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Nolan flicked from the Backstage program. now you see him now you don'..
Barry Nolan is a deserved recipient of this award as he even made the comment that he should wear a badge depicting that he was one himself. Well, I have gone one or two better as you will see. In this day and age there is nothing more disgusting than seeing a male feminist gloating about their cowtowing(sic) and declaring their obedience to a movement that has been clearly demonstrated to being a hate movement. But Nolan has bettered that single claim by actually promoting two such movements. Which includes the SPLC, a hate group of it's own accord..An outstanding effort and one award that is well deserved. It is not too often that we see someone admit that and do it with pride..

Barry Nolan Mangina Award.

In recognition for promoting male abuse, racism ("white" men) and selectively demonstrating that he is not only a member of the hate movement that is slut-feminism, but also promotes the SPLC, another hate group designed to belittle and denigrate the actions and work of the MM as well as MRA's. Well done Barry and don't worry about getting a mangina button, below is your new t-shirt..

A Nolan special..
Ofcourse we need an example on how "good" the white male has it according to Nolan. Promoting female supremacy is only the beginning of his rant in that article, as he cherry picks and chooses his flippant responses, while at the same time claiming that "all white men are privileged", a standard slut-feminist long time rant. A blatant lie that claims that because there are a few "white men" (racist remark) at the top, then one must assume that every other single "white male" has that exact same lifestyle. A blatant and obvious lie and one that is so ludicrous as it not even worth mentioning..

I will leave Bernard to explain it better on one of his 1 of 3 Youtube presentations..

A response to Nolan's sexist, racist and biased article..
Travis says:

I don’t know why you and other keep trying to silence us men of color who are part of the Men’s Rights Movement. I am a black man who has been working with many MRAs, none of who hate women. You are being very racist towards non-whites Mr. Nolan, by pretending we don’t exist in the MRM. Slavery ended over 150 years aog, stop pretending to speak for us! And in case you didn’t know:
Unsheltered Homeless (2009)
Women – 20,000 – 6%
Men – 220,000 – 94%

Life Expectancy (2006)
Women – 80.8 Years
Men – 75.7 Years

Suicides (2008)
Women – 7,585 – 19%
Men – 28,450 – 81%

Deaths by Homicide (2004)
Women – 3,856 – 20%
Men – 14,717 – 80%

Deaths from Cancer (2004)
Women – 269,819
Men – 290,069

Deaths from HIV/AIDS (2004)
Women – 3,357
Men – 8,756

Federal Funds for Sex Specific Cancer Research
Women – Breast Cancer – $631,000,000 – 40,000 Deaths
Men – Prostate Cancer – $300,000,000 – 33,000 Deaths

Deaths on the Job (2010)
Women – 355 – 7%
Men – 4,192 – 93%

Injuries on the Job (2007)
Women – 36%
Men – 64%

College Enrollment (2009)
Women – 58% – 11,658,000
Men – 42% – 8,770,000

Affirmative Action Education Programs (Gender Specific)
Women – Yes
Men – No

Unemployment Rates (2010)
Women – 8.6% – 6,199,000
Men – 10.5% – 8,626,000

Average Hours Worked Per Week (2010)
Women – 36.1
Men – 40.2

High School Graduation Rates (2005)
Women – 72%
Men – 65%

Incarceration Rates (2009)
Women – 114,979 – 7%
Men – 1,502,490 – 93%

Child Custody Rates
Women – 11,268,000 custodial mothers
Men – 2,907,000 custodial fathers

US Military Deaths From 1950 – 2010
Women – 139 – 0.01%
Men – 100,063 – 99.9%

Federally Funded Battered Shelters
Women – 2,000+ $300,000,000 per year
Men – None – $0

Federally Funded Health Offices and Research 1970 – Present (not including cancer research)
Women Only – Office, Projects and Programs 70+ – Funds – $100,000,000,000
Men Only – None – $0

Forced Selective Service
Women – No
Men – Yes

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Rates (2010)
Women – 5.8%
Men – 12.2%

You may have it real good Mr. Nolan, but a lot of us don’t. Good day sir.