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Our esteemed female prime minister, scurried away..

One of the more ridiculous claims made by Slut-Feminists, is that the World would be such a better place if run by Women. It is their false claim that somehow, women will introduce some level of Utopia and all will be sunshine and roses, with the waft of clematis, rising up through the air..

If you follow the guidelines introduced by Radical Slut-Feminists, they would reduce the male population anywhere from 10-30%, probably depending on their sex drive. Don't forget also that they also want to remove all females with a similar mindset of the "Patriarchy"..

Personally, I feel both sexes have a contribution to make but only one sex is more interested than the other. It's just another lifestyle choice, just like making a bigger income is by spending more hours on the job and being totally focused on it. No amount of hysterical or false claims changes that..

So we have a shining example of a "Woman in Charge" in Aus, bearing in mind that she is personally responsible for a policy that has lead to the deaths of hundreds of people trying to sneak into Australia under the false guise of being victims of one thing or another. Aus. does possess Embassies the last I checked and legible immigrant application forms, one can fill in to immigrate but some prefer the dangerous plan "B", the short cut..

If allowing people to die on the open sea is an example of how women in charge behave, how about destroying the economy of the country, how does that fair well to the claims that putting a woman in charge will create a new utopian situation. In both cases, we have more people dying unnecessarily and driving a country into poverty as the preferred options that Julia Gillard and her slut feminist ministry is encouraging, should make one think twice about that entire hegemony that claims to have the answers when in reality, it wallows in fantasy as well as having cups of tea with Alice and the rabbit..

However you look at it. The Slut-feminist claim is at once a lie, an exaggeration as well. Slut-Feminists should stop making those obvious sexist and discriminatory claims..


Tim Blair Thursday, March 15, 2012 (5:37am)

If he can pull this off, he’ll become the Greatest Living Australian:

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer has escalated his campaign against the Gillard government, vowing to mount a High Court challenge to the carbon tax.
As the major political parties wrestled over proposed cuts to company tax, Mr Palmer last night turned his sights to the carbon tax, telling the ABC’s 7.30 he had legal advice that it was unconstitutional.
Asked on what grounds it was unconstitutional, Mr Palmer said: ‘’The grounds are set out in legal advice and they’ll be coming out in the High Court.’’
Click for video. Palmer won’t just be helping big businesses:

Struggling small business retailers are facing a carbon tax hike from July 1 that will add thousands of dollars to their annual rent, power and landlord costs.
Shopping centre giant Westfield has included an explicit “Carbon or Greenhouse Gas Emission Charge” clause in lease agreements with 11,885 retailers across Australia.
And other shopping centre owners will follow suit.
Small business owners last night predicted the price of everything from a cup of espresso coffee to haircuts and sporting goods will rise from July 1.
But Labor thinks it has a solution:

Ms Gillard … visited a Canberra bookshop to announce that she planned to appoint a small-business commissioner.
This ought to be fun.