNIA VANITAS, (all is vanity). I wondered if Jones actually noticed the sarcasm or whether she actually assumed that that no one deserved of her diety, royal assent, acceptance. One only has to read a couple of her comments to see that that is precisely true. Jones is the typical feminist female who has such a high opinion of herself that she could not possibly regard anyone en par with such a brilliant, exciting, more exciting, enthralling and hallowed prize as herself. All men should, at the drop of a hat, queue at the stable door for her assessment and be prepared for the inevitable "penis comparison test", just so she can demonstrate her superior girlishness. In reality, it has the sex appeal of fellow feminastie, Maureen Dowd (same whining age and moans about the exact same issue, no one wants a bar of em!), both enjoying the manners of a foraging Canadian Wolverine on heat. Don't believe me, than have a look at this photograph and tell me how exited you are and how you would go out of your way to avoid wish to meet it. She is epitome of the saying that "If you can't do it, teach it"..

    Bloody hell, it would frighten kids as it looks like a participant in the Salem Witch Trials and survived.
    Our standards are impossibly high. Endlessly disappointed, like Madonna we never made relationships a priority. We believed that success, money, power and nice things would be enough. Unfortunately, we have discovered they aren’t.
    Using Madonna as an example is like getting PETA to promote a local abattoir. 

    Yep, she got conned, like so many other women her own age did, blindly accepted the feminists mantra "You can have it all", erm no you can't, but went onto screwing up it's own life and where has that got her, apart from endless bitching about how hard life is and how hard it is to find a man according to some imaginary, unlimited, yardstick. In reality, I think she is just a pain in the arse. I think this women is way too obnoxious in more ways than one to even be considered as a partner unless you enjoy the endless "dick" comparison activity at the end of every day, as you greet it at the door, along with it's endless demands for you to entertain her, while she in return, returns nothing.  She will ofcourse ensure bitter annoyance and endless entitlement. As all feminists have already demonstrated, to partner one could only be compared to living a life of self denial and facing those  endless demands of ensuring that you did half the washing up and took your turn at any other efforts, that is normally required on a daily basis for existence. Fancy having to spend endless days being rammed through the wringer on every minutiae of daily existence, just because she decides it should be the case..

    Nope, give that a miss, thank you very much..
    I will probably have nightmares after seeing that image..

    Even the Bern waxes lyrical on the topic..

    Great to see all round good guy and blog follower Dr.Greg Canning, demonstrate what it takes to get the message out and spread the word. Greg states a few obvious issues that need to be stated and demonstrates also that the need for a good solid Men's Coalition in Australia is way overdue..

    We have already exposed the fact that radical feminists have infiltrated the Gillard Government with her blessing, granted tax payer dollars to the tune of 2 Billion dollars to feminist interests and have already influenced legislation that is designed to limit, if not take it away all together, Men's fundamental Basic Human rights. The legislation already introduced is for any man to be automatically found guilty at the "word" of one single female, without proof or witnesses or even substantiated by professional evidence as one would have if one was assaulted or robbed.
    This is a basic human rights issue as no one should be able be imprisoned, according to existing laws or held guilty without that person being able to have their day in court with a jury present, to argue their case. This has already been the case as many Men in Australia and world-wide can already testify..

    So it's with great enthusiasm that I bring this great news and congratulate Greg on his great effort. Well Done. This has really made my day..

    For the rest of the article..

    I have never been a fan of Obama as he is just too close to Marxism for me to be comfortable with. He has confirmed my fears by granting high government positions to his fellow marxists as well. That cannot not be for the good of the country, I would have thought.
    Marxism is directly opposed to the capital market system which works that well that the communists dictators in China even promoted it, but are now in the process of winding it back if they can. Watch for some interesting activity in China in 2012..

    This post may indeed come close to being a "conspiracy theorist dream", which I resist and definitely do not promote. Too many about already. But I have been following the Obama "Birthers"(started by Hillary Clinton) arguments about Obama's right to office, if he is not an actual US citizen and I have found the MSM avoiding any mention of it or just presenting some indifferent commentary on such an important topic.

    So for the sake of argument, have a peak at the case in Georgia this week, where the Judge failed to fined against the defendant Barack Hussein Obama, and here is a running commentary on the case which I found rather interesting, to say the least. It is third party assessment and commentary, so it can be taken with a pinch of salt. But interesting just the same..

    Thursday,January 26, 2012
    ByCraig Andresen on January 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Giventhe testimony from today’s court case in Georgia, Obama has a lotof explaining to do. His attorney, Jablonski, was a NO SHOW as ofcourse, was Obama.

    Thefollowing is a nutshell account of the proceedings.

Promptly at9am EST, all attorneys involved in the Obama Georgia eligibility casewere called to the Judge’s chambers. This was indeed a veryinteresting beginning to this long awaited and important case.

Thecase revolved around the Natural Born clause of the Constitution andwhether or not Obama qualifies under it to serve. More to the point,if found ineligible, Obama’s name would not appear on the 2012ballot in Georgia.

    Withthe small courtroom crowded, several in attendance could be seenfanning themselves with pamphlets as they waited for the return ofthe attorneys and the appearance of the judge.

    Obamahimself, who had been subpoenaed to appear, of course was nowherenear Georgia. Instead, Obama was on a campaign swing appearing in LasVegas and in Colorado ignoring the court in Georgia.

Over thelast several weeks, Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, hadattempted several tactics to keep this case from moving forward. Hefirst tried to have it dismissed, then argued that it was irrelevantto Obama. After that, Jablonski argued that a state could not, underthe law, determine who would or would not be on a ballot and later,that Obama was simply too busy with the duties of office to appear.

    Afterall these arguments were dispatched by the Georgia Court, Jablonski,in desperation, wrote to the Georgia Secretary of State attempting toplace Obama above the law and declared that the case was not to heheard and neither he nor his client would participate.


Secretaryof State, Brian Kemp, fired back a letter hours later tellingJablonski he was free to abandon the case and not participate butthat he would do so at his and his clients peril.


5 minutes.


15minutes with the attorneys in the judge’s chambers.


Itappears Jablonski is not in attendance as the attorneys return, allgo to the plaintiff table 24 minutes after meeting in the judge’schambers.

 HasObama’s attorney made good on his stated threat not to participate? 
    Is he directly ignoring the courts subpoena? Is he placing Obamaabove the law? It seems so. Were you or I subpoenaed to appear incourt, would we or our attorney be allowed such action or, nonaction?


Courtis called to order.

    Obama’sbirth certificate is entered into evidence.

    Obama’sfathers place of birth, Kenya East Africa is entered into evidence.

    Pages214 and 215 from Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father” enteredinto evidence. Highlighted. This is where Obama indicates that, in1966 or 1967 that his father’s history is mentioned. It states thathis father’s passport had been revoked and he was unable to leaveKenya.

    ImmigrationServices documents entered into evidence regarding Obama Sr.

June27th, 1962, is the date on those documents. Obama’s fathers statusshown as a non citizen of the United States. Documents were gottenthrough the Freedom of Information Act.

Testimony regarding thedefinition of Natural Born Citizen is given citing Minor vs.Happersett opinion from a Supreme Court written opinion from 1875.The attorney points out the difference between “citizen” and“Natural Born Citizen” using charts and copies of the Minor vs.Happersett opinion.

    Itis also pointed out that the 14th Amendment does not alter thedefinition or supersede the meaning of Natural Born. It is pointedout that lower court rulings do not conflict with the Supreme Courtopinion nor do they over rule the Supreme Court Minor vs. Happersettopinion.

    Thepoint is, to be a natural born citizen, one must have 2 parents who,at the time of the birth in question, be citizens of the UnitedStates. As Obama’s father was not a citizen, the argument is thatObama, constitutionally, is ineligible to serve as President.

    Judgenotes that as Obama nor his attorney is present, action will be takenaccordingly.

Carl Swinson takes the stand.

Testimonyis presented that the SOS has agreed to hear this case, lawsapplicable, and that the DNC of Georgia will be on the ballot and thechallenge to it by Swinson.

    2ndwitness, a Mr. Powell, takes the stand and presents testimonyregarding documents of challenge to Obama’s appearance on theGeorgia ballot and his candidacy.

    Courtrecords of Obama’s mother and father entered into evidence.

Officialcertificate of nomination of Obama entered into evidence.

    RNCcertificate of nomination entered into evidence.

DNClanguage does NOT include language stating Obama is Qualified whilethe RNC document DOES. This shows a direct difference trying toestablish that the DNC MAY possibly have known that Obama was notqualified.

    Jablonskiletter to Kemp yesterday entered into evidence showing their desirethat these proceedings not take place and that they would notparticipate.

    DreamsFrom My Father entered.

Mr.Allen from Tuscon AZ sworn in.

    Discoveryreceived from Immigration and Naturalization Service entered intoevidence. This discovery contains information regarding the status ofObama’s father received through the Freedom of Information Act.

    Thisinformation states clearly that Obama’s father was NEVER a U.S.Citizen.

Atthis point, the judge takes a recess.

    Thejudge returns.

DavidFarrar takes the stand.

    Evidenceshowing Obama’s book of records listing his nationality asIndonesian. Deemed not relevant by the judge.

    OrlyTaitz calls 2nd witness. Mr. Strump.

Entersinto evidence a portion of letter received from attorney showing arenewal form from Obama’s mother for her passport listing Obama’slast name something other than Obama.

    StateLicensed PI takes the stand.

Shewas hired to look into Obama’s background and found a SocialSecurity number for him from 1979. Professional opinion given thatthis number was fraudulent. The number used or attached to Obama in1979, shows that Obama was born in the 1890. This shows that thenumber was originally assigned to someone else who was indeed born in1890 and should never have been used by Obama.

    SameSS number came up with addresses in IL, D.C. and MA.

Nextwitness takes the stand.

    Thiswitness is an expert in information technology and photo shop.. Hetestifies that the birth certificate Obama provided to the public islayered, multiple layered. This, he testifies, indicates thatdifferent parts of the certificate have been lifted from more thanone original document.

    LindaJordan takes the stand.

Documententered regarding SS number assigned to Obama. SS number is notverified under E Verify. It comes back as suspected fraudulent. Thisis the system by which the Government verifies ones citizenship.



    Expertin document imaging and scanners for 18 years.

Mr.Gogt testifies that the birth certificate, posted online by Obama, issuspicious. States white lines around all the type face is caused by“unsharp mask” in Photoshop. Testifies that any document showingthis, is considered to be a fraud.

    Statesthis is a product of layering.

Mr.Gogt testifies that a straight scan of an original document would notshow such layering.

    Alsotestifies that the date stamps shown on Obama documents should not bein exact same place on various documents as they are hand stamped.Obama’s documents are all even, straight and exactly the sameindicating they were NOT hand stamped but layered into the document bycomputer.

    Nextwitness, Mr. Sampson a former police officer and former immigrationofficer specializing in immigration fraud.

    RanObama’s SS number through database and found that the number wasissued to Obama in 1977 in the state of MA. Obama never resided inMA. At the time of issue, Obama was living in Hawaii.

    Serialnumber on birth certificate is out of sequence with others issued atthat hospital. Also certification is different than others anddifferent than twins born 24 hours ahead of Obama.

    Mr.Sampson also states that portion of documents regarding Mr. Sotoroe,who adopted Obama have been redacted which is highly unusual withregards to immigration records.

    Suggestsall records from Social Security, Immigration, Hawaii birth recordsbe made available to see if there are criminal charges to be filed ornot. Without them, nothing can be ruled out.

    Mr.Sampson indicates if Obama is shown not to be a citizen, he should bearrested and deported and until all records are released nobody canknow for sure if he is or is not a U.S. Citizen.

    Taitzshows records for Barry Sotoro aka Barack Obama, showing he residesin Hawaii and in Indonesia at the same time.

    Taitztakes the stand herself.

Testifiesthat records indicate Obama records have been altered and he ishiding his identity and citizenship.

    Taitzleave the stand to make her closing arguments.

Taitzstates that Obama should be found, because of the evidence presented,ineligible to serve as President.

    Andwith that, the judge closes the hearing.

Whatcan we take away from this?


Now, all of this has finally been enteredOFFICIALLY into court records