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One of Gillard's Finer Moments..Pure class ain't she..
This would have to come under the "Woman in Charge" category. Here we have Australia's "fearless, scheming" leader, who obtained office via blackmail and corruption plus stabbing the previous leader in the back. Channeling billions of dollars of funds to independents to ensure their adherence and ensure this harridan keeps her place in tact. Regardless of the fact that she stabbed one those independents in the back (take 2) last month, by not fulfilling an agreement regarded one of their pet projects..
In order to finance the billions it's wasted on hair-brain schemes. We have this same "Star" wanting to drive the country into further poverty with her "Carbon Tax" and "Mining Tax," which in her opinion is just there to fund other socialist ideals. So stealing from Paul to subsidies Peter, while driving him broke, is the name of the game..

Meanwhile we have a prime minister who is that loathed, for telling lies before being elected. Those included the "there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead" statement which she promptly broke as part of a deal with the watermelon Green movement to keep her in office as well. Fascinating stuff..

She is now regarded to be a compulsive liar, incapable of telling the truth and incapable of running the country. On top of all those national screwups, she is in the throws of subsidising to the tune of billions of dollars, a scheme that will remove the basic fundamental rights of men and boys in Australia via the "White Ribbon Campaign" crowd, a scheme which has been "researched" by radical feminists. One would not need to go too far into that legislation to find those aims. This we will see when introduced..

So here we have this paragon of indecision and sheer arrogance, granting the occasional "News" report at which, in most cases in the past, she has just used to implant even more lies and misinformation, sound familiar, anyone !!

So a"Woman in Charge" does what again. I feel the need for a refresher course, just so I can re-establish that falsehood that the feminastie movement keeps introducing, You know, the "Women make better something or another than men" fallacy. I really do need another fix, one that does not demonstrate how totally ludicrous and ridiculous that statement really is..

On rare occasions, it takes time to have a little assumed gloat, as that does not come around too often..

Gillard confronts her media critics

Andrew Bolt March 20 2012 (1:51pm)

Julia Gillard whoops it up:
LOOK at the legislative scoreboard, a jubilant Prime Minister Julia Gillard told critics today as the Government celebrated passage of its mining profits tax and prepared to take on hostile states…
“Before we go through the months and months of scoffing as to whether we will get through the company tax cuts, I think I’m entitled to go scoreboard,” she told reporters who doubted she will get the laws through.
“And at the moment it’s running more in my favour than your’s.”
How many scoffing reporters was the “jubilant” Gillard addressing?
Is as popular as a wet rag. Misinformation queen makes more useless points..