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Talented Graffiti artist at work objectifying women, dreadful..

Having filtered through the latest offerings by GWW(GirlWritesWhat), I am starting to suffer from repetitive neck strain as I am continually nodding in affirmation to her comments stated, that so reflects my own thinking and thought processes, as to make it uncanny. A refreshing change to hear from a female precisely what I have been saying all along, it does ofcourse have a more notable and palatable affect on her own sex. It sounds better and makes it more acceptable, which is just great as I really don't care who says it, as long as it is stated..

This video puts paid to the ridiculous, juvenile antics, that the slut-feminist drones make in relation to objectifying women. It is such a yawn in reality, why they just don't get it and it's even more boring when they fail to comprehend the bleeding obvious. The stupidity that prevails in that movement is nothing short of blatant childishness and immaturity, so it's nice to find a video that presents it all in perspective.. Enjoy..