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The current facts on child abuse..
Link to information on the above chart and statistics..

Well the smearing has hit the fan on this obvious truth but the feminasties/deniers/enablers just won't take it. It's just way too honest, it points the finger exactly where it belongs as all statistics have already clearly demonstrated. Mothers ARE the greater abusers of children, of that there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Every single department and organisation should be held to account for deliberately ignoring that fact and yet here they are crying a river for exposing it..

It really does demonstrate once again that female privileges (I want a baby) is elevated way above even the needs of the children and we have this article already condemning an action that will at least start the ball rolling on recognising the bleeding obvious..

Check the comment for the increased level of hysteria and hand wringing. It truly is way past laughable, talk about totally selfish and self serving human beings. Hysterics and doctrine before facts and meanwhile it's the children who suffer..

According to a Wisconsin Bill, Single Moms Are a Child Abuse Threat

Are single moms more apt to hurt their children? Two Republican legislators believe they are and have introduced legislation to raise awareness of the threat
Senate Bill 507 is sponsored by State Sen. Glenn Grothman and State Rep. Donald Pridemore, both Republicans. It takes the state-funded Child Abuse Prevention Board to task for not railing against single parenthood. Grothman described to Fox 6 Now what he says is a direct association between abused kids and parents who aren’t married. “A child is 20 times more likely to be sexually abused if they are raised by say, a mother and a boyfriend, than their mother and father,” Grothman said.
According to the language of the bill, its aim is to promote “public awareness of the problems of child abuse and neglect. In promoting those campaigns and materials, the [child abuse prevention] board shall emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.”
One does have to wonder whether they actually give a damn about kids at all.

Information from Child Maltreatment 2010 Study, US.
Above PDF Document available for download.

I have found several studies do not include the sex of the parent and only lists that as such. Another attempt by the PC people at ensuring that the most abusive sex is not held accountable..