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On your bike Bligh, people don't like liars..

Politicians are in the throws of learning about keeping promises. Once again, another "leader", in this case Anna Bligh, broke promises and suffered the consequence..

The Queensland Labor Party (See Democrat) have just suffered one of the most complete and total historic annihilation at the polls yesterday. The thrashing is that bad that the Party is not even eligible to receive state funding for their offices and staff. They are currently a non-party and have to rely on the new LNP for funding, that is how low their votes were..

Lying has it's short term rewards and obviously in this case, they are all negative as Bligh has found out. The Greens thankfully received not a single seat, just to add more salt to the wound of Federal politics and even now Bligh is still wondering if she has a seat at all..

Election washout

Andrew Bolt

Labor has gone from 51 seats in Queensland to just seven or eight, leaving it without an automatic entitlement to party status and the extra staff that brings. What a disaster.
The Greens vote fell from 8.4 per cent last time to 7.4 per cent. Good.
And we have this..
  THE Queensland Labor Government suffered an electoral bloodbath as Anna Bligh was ripped from power in a record voter backlash.Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman was rocketed into parliament - and the office of Premier - taking a wrecking ball to Labor's rule.
Seventy-five of the parliament's 89 seats had been called for the LNP with just six in the hands of Labor after voters across the state abandoned the Bligh Government.
The ALP lost a staggering 42 seats in a foreboding message to the federal Gillard Government.
Now it's just a matter of tossing out the biggest liar Australia has ever witnessed, Julia Gillard. One who promised that under "her" government, there will be no carbon tax, which she has promptly reneged on in a deal with the Greens, just to get into office as she did not win outright.