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Women have since the advent of feminism, claimed the upper road regarding intelligence, philosophical issues and morality, like it's only their own opinion that really matters regardless of utterances. They fail to comprehend or understand how their claim appears to the opposite sex..

I enjoy conversations and discussions with the opposite sex, just like most guys do. But to make the claim to being the epicenter of all morality, wisdom and knowledge, is just way over the top, but they persist..

While a small minority of females may actually possess some level of common sense philosophic ability, it is not ofcourse the case that the majority can claim the same, but they inevitably do. For a comprehensive understanding on the philosophical ability and intellectual capacity of the opposite sex, take a walk to the nearest library and pick out a book written by some previous female philosophers and recognised Sages of old. Oops, that's right, there are sweet FA on the shelf and that should indeed put an end to that argument once and for all. But forget that, they are of the opinion that taking the higher moral and philosophical stance is an automatic right without quantification. It is their right because, well, it just is because they can feel it..

The point here is how is that attitude recognised or seen from our perspective. Not too well, as the average male has already had copious input from the opposite sex, enough for a lifetime and that old saying applies "It is best to remain silent....", written by a man by the way, blatantly ignored ofcourse. So to be lectured by a member of the opposite sex, especially a feminist, with their twisted narcissistic POV is comparable to the noise one makes when sharpening an axe on a grinding wheel, at least that gets something done but the noise factor is still just as painful..

The best advice that a feminist or any female can pay attention to, would be to keep it to herself unless asked for. If one has a problem with that, refer to previous philosopher regarding the effort required to keep a sock in it (stfu)..

This is not an effort to shut women up, as that would be folly but at least have a serious think about what it is your saying before exposing it to the public. The example below is just another case of the flagrant sexism, bias and hate that feminists automatically espouse whenever they open their repulsive mouths. Maybe we need to hear more from those women who have a more considerate and unbiased point of view. Feminist attitudes as well as their hate speeches are definitely wearing thin..
Madam -- I was concerned by some of the remarks made by Jody Corcoran (Sunday Independent, March 4, 2012).
"He is like men everywhere. They shout, they roar, they threaten. Eventually they may calm down but the damage is done. O Cuiv, like most men, will realise he should have listened to the voice of reason, which is usually the voice of a woman."
If a male journalist made negative generalisations about women, and implied that men were, on average, more reasonable than women, it is hard to believe that would be published on your front page.
Misandry in the media is prevalent and damaging. Our boys need to grow up feeling positive about their gender. Comments like Jody Corcoran's surreptitiously remove positive value from maleness.

Conor Keaney,
Belturbet, Co Cavan
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