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Whenever anyone has no guidelines in their lives, no goals to keep them honest, affect their integrity or demand they treat everyone as how they would like to be treated. How do they become a better human being, a more just, honourable and decent example to others. What stops them from just following their own religion, make it up as they go and justify their actions as they feel fit and create their own standards and behaviors to suit themselves. We already know and are well aware of the fact that if you have not one single guideline or standard of behaviour outside of your own thinking, than it will not be a guideline at all but just another potentially justifiable thought process used to ensure whatever action you take is for the greater good, your own ofcourse. Bare in mind that it's only themselves who that has to be pleased and it's only they themselves who has to justify their inane actions to their own conscience, assuming there is an active one..

So with no guidelines to keep them on the straight and narrow, no hint that breaking the law would introduce anarchy, not paying to Caesar what is his, then what is it in their lives that isn't just the actions of a rudderless, gormless player who just pleases him/herself in whatever task is undertaken..

Self justification plays the pivotal part..

The general consensus amongst the left wing, self inflicting, masturbatory mentality is they refuse to believe they have their own religion and follow that to it's nth degree. They cannot comprehend that their castigation of people who have a religion is just as fierce as their own denial to allow people to live it. They worship their own gods and shrines without even acknowledging that but continue in their own ignorant aimless mess of a life that usually ensures their own downfall and knowing people are already well aware of that inevitability..

So we have surveys that demonstrate that people who have some level of faith or attend a church of their choice, as being reasonably and fairly happy with their existence which is ofcourse in direct opposition to people who have no such activity and continually determine that life generally sucks and world is just not doing anything right, in their own minds ofcourse. They live the life of an endless ingrate, who demands that the world owes them a living and it should pay as demanded. They are a seriously sad, empty and futile human being, empty vessels, whose life consists of bitterness and hate. How many have you met recently ?

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Be a zealot, marry a zealot, and want lotsa kids:

Sixty-four percent of wives report being very happy when they and their husbands attend church (or synagogue or temple) regularly, compared to about 50 percent of wives in a marriage where only one spouse goes to church (or neither spouse does). Wives in marriages where both spouses go to church regularly are also only about one-third as likely to report their marriage is at risk of divorce. (Husbands in these marriages are only one-quarter as likely to report thinking of divorce). Seventy-seven percent of wives in marriage where both husband and wife believe "God is at the center of my marriage" report being very happy, and just 1 percent of such wives report feeling their marriages may end in divorce.

Why are these wives so happy? Is it just an illusion? The authors of the report say that, in part, religious practice and beliefs make men better husbands.


"We found that pronatalistic attitude is one of the top five predictors of marital happiness" for both wives and for husbands, the authors state.
In the lace curtain media, a frequent lament is "where have all the good men gone?". Likewise, in the manosphere, it seems that nearly all men have written off Western women as too spoilt by feminism to be wives. Both groups miss the mark, the former for failing to recognize their hypergamically limited "erotic field of regard", the latter for falsely concluding that a fiercely gynocentric culture + MWALT == "why bother?". If there is one thing this article suggests, is that we can select ourselves for marital happiness. While a quiverfull may indeed happen by accident in this day and age (low probability in our anti-natalist/contraceptive / abortifacient culture), a zealous faith doesn't. We can choose to set ourselves up for success. We can select ourselves into the population most likely to enjoy marital happiness, not because we sought happiness for happiness' sake, but because we loved God and He blessed us in response.