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Male feminists suffer from that same cognitive dissonance their female counterparts suffer from and I sometimes tend to think that their condition may actually be worse. A male feminist and mammary specialist clone, HannibalBarca  do actually believe that inane drivel they promote..

In order to put their ranting into perspective, JTO will demonstrate precisely what level of hypocrisy those liars generate, as well as showing how totally incompetent and irrelevant they really are..

In an attempt to win the favor of amoral fact-deprived imbeciles who can't tell an argument from an assertion, dave futrelle's ugly twin brother HannibalBarca craps his pants while following in the greasy footsteps of the now discredited SPLC.

On Monday March 19, during the AVfM Radio show with Paul Elam and Dr Tara Palmatier, a listener in the show's chatroom advocated violence as a solution to personal disputes, affording the show's hosts, Paul and Dr T to demonstrate on a live show just how much patience the mens movement has for violence or its advocacy.
Male feminists just cannot come to terms with the fact that they are just not wanted in that male hating movement, but they just refuse to take the next step. That I presume would not be an option as they grovel for position in that hegemony. It is all extremely confusing, witnessing this disgusting behaviour and coming to grips with it. Again, I just cannot understand how a so called rational mind can behave in this fashion. It really is beyond my capacity and I don't mind admitting it..