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Another false assault claim, just like in every other western nation on the planet where ludicrous laws have been introduced by slut-feminists to ensure that anyone who has the temerity to reject the advances of any female will have to suffer the backlash. Woman scorned and all that but meanwhile she walks away from court after ruining several peoples' lives, a free girl, blameless..

Holding women accountable will be something new and amazing when it finally surfaces, won't it..

Andrew Bolt

March 17 2012 (12:38pm)

Another fine example of today's "New Woman", no wonder they're avoided..

I have long worried about the offence industry - especially in some areas where to doubt is to risk being slimed as racist or sexist.
And as you read this, remember that two innocent men have been publicly vilified and their employer has paid huge legal costs it is unlikely to get back:

A SEXUAL harassment claim against senior members of the Commonwealth Bank by a former female employee has been dismissed by a Federal Court judge as being “without any factual foundation or legal substance”, comparing her account of events to a “novel”.
Vivienne Dye ... claimed in 2008 that two senior CBA officers, Michael Blomfield and Angus Patterson, had sexually harassed her, that the bank had discriminated against her because of her gender and disability, and victimised her because of the complaints she had made.
But in a stinging judgment yesterday, Federal Court judge John Buchanan found Ms Dye’s allegations against the bankers were false and ordered her to pay costs… Both men have since left the bank in unrelated circumstances.
Ms Dye also claimed she was sexually assaulted by Mr Patterson, a claim that was investigated and dismissed by NSW police.
But Justice Buchanan found Ms Dye to be unreliable in the evidence given to the court. “Ms Dye’s written account of matters has, over the years, been progressively altered, re-recorded, edited, polished, embellished and even substantially changed as though it was a novel. She has added events, omitted events and changed the dates on which events occurred in a bewildering fashion. She has rewritten a version of some events on a number of occasions so that their very character and significance altered completely....”
In 2008, Ms Dye’s claim to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission was first leaked to Sydney newspapers The Daily Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald, in what Justice Buchanan said was an attempt to elicit support for her allegations and were “the result of of a strategy devised by Ms Dye and her advisers”.
It sounds like a case of Fatal Attraction:

In fact, it was Ms Dye who made advances towards Mr Blomfield, hoping for a ‘’close and intimate relationship’’ with him, Justice Buchanan found.

When Mr Blomfield, then the executive general manager in charge of local business banking, rebuffed her, Ms Dye ‘’turned from seeking his attention to a desire to be revenged on him’’.

Mr Patterson testified that in 2007, Ms Dye told him she was taking out a sexual harassment case against Mr Blomfield, saying: ‘’I’m going to get that c---, and I’m going to f---ing destroy him and his family.’’

When Mr Patterson, who was her friend and confidant, declined to assist her against Mr Blomfield, Ms Dye turned on him, claiming Mr Patterson violently sexually assaulted her.

Some of the evidence that blew Dye’s claims apart.
One reason other such baseless claims are made is that it is almost always cheaper and less painful for the innocent target to pay off their accusers than fight them in court. So this is rare:
Both Mr Patterson and Mr Blomfield have since left Commonwealth Bank and Justice Buchanan congratulated the bank for fighting to clear their names, rather than taking the cheaper option to settle the case.

Some law reform is needed here.