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How similar is this to the Jezebel logo ? Same sexist doctrinal mentality at work..

I did spend some time last year perusing the "Mumsnet" site and was sickened by the malice and male hate stated on that site. The automatic vitriolic responses to my comment, even though very rational and unassuming, were responded to in ways that were totally unacceptable and were a direct assault on the site's policies, but were ignored.  It was akin to the same vitriol and venom expressed on the RadFem Hub, just as sick and just as obnoxious and abusive. That feminastie site is definitely due for a shakeup and it is time that those sexist, male bashing sites started applying their own policies of fairness instead of fomenting hate and ignoring the  obvious male bashing diatribe those haters have always indulged in..

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Fathers 4 Justice Stage Naked Mumsnet Protest in Marks & Spencer Oxford Street

Like Matt States "Not a good sight"..
Members of Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) staged a naked protest in the flagship London branch of Marks & Spencer at Marble Arch, Oxford Street.
Group founder Matt O'Connor was arrested during the weekend protest, which criticised the high street store for its advertising on parenting blog site Mumsnet.
Along with four other members of the group, O'Connor took off his clothes in the store to draw attention to what F4J claimed was Mumsnet's "anti-male agenda".
He claimed that the protest was just the start of a series of attacks on M&S in order to draw attention to the "naked truth" that Mumsnet "promotes gender hatred".
He told IB Times UK: "We discovered some horrific content on the Mumsnet forums, including calling men fascists and equating fathers with Ku Klux Klan members.

So it is understandable that the Fathers4Justice movement faced up to that site's sexism, hate and discrimination. In a letter addressed to the CEO of the Mumsnet site, the  Fathers4Justice Campaign Manager explains precisely what those nasty members on that site get up to and needless to say it is precisely what I witnessed as well. The entire site has been overrun by male haters as this letter states..
Dear Justine,

 The following is our response to your 10 point statement about Fathers4Justice and gender hatred on Mumsnet. We are disappointed that this dispute has escalated over the last week and that Mumsnet has chosen not to resolve this matter.

 As soon as we were made aware of the offensive anti-male discrimination on the Mumsnet website, we brought this matter to your attention in the appropriate manner.

 We asked you to remove the offending content and commit to a zero-tolerance policy on gender hatred. We also offered to write a piece for Mumsnet outlining what Fathers4Justice actually campaigns and stands for, rather than the misrepresentation of F4J often portrayed on Mumsnet as well as to highlight the fact that F4J is run by a woman.

 Instead of responding in a respectful and professional manner, you made flippant and derisory comments about me (a mother of two), failed to respond to my emails and went online in an attempt to appease the very people who had written this content by making derogatory remarks about our campaign.

 Further, you have unhelpfully and deliberately set out to misrepresent the facts in this case, casting Fathers4Justice as the villains, and Mumsnet as helpless victims, disingenuously claiming no knowledge of the offence committed. A case of gender stereotyping if ever there was one.

 This is not the mature response we had hoped for from a respected CEO. It should hardly be a surprise then that given your antagonistic and belligerent response, the situation has escalated. Not because we wanted to engage in an online conflict with Mumsnet, but simply because you would not remove much of the content we complained of nor make a commitment to a policy of zero-tolerance on gender hatred.

 This is a situation which could and should have been avoided. Instead the situation has been badly mishandled by Mumsnet.

 Far from F4J saying ‘unpleasant things’ about Mumsnet, this dispute started with the following disgraceful and inciteful attacks on men on the Mumsnet forum. We have reported this content to the Police. The following is a summary for the purpose of the letter.

 Describing all men as ‘needle dicks’
 Describing fathers as ‘fascists’ and being akin to the Klu Klux Klan.
 Describing fathers ‘alcoholics, wife-beaters, women-haters, abusers, paedophiles’.
 Attacking the children of fathers as being indoctrinated and ‘brainwashed’.
 Describing men as ‘fuckwits’, ‘scum’, ‘go fuck themselves with a shitty stick’.
 Describing Fathers4Justice content as ‘porn involving children’
 Describing female supporters of Fathers4Justice are ‘Handmaidens’ (Female sex slave).
 Abusive personal attacks on men and women in Fathers4Justice .

 This is just a tiny sample of the content we have recorded from your site. By your own admission, Mumsnet removed over 60 comments after F4J brought the matter to your attention.

 This is not an isolated incident and cannot be written off as such. It indicates a systemic hatred of men and boys by some users of Mumsnet who are using your organisation as cover for extremist views. It is exactly this type of extremism and discrimination which has led to the separation of children from their fathers in the family courts and contributed to a fatherless Britain.

 Mumsnet needs to decide if it is a forum for reasonable discussion funded by advertising, or a forum of hate funded by nobody and run by apologists for gender hated. As a woman and mother, it is profoundly disappointing to see an organisation like Mumsnet allow itself to be hijacked by an extremist element whose sole objective is to unleash a hateful stream of bigotry and abuse against men and boys.

 Your failure to address this situation professionally and reasonably is illustrated by your flippant ‘irritating like toddler’ comments about F4J, even when you must be aware that you risk damaging the reputation of Mumsnet in the eyes of advertisers and the public.

 Because you failed to enter into a discussion about the situation, the matter escalated. With Mumsnet failing to respond, we felt we had no other option than to bring this matter to the attention of your advertisers.

 We are running our second Mumsnet/M&S advert on Tuesday 20th March, reproducing content direct from the Mumsnet site. It is a shocking advert, linking screen grabs taken directly from Mumsnet with your advertisers logos. Until Mumsnet undertake to address this issue seriously and commit to a zero tolerance approach to gender hatred, then regrettably, our campaign will continue to escalate.

 We wrote to Marks and Spencer’s lawyers on Friday stating that our campaign will continue until they suspend all advertising on Mumsnet and investigate our claims. We are now writing to other advertisers asking them to do the same.

 We will be announcing full details of the next stage of our campaign later today. I have addressed each of the points made in your statement beneath.

 Your sincerely

 Nadine O’Connor
 Campaign Director, Fathers4Justice
Hopefully I will be able to get hold of that video when it is released and I will give it plenty of exposure here. Surely this type of behaviour is not acceptable or be justified. It is time those blatant obvious hate groups were given ultimatums as well as those hate generating people involved..