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Hide your information in any way possible before the Ministry of Truth gets at it..

This effort by the socialist Australian Government is of major concern. It has always been the dream of like thinkers, such as feminists as well, to shut down any opposition to their lies and misinformation. They tried that in the last decade as their concern was for the rapid increase of the MRM and demanded that the Canadian Government shut down all men's rights sites for being, in their opinion, "angry", amongst other radical claims. Needless to say, their claims were laughed out of parliament as they were even more guilty of the claim than the object of their target..

Socialists have already demanded control over the media for the same reason. They hate the idea that information, the truth, is out there and people are being given that information to decide for themselves, and  that information is beyond their control and editing options, just like feminist sites hold so dear..

Ask any pertinent question and watch your question disappear in front of your eyes if it makes it that far. This is their version of freedom of information and free speech. They have been trying to shut down or control the web for the last ten years and so far have been tackled at ground level for their stupidity but once again, we have another socialist government trying on the same tactic via a different approach, but the end result is all the same..

Shut down dissenting voices at all costs while they seek to destroy everyone's rights in the process. Obama and Gillard suffer from that same mentality and indoctrination. Both are socialists and both "feel" they are being wronged by the truth and both want to shut it down as soon as possible..

 Bloggers to be controlled by new Ministry of Truth

Suitable Headquarters for New Media control body.
The Communications minister Stephen Conroy has released proposals for a Government-funded body to regulate media in Australia including newsprint, radio, TV and internet sites reaching down to the smallest blogs including this one. A blog will be included if it passes a threshold of 15,000 hits a year which will include all the climate realist blogs I know. The political bent of the committee preparing the report can be seen in it's view that the ABC  with it's gaggle of left-wing journalists is unbiased. The report says the new body will be independent and arms-length from the government which funds it. This will obviously work in the same manner as the "independent" Fair Work Australia which is stuffed full of appointed union heavies and fellow travellers , and sits in judgement over unions and employers.

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.
Thomas Jefferson