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Both Feminists, both screwing the country into the ground
Another fine example of what happens when women are in power. Not only do they abuse it's privilege but they "feel" they are irreplaceable, blameless and without accountability. .Slut-Feminism have been promoting that ridiculous statement that women in power will indeed make the world spin better and even faster. That their caring and ability is that great that everyone will be singing the kumbaya tune and joining hands in no time at all. They have informed all who want to listen and accept the lie, that a "woman" are far more capable of unifying society as well as steering the way to a new Utopian future..
Well guess what ? They are lying again and this case as Bligh demonstrates without any assistance, a spiteful, obnoxious, smearing and nasty individual that has in reality acted just like any woman does when she "feels" scorned. It is really just standard expected behaviour which makes the slut-feminists false claim all the more ridiculous..
Every single prediction that slut-feminists have made about women's superiority, women themselves have clearly demonstrated as being a total and complete lie. A woman in power is only interested in staying there regardless of what it takes but they are only ever interested in looking after their own. They are just incapable of seeing the whole picture or outside of their own sex..

Sad but true and continuously demonstrate that fact..

Another fine example of womanhood, failed again..
 Bligh’s calumny explodes in her face
By Andrew Bolt

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s attempt to smear Campbell Newman as corrupt has backfired so badly that he’ll now romp it in Ashgrove, according to the Galaxy poll:

Party insiders believe Anna Bligh’s recent admission that she did not have the “material” evidence against Mr Newman was a critical turning point in the Ashgrove campaign.

 The impact has lead to Mr Newman’s primary support jumping from 45 per cent to 52 per cent in a fortnight, meaning he will win on election night without preferences…

 On a two-party preferred basis, Mr Newman would win 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

 Let us hope that this sordid campaign is a warning to politicians everywhere to ditch the smears and stick to the policies.

 (Thanks to reader The Old and Unimproved Dave.)