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Here are two people that just confuse the hell out of me. Ann Coulter and Bill Maher. Both have canned the slut-feminist movement on different occasions and both have their own side of the political spectrum, although Coulter appears to be able to piss off just about everyone by her dilly dallying on issues that requires her to take completely opposing views at the blink of an eye. Like I said, confusing..


Did I miss the deadline for alternative opinions on Sandra Fluke?

What with liberal women constantly talking about their vaginas suddenly pretending to be offended by the word "slut," and conservatives pretending to be as pussified as liberals about the nasty names they've been called, I never got an answer to the most pressing question about Sandra Fluke: Who are you again?
One thing Coulter has no problem with, is claiming that if anyone dares to make any comment about any woman, regardless of her actions, than one must be labeled a "misogynist"(herself exempted ofcourse). The slut-feminist's favourite put down. Used that often now as to have minimal meaning, it has been dragged out so often to cover so many areas of outrage as to make that word equivalent to and comparable with wanting to change one's underwear. It has been done to death..
Since when did being critical of the specific actions of specific women equate to misogyny and the hatred of all women?
Criticizing a woman who merits criticism is not misogyny. Speaking the truth, no matter how unpopular, is not misogyny nor is it hatred.
Even if you hate a specific woman or group of women for harm she has done to you, your loved ones or to strangers (e.g., adult women who seduce and rape their minor male students) is not misogyny.
I know Bill Maher is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought he did a good job of laying the “You’re a misogynist if you criticize a woman” nonsense.
Coulter is challenged by Maher to back up her claim that he is indeed a misogynist but as usual, ignores the question and wallows off into some other topic. Note the response of the audience, an audience which I would imagine would have a particular leaning and one wonders if it's right ?

H/T to Dr. Tara for the link..