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If there is one single item that we can continuously rely on, it's the hypocrisy, bias and hate promoting efforts by feminists as well as their enablers. That orgs like SPLC, an active member of the left wing lunatic section. Copious indications point directly to that fact. The democrat party is in bed with the feminists and the republicans are hoping there may be a place there for them as well (think Palin "I am feminist", and Michelle Bachmann "it's because I am a women")..

By the way, the SPLC has already been accused of being a Hate Group (more than once) itself. So now we have the good old Mexican standoff, where one would have to prove which is the greater hater, SPLC or the rest of the world..

Whenever any mention of feminism or feminists, rears it's repulsive, ugly head, one can be assured of a few automatic responses. One would be false information and the other would be some level of "male bashing"(misandry) is assured, even when it is subtly hidden which is about as affective as hiding an elephant in a room. But they continue with their bias and bigotry just like they have over the last forty odd years and claim it to be about "equality". That word could not be further from their minds than the nearest star is to this planet. Feminists have always and consistently introduced blatant and obvious sexist and discriminatory laws without any consideration on whether or not it had anything to do with equality at all. They just do not give a damn. Their funding is in the "All women are victims" category and not in the "privileged princess" one..

But it continues as now we witness female academics promoting their obvious anti-male preferences in order to increase even more of the same, more of those "special privileges" just for themselves..

Luckily there are still some women who can actually see past their "feminist, self-induced victimhood" mantra in order to demonstrate the blatant misandry and hate, those feminists continually indulge in..

Is the American Association of University Women (AAUW) a Hate Group?

I read with amusement the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attack on the manosphere (via Instapundit). According to Reason magazine:
The Southern Poverty Law Center, founded in 1971 as a civil rights law firm, has released its latest “Intelligence Report” on hate groups in the United States. This year’s report contains a new category: the Manosphere.
Here is what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about that category:
The so-called “manosphere” is peopled with hundreds of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to savaging feminists in particular and women, very typically American women, in general. Although some of the sites make an attempt at civility and try to back their arguments with facts, they are almost all thick with misogynistic attacks that can be astounding for the guttural hatred they express. What follows are brief descriptions of a dozen of these sites. Another resource is the Man Boobz website (, a humorous pro-feminist blog (its tagline is “Misogyny: I Mock It”) that keeps a close eye on these and many other woman-hating sites.
Yep, anytime men don’t sing the praises of women and have legitimate concerns, or they are just playing the same sexual games that women have played for years, they are now misogynists and a “hate group.”
Well, two can play at this game. Here is my own list of man-hating sites from the “womanosphere” that we all need to keep a watch on:

American Association of University Women

This hate group is doing more to damage boy’s education than any pick-up artist’s act ever did to a woman’s ego. This misandric website says it’s mission is to break through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance. Yet, they do so at the expense of boys. According to Christina Hoff Sommers, the author of the The WAR AGAINST BOYS, the AAUW has not merely ignored boys’ problems, it had dismissed them, coaching teachers at its 1997 Leadership Conference on how to deflect questions about boys’ deficits and comparing those who questioned bias against girls to “Holocaust revisionists” in its newsletter. Thanks to man-haters like the AAUW, boys are lagging behind girls in school and are less likely to attend college, possibly contributing to stagnant (or possibly declining) wages for men. Let’s all keep on eye on this one.

This website is not only full of women who dislike men, they dislike women too. Here, they call blogger Susannah Breslin a “Certifiable Asshole” because they disagree with something she wrote. And some of them idolize an extremist who dreams of gendercide. What a lovely group. Sorry SPLC, but no pick-up artist can compete with these gals.

Amanda Marcotte
This woman is so cruel to men that when Thomas Ball set himself on fire after feeling abused by family court, she described the dead man as a typical ”abuser” whose only desire was to “make [his] ex-wife’s life a living hell . . . ” No concern for the man who died.
If you know of more of these misandric sites or individuals, comment below so we can add them to our list of hate groups to watch.