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Lynne Featherstone : Feck men and boys, All wimmin are victims..

The fact that female politicians are only ever interested in their own just demonstrates how selfish and self-serving they really are. I have in the past noted the sexist and discriminatory actions of Lynne Featherstone, another member of that hate movement, who spends all her time advocating for more funding for women on top of the copious billions that is already spent on that privileged sex..

It is also needless to notice that male politicians fall over backwards to ensure those billions stay in place even when the country can no longer afford or has to reduce those outlandish and costly privileges in order to save the country from going broke. That option as far as feminists are concerned is totally irrelevant. Special rivileges for women must stay in place at all costs and if the country goes broke or men and boys die because all those dollars go to the spoilt sex, then so be it. No one cares..
Lynne Featherstone: 'I have the powers of high-level nagging' 
Why does equalities minister Lynne Featherstone attract such hostile criticism? As the world celebrated International Women's Day this week, we sent our esteemed women's editor to meet her. It was, suffice to say, a baffling encounter
As I noted in earlier posts, women are solely interested in furthering their own sex and just ignore the suffering and bias against the rest. Here is a good example on how those sexist slut-feminists go about that. Endless nagging and endless demands sums up that sex precisely..
What to make of Lynne Featherstone? This Liberal Democrat MP is one of a tiny handful of women in government; she is dedicated to tackling violence against women internationally, and is a feminist who has spoken up for equality and women's rights. What's not to like? Yet few ministers suffer such a bad rep, not just from Conservatives, but the very women's groups who fought so hard for her role to be created. 
The endless FU's that women demonstrate and state while they are in power is not only sickening but will ofcourse be their downfall as they continually demonstrate how totally uncaring they are about the entire population. It is there for all to see but very rarely mentioned as all their work is undertaken in the background and aimed at and orchestrated with other women in office..
 There have, of course, been successes since her appointment in November 2010. Her advocacy for lesbians, gays and bisexuals – in marriage and overseas – is making waves in a government where few other ministers seem to want anything to do with it.Featherstone is also proud of the ringfenced central government funding for women – £28m for domestic violence services and £10.5m over three years for rape crisis services. Asked what her biggest achievement is, she cites the joint victory of herself and her boss at the Home Office, Theresa May: "Ringfencing so much funding for the domestic violence agenda against the necessary austerity and economic situation left by Labour is a bloody miracle."
The other obvious issue is that whenever they make any mention about the DV issue, it is only ever about how women are victims and totally blameless, records and studies totally disapproves that but that is also irrelevant as they pursue their own agenda based on lies and disinformation. The standard slut-feminist practise. To ignore one side of the DV equation will only worsen the situation as we are already aware. It's akin to putting out half a fire and expecting a positive result by claiming the fire is out. The blatant and obvious sexism that these slut-feminists demonstrate is now past the guessing equation as it is now that obvious and blatant..
Have women been hardest hit in this recession? "Women are affected by the cuts, just as everybody is," says Featherstone, "but as a Liberal Democrat in a coalition trying to do the right thing with the biggest deficit in peacetime Britain, we have done everything to protect the vulnerable, particularly women."
 Yes ofcourse, women are affected the most as all of those special privileges are indeed accesses and will always face the cutters when things go belly up. But again, an irrelevance, as their funds keeps rolling is as seen by that previous comments from Featherstone..
After nearly an hour, it's clear Lynne Featherstone does herself no favours as a political interviewee. Theresa May has won more plaudits for her work on equalities. Yet by scoffing at Featherstone and marginalising her impact, we risk marginalising the issues on which she works, which is perhaps what the government wants us to do. So it is hard not to support her in a difficult role. But as I walk out of the room and she says, "The future is bright, the future is women," I can't help but grimace.
You want to grimace now, I have been grimacing for years as I watch those self-serving females and those "women only" politicians cowtow (sic), grovel at the alter of slut-feminism and granted their every wish and demands..